Tonight, MLW’s signature event, Never Say Never, will broadcast for free at 7 PM ET. It will have three matches which will include an MLW World Heavyweight Title defense from Jacob Fatu.

Fatu, the longest reigning World Champion in company history, may have just met his match when he puts his title on the line against Calvin Tankman. Like Fatu, Tankman has an unblemished record since joining MLW in June. Due to the pandemic, Tankman waited five months to demolish every opponent in his path, which has led to this title opportunity tonight. Will the “Heavyweight Hustle” become the first man to corrupt “The Samoan Werewolf’s” record and dethrone him from his vicious reign?

After losing their partner Kotto Brazil at the hands of CONTRA Unit, Injustice members Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver will finally seek retribution against CONTRA Unit’s Daivari and Simon Gotch in two singles action matches.

Oliver and Gotch’s match was originally supposed to happen at Kings of Colosseum in January, but it got slated when Gotch ambushed Oliver and Reed backstage just before their matchup. Daivari, who was introduced as CONTRA Unit’s newest soldier, took part in the beatdown with Gotch. Now, MLW’s most ruthless group might have to pay the piper when they step into the ring with two young and hungry athletes like Reed and Oliver.

Below is the updated card for Never Say Never:

MLW World Heavyweight Championship:

Jacob Fatu (c) vs. Calvin Tankman

Myron Reed vs. Daivari

Jordan Oliver vs. Simon Gotch

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