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Saint Laurent and well-renowned combat sports broadcaster Ray Flores welcome fans to Never Say Never.  Before the action kicks off, they run through the three matches scheduled for tonight’s show, which includes Jacob Fatu putting his MLW World Heavyweight Championship on the line against the undefeated Calvin Tankman!

Grudge Match: Simon Gotch vs. Jordan Oliver

Jordan Oliver ducks the line and looks for a waist lock takedown just seconds after the bell rings. Simon Gotch focuses on Oliver’s legs by applying pressure and keeping him locked down. Oliver briefly turns it around before Gotch counters with a chin lock. Gotch drives Oliver’s shoulders down on the mat while keeping the chin lock on. Oliver pops free at two. Gotch decks Oliver in the face with his knee before locking in a body scissors. Both men slowly make their way up on the feet. Oliver then knocks Gotch off the apron.

Back in the ring, Oliver jumps blindly towards Gotch and eats a brutal elbow. Gotch looks for another cover, and Oliver kicks out. Gotch takes Oliver’s bandana off and uses it as a choking weapon. The referee catches it and throws the bandana out of the ring. Oliver unloads a series of elbows. Gotch answers back with a backspin kick for another near-fall count. Gotch applies another armbar. Oliver finds the bottom rope to break free. On the outside, Gotch connects a heavy headbutt, followed by a snapped suplex! Gotch rolls Oliver back in the ring. He goes for another pin, and Oliver kicks out.

Gotch drives his elbows on the side of Oliver’s head. Cover. Oliver pops out. Gotch floors Oliver with a chop and leg strike. Oliver looks glazed over. Gotch tries to hoist Oliver up in the Gotch Piledriver. Gotch breaks free with a few elbow shots and a textbook DDT! Both men trade shots in the center of the ring. Oliver catches Gotch with a nicely done clothesline. Gotch catches Oliver off the ropes. Oliver reverses and looks for his Clout Cutter. He lands it! Gotch’s face flattens on the mat. 1-2-3. Jordan Oliver wins the grudge match!

Winner: Jordan Oliver

– Josef Samael is sick and tired of the propaganda that Injustice and Calvin Tankman are spewing. He reminds Jordan Oliver (who just won his match), Myron Reed and Tankman that CONTRA Unit will bring the body bags out after they prevail against their opponents.

– Next, an advertisement is shown that Japan’s Dragon Gate Pro-Wrestling and MLW partnership is still intact after a year-long hiatus. More information on their alliance will be released in the coming weeks.

Myron Reed vs. Daivari

Both men tear into each other right away. Myron Reed grabs the upperhand as he throws Daivari out of the ring and lands an impressive suicide dive through the middle ropes! On the outside, Daivari tries to choke out Reed. The referee tells Daivari to break it up. Daivari then drags Reed back into the ring. Daivari slams Reed towards the corner and looks for the first pin in the match. Reed kicks out at two. Daivari sends Reed to the outside and meets him out there.

On the outside, Reed reverses a piledriver on Daivari before planting a crossbody off some production equipment! Back in the ring, Reed misses his second crossbody. Daivari works on Reed’s injured ankle by driving his knee into it repeatedly. After, Daivari locks in a Figure Four on Reed. Reed scoots back towards the bottom rope for a break.

Reed picks up the momentum with a heavy clothesline and a leg drop for just a two count. Daivari catches Reed with a massive powerslam! Daivari looks for another cover. Reed kicks out. Daivari takes off Reed’s chest protector and puts it on. Daivari misses a frog splash from the top. Reed catches Daivari with a clover and gets his chest protector back. Reed soars off the ropes with a beautiful 450 Splash for the pinfall victory!


Winner: Myron Reed

Injustice has successfully prevailed over CONTRA Unit. Can Calvin Tankman do the same? We’ll find out later on!

– In two weeks, Alex Hammerstone will defend his National Openweight Championship against Mil Muertes. Hammerstone explains his 5 Step Plan on how he’ll carry the win over “The Man of 1,000 Deaths.”

– Alicia Atout speaks with former “Dynastic Bros”  Richard Holliday and Gino Medina. After a lot of nitpicking, Atout informs Holliday that he’ll be putting his IWA Caribbean Heavyweight Championship against Medina in two weeks!

– Also coming up in two weeks, Bu Ku Dao will provide an update on the injuries he suffered at the hands of his former mentor, TJP, who’s currently suspended from the company.

And now the main event we’ve all been waiting for! Can the “Heavyweight Hustle” dethrone the two-year reign of the “Samoan Smashing Machine?”

MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Jacob Fatu (c) (w/Daivari) vs. Calvin Tankman

Both men go straight for a collar and elbow lockup. Neither man budges during the lockup. They reset. Calvin Tankman applies a side headlock. Jacob Fatu sends Tankman towards the ropes. Tankman unloads a massive shoulder tackle that sends the champion out of the ring! Back in the ring, Tankman catches Fatu with a series of shots, which leads to a beautiful arm drag, followed by a dropkick. Fatu finds his dominance with a big springboard clothesline before connecting a vicious headbutt. Next, Fatu plants a Samona Drop. The champion goes straight for a cover, and Tankman kicks out at two.

Fatu uses his wrist tape and wraps it around Tankman.  The referee catches it and tells Fatu to back up and rip off the loose tape. Fatu crashes into Tankman with a heavy elbow. Tankman eggs Fatu on to keep hitting him, which leads to both men slugging it out in the center of the ring. Tankman misses a spinning back fist. Fatu lands a strong chop. Tankman charges towards the champion with a massive pounce!

He doesn’t stop there; Tankman connects a standing moonsault for just a two count! Tankman waits for Fatu to get up so he can land a cutter. Fatu blocks the counter. The Samoan Werewolf wasn’t fazed by Tankman’s approach, so he decided to take the intiative by trying to send Tankman away with a springboard moonsault from off the ropes! That doesn’t work as Tankman takes control with a series of beautiful takedowns. He was so close to defeating the champion before Daivari ran. Tankman stops Daivari in his tracks with a nasty headbutt. While the referee checks on Daivari, Fatu hits Tankman across the face with a flagpole, which sets up for his Mighty Moonsault. 1-2-3. Fatu retains his championship.

Winner & Still MLW World Heavyweight Champion: Jacob Fatu

That concludes Never Say Never. Thanks for watching! As a reminder, MLW Fusion will return in two weeks. We’ll see you then!