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– We get an intro video with Aron Stevens speaking on his close connection with the late Joseph “Jocephus” Hudson. We then transition into Stevens and Nick Aldis hyping up their title match.

– We now get an intro video introducing the wrestlers that will compete tonight. An “NWA” chant breaks out as Joe Galli and former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm are on commentary.

– Kyle Davis invites Aldis in for an interview. He notes that “things were a little different” the last time he was in the booth. He notes the NWA suffered a setback this past year. He says setbacks are the “set up for the comeback.” He welcomes us watching the show and says everyone in the back is here to deliver for the fans and also for Joe Hudson.

He says anyone can steal the show. He also says Stevens can win the title from him, but he will have to bring “the best version of Aron Stevens” Aldis calls himself the “best Worlds Champion of the modern era. Don’t @ me.” He says by the end of tonight’s show, fans will be saying, “This is the NWA.”

Crimson vs. Jax Dane vs. Jordan Clearwater vs. Slice Boogie

The action starts right away as The War Kings go at Clearwater and Boogie. The ring is cleared as Crimson and Dane meet face to face. Tag team loyalty is lost as the two start trading strikes. Double crossbody takes both men out! Boogie comes in to take advantage, but Crimson regains his footing and counters the piledriver and suplexes Boogie. Clearwater runs in and takes out Crimson with a neckbreaker and starts going to work on Boogie in the corner. Boogie is Irish Whipped into the corner on Dane, and Clearwater splashes both of them.

Boogie then sends Clearwater to the opposite corner and rocks Clearwater with a big German Suplex. Boogie tries to use Clearwater as a step-stool against Dane, but Dane catches him gets him in a Boston Crab. Clearwater punches Dane, but Dane is unfazed. Dane breaks the hold, but Clearwater knocks him down. Clearwater does some trash talking allowing Crimson to hit him with a back suplex. Clearwater gets the boots up in the corner and tries for a crossbody, but Crimson catches him and hits a Death Valley Driver, cover, but Boogie and Dane break up the pin.

Dane calls for Crimson to send Boogie to him, and the two start working together with Dane knocking Boogie down with a huge clothesline! The War Kings now set their sights on Clearwater. Boogie interrupts, and Clearwater escapes and knocks Dane down with the Midas Touch! Boogie comes in and nails a top-rope dropkick then hits a Dead-Ass Driver for the win.

Winner: Slice Boogie

– May Valentine is backstage and invites her BFF Sal Rinauro who expresses his excitement for tonight’s card. He predicts that The Pope will lose his Television Title tonight.

– Galli says that we can see more of the NWA on NWA Powerrr that will be on FITE TV.

– Tyrus goes over to Davis in the interview booth saying he’s “offended by this whole process.” He’s mad that he wasn’t booked for an interview before the match. He says, “I’m tired of the disrespect!”

Tyrus vs. JR Kratos

A “Let’s Go Kratos” chant breaks out in the crowd as Tyrus pushes Kratos off the lock-up and does some trash talking. Kratos pushes off and stares down Tyrus. Tyrus now expressing some frustration as he nor Kratos are able to gain an advantage. Tyrus invites Kratos for a shoulder tackle, Kratos obliges but doesn’t budge. Kratos showing off his speed and gets Tyrus hanging on the ropes and sends him over to the corner and rocks him with a clothesline.

Kratos tries to get Tyrus over but can’t with his bad elbow. Tryus goes at him right away and throws him to the corner on his bad elbow. Tyrus now targeting Kratos’ left elbow and laying in the pressure with over-hand strikes on Kratos’ back. Tyrus with a chicken wing while using the ropes as leverage. The ref calls for a break as Tyrus continues to use the ropes as leverage on Kratos. Kratos showing some fight with a few punches, but Tyrus gets him down with a downward chop. Tyrus maintaining wrist control while hitting some shoulder blocks.

He gets him down then hits a leg drop, cover, but Kratos kicks out at two. Tyrus with a shoulder hold then a body slam. Tyrus goes on the middle-rope and tries for a buckle bomb off of it, but Kratos rolls out and goes at Tyrus with a flurry of strikes. Kratos has Tyrus woozy as he hits a middle-rope clothesline knocking Tyrus down! He covers, but Tyrus kicks out at two. Tyrus goes back to the arm and sends Kratos shoulder first in the corner. He then sandwiches Kratos in the corner and hits an elbow drop for the win.

Winner: Tyrus

– May Valentine backstage with Trevor Murdoch discussing his match tonight against Chris Adonis. He flips his hat backwards and says he’s “not an easy target”. He says once Adonis steps in the ring with him, he’ll regret it.

NWA Television Title Match: Pope (c) vs. Thom Latimer

Pope and Latimer lock up, and Latimer shows off his power shoving Pope into the corner. Pope and Latimer exchanging wrist holds as Pope gets a side headlock. Pope pushes off and knocks Pope down with a shoulder block. Latimer bounces Pope off the ropes and hits another shoulder block. Pope now picking the pace up as the timer is up showing eight minutes left. Pope hits a crossbody, cover, but Latimer kicks out. Latimer bounces off and rocks Pope with a huge clothesline! Latimer laying in more shots on Pope in the full-mount position as he sends Pope to the corner. Pope counters with an elbow and lands a flurry of strikes. Latimer is caught in a sunset flip pin but kicks out at two.

Latimer then takes out Pope with a big elbow, cover, but Pope kicks out at two. Latimer now locking in a front facelock as we’re at six minutes left in the match. Latimer with a big bodyslam then a cover, but Pope kicks out at two. Latimer now with a modified headlock. Pope rises up, but Latimer with a knee lift then a big right hand! Latimer with a second-rope axehandle. He hits another, and he tries for one more, but Pope reverses into a German Suplex to the corner! Both men are down as the ref starts a ten count. Latimer gets up first, but Pope landing a flurry of strikes. Pope bounces off with a gets Latimer down then rains in elbows on the top of his head. Three minutes left as Pope hits a reverse atomic drop, then a DDT, cover, but Latimer just kicks out at two. Latimer landing a couple of shots, but Pope with an STO, cover, but Latimer kicks out at two again!

Latimer gets Pope in the corner and hits a big shoulder block followed up by a spinebuster. Latimer now going up top, but Pope meets him and hits a huge superplex! Less than two minutes to go as Pope gets the boot up in the corner and follows with a series of second-rope elbow drops. He goes up top and tries for a third and gets it even as Latimer rolled out! Latimer ducks in the corner, and Pope slips on the middle rope. Latimer takes advantage with a powerbomb with a minute left! He covers, but Pope just barely gets the shoulder up! Pope goes over the top in the corner and reverses into a Destroyer! He covers, but he only gets two with 15 seconds left! Pope and Latimer trade strikes as the time runs out. The two men still going at it as the ref manages to break it up.

Time Limit Draw, Pope retains.

– Pope is frustrated that he didn’t get the victory as Latimer refuses to accept the result and leaves.

– May Valentine backstage with Aron Stevens. Stevens holding back tears as he speaks to Joe Hudson’s child. Stevens says he’s seen how he’s been perceived in his match against Aldis. He talks about the struggles he’s gone through and overcome. He says, “Tonight, I’m gonna make gold.” He addresses the critics by saying “I’ve spilled more blood than they tweeted.” He says tonight, “I’m going to speak for myself with my actions.”

– Former TNA Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell joins Galli and Storm on commentary expressing her desire to be NWA World Women’s Champion

NWA World Women’s Title #1 Contender’s Match: Thunder Rosa vs. Kamille

Kamille starts out with a kick to mid-section then fires in shoulder tackles in the corner. Kamille does some trash talking and knocks Rosa down after she tries to fight back. Kamille with a suplex as she talks trash towards commentary. Rosa comes in and lays in a flurry of strikes. Kamille catches a kick and knocks Rosa down. Kamille now hitting a series of foot stomps as she talks some more trash. Rosa catches Kamille in a cross armbreaker! Kamille tries to escape as Rosa transitions into a triangle choke. Kamille picks up Rosa and powerbombs her in the corner! Kamille landing heavy shots in the corner. She charges in, but Rosa evades, and Kamille flies through the corner! Rosa with a tope basement dropkick as the fight is being taken to the crowd. Rosa throws Kamille to the corner post and rocks her with a back chop.

Rosa on the side apron and tries for a crossbody, but Kamille catches her and dumps her on the ground. Rosa again throws Kamille to the side apron and rakes Kamille’s back. Rosa now hitting high kicks on Kamille’s back as she locks in a bow and arrow using the corner as leverage. She breaks the hold and hits elbows on Kamille’s chest before hitting a big boot. Rosa covers, but she only gets a two count. Rosa with a flurry of boots as she hits big kicks on Kamille as she’s hanging on the middle rope. Rosa follows with a big shop in the corner followed up by a series of shoulder tackles, but Kamille halts Rosa’s momentum with strikes of her own. Kamille then hits some uppercuts in the corner and hits a gutwrench suplex.

Rosa with a takedown and she locks in a single-leg crab. She then transitions into a STF as she lays in some shots on Kamille’s back. Rosa now stretching Kamille then hits a curb stomp, cover, but Kamille kicks out at two. Kamille fires in some right hands followed up by a huge clothesline. Kamille does some more trash talking sending Rosa to the corner as she lays in more right hands. Rosa responds with strikes of her own rocking Kamille. Kamille then responds with a back elbow and goes for a cocky cover, and Rosa kicks out at two. Kamille has Rosa trapped in the middle rope and clubs her until the ref calls for the break. Rosa rolls Kamille and transitions into a bow and arrow submission. Kamille pops off escaping, but Rosa lands a big kick on Kamille’s back. Kamille counters Rosa in the corner and lands a flurry of strikes of her own. Kamille does some trash talking towards the audience, and Rosa takes advantage.

Rosa with a big leaping clothesline the corner on the back of Kamille then a double knees on the back. Kamille hanging on the ropes as Rosa nails the dropkick, cover, and Kamille barely kicks out at two! Kamille counters a crossface, but Rosa counters that into a crucifix pin and Kamille kicks out. Rosa now going for another submission, but Kamille carries her to the corner and rocks her with more strikes. Rosa gest the boot up and nails the top rope dropkick! Rosa then hits a backstabber, cover, but Kamille kicks out at two again! Rosa stomps on Kamille’s back as she goes up top again. Kamille rolls out and nails the spear! Kamille not going for the cover as she looks for another spear and hits it for the win and becomes the number one contender for Serena Deeb’s World Women’s Title.

Winner: Kamille

– May Valentine is backstage with Austin Idol says he was invited by Aron Stevens. He talks about his excitement for tonight’s match.

NWA National Championship Match: Trevor Murdoch (c) vs. Chris Adonis

Adonis taking his time to start as they lock up, and Adonis shows off his power pushing Murdoch off. Neither man gaining an advantage on the second lock-up, but Murdoch catches Adonis in a side headlock. Murdoch with a side headlock takeover as Adonis fights for the headscissors. Murdoch powers out and gets Adonis back in the side headlock takeover. Adonis pushes off, and Murdoch goes for a shoulder block, but Adonis is still up.

Murdoch invites Adonis for his own shoulder block, but he catches him a drop toehold and gest him back in a side headlock. Adonis going for the Master Lock, but Murdoch reaches the ropes. Another collar and elbow tie up does to the corner. Murdoch ducks the punch and goes for the side headlock again as Adonis avoids the pinfall count. Murdoch transitions into a Russian Leg Sweep. He goes up top going the flying bulldog, but Adonis pushes him off and goes at him with a series of elbow drops. He mounts Murdoch and goes for a flurry of punches.

Murdoch with a huge right hand on Adonis’s mid-section followed up by a big chop, but Adonis gets off an eye poke then a back rake. He goes for his own chop then a snapmare into a chinlock. He’s stretching out Murdoch as he transitions into a sleeper hold. Murdoch powers his way out and baits Adonis in the corner twice. Murdoch with a flurry of big clotheslines. He goes up top again and nails the flying crossbody! He covers, but Adonis kicks out at two. Adonis catches Murdoch in the Master Lock, but Murdoch slides underneath and rolls up Adonis to retain his title.

Winner: Trevor Murdoch

– Post-match: Murdoch offers a handshake, and Adonis obliges, but he attacks Murdoch! The officials are trying to break it up as Adonis hits a full-nelson slam. The officials are scared off as Adonis locks in the Master Lock as Murdoch passes out. Adonis lays the National Championship over Murdoch as he leaves.

– Austin Idol now joins Galli and Storm on commentary. He wants everyone to “recognize NWA is back!” He reminds Storm that he was there when Aldis won the title from Storm. “I’m not a free agent. Never use the word free in front of Austin Idol.” He says that as he talks about how Stevens invited him over to Back For The Attack. He says it’s good to be the underdog for Stevens as he reveals that Stevens asked him, “Can you help me?” He says Stevens has as good of a chance to beat Aldis tonight than anyone else. “Watch the outcome.”

– Davis calls for a ten-bell salute for the people that have passed in the NWA family including Joe Hudson and Jim Crockett Jr.

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title Match: Nick Aldis (c) vs. Aron Stevens

Aldis and Stevens going back and forth to start off as Stevens locks in the hammerlock. Aldis reverses and rocks Stevens with a few shoulder blocks and a few covers as Stevens kicks out each time. Aldis tells Stevens to “get his head in the game” as the two lock up again and fight for positioning. They go back and forth again as Stevens locks in the side headlock. Aldis reverses into a front wristlock, but Stevens escapes for a roll-up then a flying shoulder tackle into a another pin. They two lock heads as Aldis sends Stevens to the corner and rocks him with big strikes.

Stevens with a standing switch as he hits his own shots. Aldis with another standing switch, but Stevens rocks him with a clothesline then some big knees into a Russian Leg Sweep. Big elbow drops then a cover from Stevens but Aldis kicks out and tries to take a breather on the outside. Stevens follows him and continues to lay in the pressure sending back in the ring. Stevens with a strong hammer throw then a belly-to-belly, cover, but he only gets a two count. Stevens tries for a springboard moonsault, but Aldis evades. Aldis sends Stevens to the outside and sends him through the side apron.

Aldis then picks up Stevens and runs him into the corner post while manipulating the 10-count. Aldis lands more right hands on Stevens wearing him out. Stevens then with a side slam on the side apron followed up by an elbow drop, cover, but Aldis only gets a two count. Stevens with some life with a flurry of headbutts. Aldis using his speed to catch Stevens with a clothesline, cover, but Stevens kicks out at two. Aldis now with a side headlock.

Stevens rises up and lands a few strikes. Stevens with a big kick followed up by a reverse Atomic Drop. Stevens with a big superkick sending both men down! Aldis avoids the discus clothesline, but Stevens keeping the [pressure with big right hands in the corner. Aldis ducks the first clothesline, but they each hit each other with a clothesline sending both men down again. Now both men trade strikes with neither man going down. Stevens with a series of right hands. Aldis catches the superkick and tries for the cloverleaf, but Stevens counters and nails the DDT, cover, 1-2-no! Stevens hits a short-arm clothesline, but Aldis catches him going for a Figure Four, but Stevens with a small package, and Aldis kicks out. Stevens now locks the Las Vegas Leg Lock! Aldis avoids the pinfall as he’s trying to reverse the pressure and does so.

Stevens reaches the ropes breaking the hold. Stevens gets an elbow up the corner but runs into a Michinoku Driver, cover, but Stevens just kicks out at two. Aldis tries to go up top but is slow to do so allowing Stevens to meet him up top and hit a superplex sending both men down again! Stevens floats into the cover, and Aldis just kicks out. Stevens hitting a series of shoulder tackles in the corner and lifts Aldis up top. Aldis blocking it and headbutts Stevens down and nails the elbow drop off the second rope, cover, but he only gets a two count.

Aldis calling the match saying “it’s over”, but Stevens counters the piledriver into a backbody drop and nails the discus elbow, cover, but Aldis barely kicks out! Stevens exposes his knee for the knee drop. He goes to the middle rope, but Aldis counters into the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf! Aldis goes up to the center of the ring, but Stevens musters up enough power to reach the ropes! Stevens rolls to the outside agonizing in pain.

Aldis meets him outside and goes for a lawn dart to the corner post, but Stevens counters sending Aldis shoulder first as Stevens crashes to the podium. Aldis goes back to the ring hoping for a countout win, but Stevens gets in at nine. Aldis tries for the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf as Stevens counters and does more damage on the shoulder and locks in the crossface! Aldis reaches the ropes breaking the hold. Aldis tries to roll Stevens over but gets caught in the crossface again! Aldis tries to roll out but made things worse. Aldis just manages to reach the ropes. Aldis holds onto the ropes preventing the armdrag and catches Stevens in an inside cradle pin for the win to retain the championship.

Winner: Nick Aldis

– Stevens is emotional in the corner as he holds Jocephus’s mask. Aldis tells him to “stand up like a man” as the two shake hands. A “Thank you Joseph” chant breaks out as the roster and Joseph’s widow enter the ring as she holds a Question Mark flag. Stevens says “we love you” to Joseph Hudson as a “Question Mark” chant breaks out and closes out the show.

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