WWE Superstar Nikki Cross took to Twitter this afternoon to reflect on a year without WWE fans in the arena.

Cross recalled the last SmackDown show (March 6, 2020) to have fans since COVID-19 shut things down.

She wrote, “Exactly one year ago today was the last time there was a @WWE show with fans in the arena. I wish there was more than 280 characters to explain how much I love and miss you I wish I had known then that it was going to be the last time for a while I got to see you all. Soon Gotta love hindsight remember to take in the moments. Stop and breathe and appreciate it all because you never know. Sorry, guys my bad- March 6 2020 was the last smackdown arena show with fans. . Technically it was my last show with the fans.”

As noted for WrestleMania 37, WWE is reportedly planning for 30,000 fans for each night.