Paul Wight Names WWE Hall Of Famer He Wants In AEW

On a recent episode of Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, new AEW signing Paul Wight was on to talk about his role in AEW and his future going forward. Wight first talked about what he was looking forward to.

"I get to work with younger talent. I get to work in an environment where I can really really contribute," Wight noted. "I can do color commentating. I'm excited. I hope I don't screw the boots on this one."

Wight then talked about what he hopes to teach the younger talent in AEW. He also noted the differences between the AEW and WWE environments.

"I learned so much working there in how to do things and how to be an entertaining and psychology. These are tools that I can help younger guys with," Wight pointed out. "Not necessarily that style and philosophy because the environment over there is created to be a very competitive, short-thinking environment. It's done that way by design because the guy at the top is a fighter.

"That's what he does. He wants confrontation. He wants all the dogs in his pack to be the same way. That's a great environment, but at the same time, sometimes it isn't as conducive as being as creative as you want because when that one person has a vision, that's the vision that is mandated a followed."

Wight later named the AEW talents that he would like to work with. He named one talent in particular that he compared to Jeff Hardy.

"My personal great match so far here that I salivate every time I see him is Darby Allin. I want to be a heel and work with him so bad," Wight admitted. "He knows how to sell. A lot like Jeff Hardy, it's that intrinsic value that not a lot of people have that he has. So I salivate looking at Darby. Then I look at, for big guys, Luchasaurus is someone I can help and Wardlow, and Brian Cage and Kenny Omega obviously.

"Kenny Omega and I could tear the house down. Adam Page. Lance [Archer] I've known for a long time. He's gone down the road and done his thing too. Lance and I could have a lot of fun because Lance is very vicious, aggressive individual. So as a heel, I can do some stuff with him as a babyface. We can tell a story and get that over pretty good."

Wight explained his reasoning why he wanted to start on commentary before jumping in as a wrestler. He described himself as "the new kid in school."

"When I talked to Tony [Khan] about this, I didn't want to, and he and I both agree, pop in right out of the gate, new gear, roll in [and] get in the middle of a title hunt because Kenny, Mox and everybody, they all built this thing and got to this point," Wight said. "There's nothing worse than having an a**hole jump in in the middle of your program, and plus for me, to do the best service I think I can, I'm gonna come in, do the commentating because it's a passion, also evaluate, watch the talent [and] get to know the talent because in WWE, I was constantly absorbed in it all the time.

"So I knew what the people were doing. I knew how they were doing it and what they were thinking. So it was an easy transition. This is brand new to me. I'm the new kid in school so to speak. For me, this is a great opportunity to really study and learn the talent around me and find the right program to start."

Wight also revealed that his desire to do commentary for over a decade. He talked about his conversation with Tony Khan about doing color commentary.

"Vince let me do a little commentating here or there, but he knew in the back of mind that, Kevin Dunn knew, Michael Cole knew, Jerry Lawler, they all knew that's what I wanted to do," Wight stated. "It's been a huge huge passion of mine for I would say the last 15 years.

"What I envision my mind was, where does my career end up? My career ends up with me doing color commentating full time like Gorilla Monsoon. When we were talking on the phone, Tony was like, 'Okay, what do you want to do?' I said, 'I want to do color commentary, and I also want to wrestle.'"

Paquette later asked Wight who else he wants to see join AEW. He named a WWE Hall of Famer that he has a long history with.

"Honestly, there's one guy I miss all the time, and I don't if he's gonna wrestle again. It's Mark Henry," Wight named. "I love him. He does [still got it]. Mark would be amazing here because he's got an eye for finding talent. That's a thing about Mark that a lot of people don't know because of the way his character's done on TV, there's so much depth to him.

"He's a lot smarter than people know. He knows everyone under the son. He's a got a rolodex full of athletes that he's helped get better, train better, become wrestlers, get into colleges they want to go to, get tryouts for pro teams that they want to go to. He's unbelievable. His heart is so big the way he gives to athletes and helps athletes. For me personally, I'd love Mark here."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Oral Sessions with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.