Below are highlights of the latest Being the Elite:

* Matt Jackson is “playing” on his synthesizer as his daughter comes in to ask if he heard who AEW signed. He mentioned Sting, but then asks, “who?” It’s Big Show (Paul Wight). Matt starts having flashbacks to when he was chokeslammed through a table by Big Show in WWE. His son says he should remember, “back when you were a jobber.” Matt looks to panic and leaves the house.

* Kenny Omega opens up a pack of WCW trading cards from 1991. First card he gets is Sting, and also gets Arn Anderson. Omega chuckles at getting a El Gigante in the pack. Afterwards, Omega shows off his first-ever custom Nikes that feature an “omega” symbol.

*  Backstage, Matt Hardy talks with Isiah Kassidy and TH2 about their great performances on last week’s show. Hardy says he can’t stand Dark Order though, and next week when Marq Quen shows up they are taking on Dark Order in a 10-man tag team.

* Backstage, John Silver and Alex Reynolds talk about still trying to find Sting. Silver says maybe they could do a “call” and tries to figure out what Sting yells. They try to figure it out, but Reynolds finally says it “Woo!” They go back and forth until someone tells them to shut up. They go into the room, thinking it’s Sting, but it’s actually Eddie Kingston. He tells the duo to sit down and asks what they are doing? He thought they were trying to get Hangman Page, but now its Sting!? He gets a little fired up and says they need to focus on one thing at a time. Kingston says he wants them to succeed. The conversation goes sideways and turns into which guy they’d rather kiss. Kingston gets frustrated and bounces.

* New episode of Dark Order Kai. Dark Order try to figure out what happened, and why they lost last week’s fight. Alex Abrahantes then says to the camera next week they are going to beat Dasha and Co. like they’ve never been embarrassed before.

* Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose continue their dance auditions, but Ryzin says he’s not dancing. He has a body of a God, and a body that is built for singing. Nyla and Vickie say to each other “He’s perfect.” Cut to the two walking in slow motion with Ryzin walking behind them, smiling.

* Dark Order help 5 into a hot tube after he was thrown off the stage and through a timekeeper’s table. The group trying to figure out where each other were during the attack. Page shows up and asks the group where they were when 5 got beat up. The group ends up making fun of 5’s manhood more than being sympathetic about him getting beat up.

* Clip shown from Dynamite of Papa Buck getting put into the ambulance after Chris Jericho and MJF’s attack. At the hospital, The Good Brothers talk about what happened while Brandon Cutler sleeps between them. Anderson then asks why Doc was in the room was so long with Papa Buck, Doc said he slipped him a Viagra to make sure he was feeling good when he woke up. They decide to give Cutler one, as well.