Anticipation is building as Renee Paquette and Jon Moxley welcome their first child together. They are preparing the house for a life-changing blessing about to turn the couple’s world upside down.

“We don’t know what we are getting ourselves into,” Paquette said. “There is stuff around the house I’m getting prepared for. As we’re heading into the final months of me being pregnant, and damn, there is going to be another person in this house really soon. You start to think about things a little differently. From my own perspective, I love working. I love what I do for work as well. It’s so important for me that my daughter sees a woman working and doing her own things and also following her passion and her heart with what she wants to do.

“Those are the main things I keep in mind knowing there are going to be little eyes around soaking everything in and knowing how influential we’re going to be in her life in that space. It’s all really exciting. I try not to overthink anything.”

Though one thing the mom-to-be doesn’t see changing is the way she looks at Moxley’s wrestling and signature style in the ring.

“He does what he does and loves what he does so much,” Paquette said. “That alone is something that is such a great role model for what our daughter will be looking up to whether you see the gory side of death matches or whatever. Hopefully. Those won’t be happening so often. But it’s a thing he loves, and it’s his artform and it’s a thing he is so passionate about. I think for her to see that [love] is really cool.

“…Your kid is going to see a death match here and there, it is what it is. We just have to educate her on how wrestling works and what her dad does. That’s the best you can do. I don’t think you have to change who you are as people when you have a kid coming into your life. It’s a matter of being frank and honest about who you are and what you do.”

Looking at all Paquette accomplished during her run in WWE, it’s clear her daughter won’t have to look far for a positive female role model. The trailblazer did more than hold a microphone after initially being introduced to fans in WWE as Canadian transplant Renee Young. She became the female voice on the commentating side of Raw, pay-per-view, Mae Young Classic and led countless kickoff shows. When you think of the “Women’s Evolution,” Paquette made some solid contributions in pushing this male-dominated industry forward.  There is still work to be done.

“It’s looking at different ways to bring women into the fold. You look at someone like Beth Phoenix who is outstanding at everything she does. From what she does in the ring to being a Hall of Famer. She is so great on commentary, but she also worked her ass off,” Paquette said.

“She puts in so much work. She cares about wrestling so much. You can hear that passion through that broadcast. She wants to learn and grow and be in that spot. Then you have someone like Mickie James who at one point, she was sitting in during the production meetings on Raw. She is also not ready to hang up the boots, but it’s finding ways to get women in there.

“You have someone like Sara Del Rey down in NXT. She is so crucial for the women to grow. She plays such a pivotal role for development of women in wrestling in WWE. She is incredible. I wish I can still see her step in the ring every now and then. But she is someone that loves what she does and grooming new talent and getting them ready to hit that big stage. You can see that through how great the women are at NXT and how great they in the main roster to really thrive. In that spot.”

Milestones and progress have been made at an increased speed these days for the women in pro wrestling. Paquette also knows things take time and nurturing no matter if it’s on the creative, broadcasting or other roles these ladies take on. Setting them up for success is key in her eyes. It’s the same perspective Paquette takes when it comes to those who are critical on the time women on AEW get regularly each week.

“I think as much as there is a ton of depth in the women’s roster. There is also a lot of green talent. You have to make sure you are protecting people and not putting them in a spot they are not ready for,” she said.

“That only hurts people We’ve seen that happen time and time again in wrestling. Pushing somebody full throttle in the spotlight, in a spot they are not quite ready for. Where you see someone like Jade [Cargill] and Red Velvet, they’ve been growing leaps and bounds with what they have been given.

“I think that’s a great way to build new talent. Give them that spotlight here and there and let them shine. Rather than, ‘Hey guys you want the women to main event tonight,’

we’re doing this full women’s evolution. But sometimes they aren’t ready to be put in that spotlight. I think it’s grooming people to get there, one hundred percent.

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