Photo: Mick Foley Changes His Look

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley has dropped his beard and went back to his natural color.

Foley revealed on Twitter that he just wrapped filming for his A&E Biography documentary, noting that it should air in June some time.

He wrote, "THE BIG SHAVE! After finishing up my filming with A&E @Biography it seemed like a good time to lose the epic beard...and go back to my natural jet-black color. My bio should be airing in June. Who'll be watching?"

Foley has sported a version of the long beard for several years now, which has helped when working on Christmas projects and portraying Santa Claus. Foley noted in a follow-up tweet that his future Santa portrayals will be done with a theatrical beard.

"I'm thinking that my future Santa portrayals will be done with a really good theatrical beard – at least for the next few years," he wrote.

You can see Foley's full tweets with photos below: