Welcome to Wrestling Inc.’s live coverage of tonight’s ROH 19th Anniversary Show! The show takes place at the UMBC Event Center in Baltimore, Maryland at 9 pm ET.

The PPV streams on FITE, ROH HonorClub, and traditional PPV.

There is also an Hour One pre-show at 8 pm ET the airs for free via HonorClub, Best on the Planet, STIRR City, Facebook, YouTube, FITE and other channels carrying the pay-per-view.

– Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman on commentary for tonight’s show pre-show. Riccaboni reiterates that Dragon Lee is off tonight’s card due to needing surgery for a ruptured eardrum, but the TV (Kenny King) and Tag Title (La Bestia del Ring) matches go on as scheduled with replacements.

Brian Johnson vs. Danhausen vs. Eli Isom vs. LSG

Fatal Corner Survival Match with lucha rules, so no tags are required for wrestlers to be the legal man in the ring. Johnson and Isom get things started after Johnson runs his mouth for a bit. Isom with a nice leapfrog, followed up by a dropkick, pop-up arm drag, back body drop, and Johnson exits the ring. LSG runs in and they trade a few waist locks.

LSG and Johnson, big boot by LSG, flips into a lariat. Johnson out to the floor, LSG with a splash down on his opponent. Isom with a moonsault off the second rope to the floor on Johnson and LSG. Danhausen has yet to get involved, and ends up getting thrown into the barricade. LSG and Isom get back in the ring and swing away at each other. Isom with a release german suplex, Danhausen gets into the match, Johnson tags himself in and hits a flying clothesline off the top rope on Danhausen.

Isom back in the ring, gets dropped on the rope, kick to the back of the head, Johnson goes for the cheap cover with his feet on the ropes, but the ref catches that nonsense. Johnson with a bodyslam, fist drop, cover, one-count. Johnson spikes Isom, but Isom rolls out to the floor. LSG flips in, ducks a few clotheslines, springboard crossbody lands.

Isom goes to work on both LSG and Johnson, until we see a triple clothesline. Danhausen gets in the match. Knee to LSG, sends Johnson to the floor. Danhausen with an overhead german suplex sending Isom down on LSG. Northern lights suplex on Johnson for a two-count. Danhausen looks to finish off Johnson, no, but gets a release german suplex. Danhausen then brings out his bottle of teeth and throws them in Johnson’s mouth. Triple superkick to Johnson. Isom with a gutwrench DDT on Danhausen. LSG then rolls up Isom, Isom gets in a tricky pin for two. LSG hits a saints-plosion on Isom. Goodnight Hausen on LSG, cover, Johnson pulls LSG out of the ring and then climbs under the ring. Johnson comes out from another side, thumbs to the eye, hits his finisher, the process (twisting faceplant), 1-2-3.

Winner: Brian Johnson via Pinfall

– Backstage, Jay Lethal (while holding a The Foundation flag) talks to Rush about their upcoming title match, and it’s bigger than both of them. It’s about the stake of the company and it’s direction. Lethal says The Foundation will win all the titles, purify and set things right in Ring of Honor.

– Backstage, LFI are getting warmed up for their respective matches. We also see The Foundation getting ready in their own locker room.

– Video package hypes tonight’s match between EC3 and Jay Briscoe. Mark says he’s not going to shake EC3’s hand after EC3 just walked into Ring of Honor thinking he deserved a handshake from someone who’s seen it all in ROH. Jay says give him a fight, look him in the eyes, and then maybe he’ll shake his hand.

– Flip Gordon says his plan is to let The Foundation and LFI destroy each other, and then he’ll eventually pick up the pieces. For tonight’s match, Gordon says Briscoe made this feud personal, and if he’s looking for a fight, that’s exactly what he’s getting.

– Vincent and Matt Taven talk about their upcoming Unsanctioned Match, which takes place at PAL Hall in Fall River, Massachusetts. Vincent says Taven has been searching for approval his entire life, and him coming to the beginning is maybe what he needs. Vincent says if Taven wants him, he knows where Vincent will be. Mike Bennett then talks about not knowing what’s up with Taven, says he hasn’t heard from him at all.

– Hype video for Pure Champion Jonathan Gresham vs. Dak Draper. Draper says he’s always had pressure to impress, and thus he’s never been an underdog in anything. Draper says in ROH, people look at Gresham with respect, and that’s something he hasn’t gotten yet. He’s championship material though and shame on anyone who doubts that.

– Josh Woods (with Silas Young) and Dalton Castle hype tonight’s bout. Young says he’s been away for awhile, but Woods has flourished in that time. Young says Woods has done well, but the last time he faced Castle, he got embarrassed. That was a pure rules match though, and this time it’s just regular rules. Woods says he promises nobody is going to hit Castle and throw him around harder than anyone else. Castle says he’s in the rankings after beating Woods last time around, but he’s not on the top. Castle says if Woods win he will probably get a title shot (if he loses, he’ll get a shot to work his way back up). Castle realizes this could be his last match if he loses! He thanks the fans for their support, but Castle says the thought of it potentially being his final match is just a source of massive motivation and Woods is in a lot of trouble.

Shane Taylor Promotions (c) vs. MexiSquad (ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship)

Match is being contested under lucha rules. MexiSquad shove the champions to the floor during their entrance and all three of them hit various aerial attacks on them. Back in the ring, all three guys go after Taylor, they throw him into the corner hit a flurry of attacks on him. Double dropkick on Taylor, splash by Flamita off the top rope.

Kaun tags in, but he’s getting destroyed, Moses gets in there and clears out the challengers. Flamita eats a kick, then a spear by Moses, cover, two. Taylor gets in the ring and helps Kaun with some big shots. Flamita tries for a crossbody, but he’s caught in midair, Taylor with a flateline, pin tw-count. Taylor up to the second rope, splash, nobody home. Horus and Bandido knock Kaun and Moses to the floor. Bandido on the second rope and his other partners climb on each other’s backs. Triple splash on Taylor, cover, and Moses breaks it up.

Out on the floor, Moses throwing Bandido head-first into the ring post. He tosses Bandido in the ring, victory lap hits. Kaun and Moses charge the other guys and go to the floor. Flamita with a 619 on Taylor, thrust kick to Taylor. Taylor drives his knees to the back of Flamita. Taylor with a big punch to Bandio, but Flamita cracks him with a superkick.

Flamita up top, Bandido sent into him and Taylor hits a knee to Bandido’s face. Horus jumps in and nails a swinging DDT on Taylor. Moses just runs Horus right over. Kaun goes up to the top rope and hits a jackhammer. Moses and Kaun with a high-elevation DDT on Flamita, cover, and that will do it.

Winners: Shane Taylor Promotions via Pinfall

– Post-match, MexiSquad is not happy with each other. Flamita shoves Bandido away as he tries to talk with him. Horus jumps in with a mic and says they need to calm down, but he gets pushed away as the two continue bickering. Horus then says how about a three-way between the them on tonight’s show! Commentary says the board has to make it official, but it looks like that match will be added to the show.

– Rocky Romero joins commentary as the main card gets going.

Kenny King (c) with Amy Rose vs. Tracy Williams (ROH World TV Championship)

No handshake before the match starts. Back and forth action in the early stages of the match. Williams works over King’s leg with a couple different submissions. King puts down Williams, looks for the early pin, two-count. Williams fires back with forearms, but takes a big spinebuster. King with a nice tiger bomb, cover, two.

Willliams gets DDT on the top turnbuckle, discus lariat, death valley driver, pin, two. Elbows and chops from Williams and King. Williams then locks in a fujiwara armbar. Rose then puts King’s foot on the rope for the break. Williams barks at her, lowblow from King, roll-up, two. Rose throws King’s tag title in the ring. Both wrestlers pause for a moment and then go for it, Williams hits a piledriver on King, cover, 1-2-3. New champ!

Winner: Tracy Williams via pinfall to win the ROH World TV Championship

Flip Gordon vs. Mark Briscoe

Briscoe getting the best of Gordon as things get started. Running senton down on Gordon, cover, two. Gordon finally gets some offense on Briscoe, knocking him out to the floor and leaving him there for the ref to start his ten count. Gordon taunts him a bit, Briscoe jumps in and immediately eats a bunch of punches.

Gordon ends up on the apron, jumps up on the top rope and gets shoved down to the floor. Briscoe then hits a blockbuster off the apron. Back in the ring, Briscoe heads to the top, Gordon gets to his feet, leaps and boots Briscoe in the head. Gordon goes up to the second rope, throws some punches, up to the top rope for a superplex.

Back-and-forth chops and punches until Gordon hits a rising knee. Briscoe fires back with a punch and then a big boot that sends Gordon to the outside. Spicy dropkick by Mark, he then looks under the ring for a chair. He sets the chair up in the ring and goes to leap, but Gordon stops him. Ref takes care of the chair, Gordon with a lowblow kick, and then a flip-five (spinning cutter) for the pinfall win.

Winner: Flip Gordon via Pinfall

Dalton Castle vs. Josh Woods (with Silas Young)

Woods and Castle start out with some mat wrestling with Woods putting Castle down to the mat. Castle gets a takedown of his own though. Both counter each others throws. Castle throws a back elbow, but is put on the second rope and takes a german suplex with the bridge for two. Castle heads out to the floor for a breather. Woods approaches, gets tripped up, Castle runs in and throws a back elbow, rising knee, suplex.

Woods tries for a springboard leg drop, pool is empty. Castle drags him out to the floor and throws him into the barricade. The two get back into the ring, Castle continues to work Woods over, pin, two-count. Both looking for a suplex, Woods finally throws a big punch, then lands a bunch of splashes in the corner. Tries for a big boot, charges, and goes out to the floor. Woods drags Castle out to the floor and throws his opponent into the barricade, again, and yet again.

Castle in a lot of trouble now as Young sets a chair down out on the floor. Woods passes on using it and gets in the ring. Castle immediately picks up and drops Woods when he gets in the ring, but Woods fires back with a german suplex, butterfly suplex, cover, two. Castle throws a shot, Woods with a big boot. Referee down. Castle throws Woods towards the ropes and Young cracks him with the chair! “That’s what you get!” Young yells. Castle quick with the pin for the win.

Winner: Dalton Castle via Pinfall

– Post-match, Young on the mic and gets in the ring. Young says he’s been nothing but patient with Woods, putting his own needs to the side. Young says he’s done it to make Woods the performer and person he’s capable of being, yet he defies Young over and over. Young says after tonight this will be the very last time Woods will ever defy him. Young says going forward he’s going to hurt Woods and make him question whether he made the right career choice.

Jay Briscoe vs. EC3

Commentary putting over EC3 as he is looking ripped for this match. Briscoe shoves him in the face and tells his opponent he’s not shaking hands. EC3 with a shoulder tackle, then dodges a kick. EC3 with a side headlock that keeps Briscoe down. The two end up in the corner with the clean break. Briscoe with a hurricanrana, but runs into a leaping EC3, who then throws a bunch of punches.

Ec3 takes Briscoe up from the mat and hits a release powerbomb. EC3 goes back to a side headlock. Both are up, Briscoe runs in and takes a TKO. EC3 gets sent into the second turnbuckle pad. Briscoe with a splash in the corner, climbs up and throws a bunch of punches. Running boot sends EC3 out to the floor. Briscoe leaps off and puts EC3 down, but he sells a knee injury after landing hard on the floor. EC3 then tosses him into the ring post. EC3 pulls Briscoe up to the apron, but eats a punch. Briscoe up to the top, legs get swept out from under him.

Both go to the top rope, EC3 with a superplex. EC3 hits a chop block on Briscoe’s bad knee, multiple elbow drops on the knee, he then twists it around. “Honor me!” EC3 yells, who then clotheslines Briscoe, olympic slam, brainbuster, EC3 charges in, eats a boot, Briscoe tries to go up top, but he’s stopped. EC3 goes to the second rope and Briscoe throws some shots and a headbutt. Briscoe drops to the apron and gets EC3 on his shoulders, hits a death valley driver on the apron!

Back in the ring, Briscoe with a big boot, neck breaker, hits another one, and hits a third one. He lands EC3 with a death valley driver as he looks to focus on EC3’s neck. EC3 is smiling and takes a boot to the face. He’s laughing as he gets back up and asks for another. Briscoe boots him again and again, cover, two-count. Briscoe runs in and EC3 blasts him with a flurry of punches. Briscoe scratches the eyes and continues his offense, another big boot, cover, two-count. EC3 climbs over to Briscoe with his hand out. Briscoe shakes it, hits the jay driller, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Jay Briscoe via Pinfall

– Post-match, Jay puts his hand out and they shake hands again. The two talk a bit before Jay heads off.

Rey Horus vs. Bandido vs. Flamita

Flamita giving the other two the cold shoulder for the code of honor. He ends up kicking away Bandido’s hand away. Flamita quickly puts both guys down, but Bandido rocks him with a dropkick to the floor. Bandido with a hurricanrana on Horus, then takes one of his own. Multiple reversals from both guys into a stalemate. Flamita with clotheslines on both guys, then nails a big DDT on Bandido.

Horus with a hurricanrana from the ring down to the floor on Bandido. Flamita then hits a big splash on Horus. Flamita tells Bandido it was his fault they lost the championships earlier tonight. Bandido gets up and throws some shots, Flamita does the same. Bandido plants Flamita face-first to the mat, then catches Horus with a superkick. Wild looking standing tower of doom with both Horus and Flamita going flying.

Horus with a big kick to Bandido, spiral bomb, cover, and Horus breaks it up with a sky step. Flamita to the apron, slingshot DDT on Bandido. Flamita with a codebreaker/running senton on both guys. Flamita says “no more Mexisquad.” Bandido hits a hurricanrana that sends Flamita out to the floor. Horus looks to fly, but Bandido stops him then throws punches. Horus with a flipping facebuster, Bandido with a pop-up cutter. Falmita up top and hits a frog splash.Triple big boot sends all three guys down.

Horus with a pop-up swinging DDT on Bandido. He then puts Flamita on the top rope, looks for a victory roll, but Bandido breaks it up. Wild crossbody into a poisonrana with all three wrestlers involved. Horus sent to the outside, Bandido with a fosbury flop. Springboard snap hurricanrana, cover, two-count. X-knee cracks Flamita and then a 21-plex on Flamita for the pinfall victory. Awesome match!

Winner: Bandido via Pinfall

– Post-match, Horus tells Flamita that was a great match, and to bury the hatchet. Flamita shoves both guys away and walks off.

Matt Taven vs. Vincent (Unsanctioned Match)

Cinematic match that takes place where the two first met at PAL Hall in Massachusetts. Commentary stays quiet for it. Taven is outside the building and says no matter what happens keep the video rolling. He looks for Vincent, who is up in the stands. He taunts Taven about his ego and having the spotlight on him. Vincent runs off, Taven knows exactly where he’s going and tries to cut him off. Taven looks around for him and Vincent finally appears and attacks his former friend.

Vincent throws a ladder down on him and tosses Taven into the wall. There’s a ring in the room and the two make their way in. Vincent gets sent into the ring post. The two battle back and forth in the hallway. Taven sends Vincent partway down the stairs and hits an elbow drop down on him. Vincent runs away, Taven follows, and gets a chain link door thrown into his face. Vincent taunts Taven that if he isn’t cheered on, he can’t take it. The two battle in another room with a ring. Taven finally gets some offense in as he swings away on his opponent.

Taven pulls off his belt and smacks Vincent over the back a few times. Vince is able to drop Taven and beings to pull the padding off the ring. Vincent hits a tornado bulldog into the wood boards. Vincent says maybe Taven just enjoys the pain and he can’t let Vincent move forward. He continues that he’s championship material and needs to do something about it. Vincent brings out a table and continues to throw Taven around the venue. The two head up into the stands. He continues to taunt and toss Taven into random things. The two are up on the second level of the venue as Vincent looks to throw Taven off.

Vincent looks for a cutter off the edge, but Taven fights him off until a random guys show up and knocks both guys through the table and down to the floor. This guy (dressed kind of like a farmer) just stares down at Taven before heading down to the first floor. He looks at Taven for a moment, then at Vincent. He picks Vincent up and walks out of the building with him.

– Backstage, Jay Lethal talks with Todd (the referee for tonight’s main event) he asks him to not end the match early in case the champion’s crew wants to get involved.

– Quinn McKay in the ring as she introduces Maria Kanellis (who is now on the board of the directors). This summer, ROH will host a tournament to crown a new ROH Women’s Champion. Kanellis invited women from all over to get involved. The Allure then head out (Mandy Leon and Angelina Love) to the ring. Love on the mic and wonders who Kanellis thinks she is?! It’s been seven years and Kanellis is just going to waltz back into the division? She wonders what “position” Maria got her into her new position. Maria says people are going to earn their opportunities here. Love says she’s won plenty of titles here! Maria says she hasn’t won a match in a year. If she wins her upcoming match, she’ll get a bye in the tournament. Maria then says how about against Quinn McKay? It will take place at a later date on ROH TV.

Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Dak Draper (ROH Pure Championship)

Feeling out process between the two wrestlers. Both end up jamming at each’s nose, shoulder tackle by Draper, and another one. Gresham has a huge size disadvantage against Draper. Draper looks for a german suplex, Gresham grabs the rope (his first, you can only have three under Pure Rules). Draper working over Gresham’s back on the mat.

Draper really trying to squeeze the life out of the champion, but he won’t give up. Gresham finally is able to get to the ropes (his second) for the break. Gresham with a flurry of strikes, shots to the knee in the corner. Draper locks in the stretch muffler, lifting him up in the air and swinging him around. Gresham grabs the ropes and that’s his third, and final break. Draper hasn’t used a rope break yet. Gresham with springboard moonsault, then works in an ankle lock.

Draper fights out of it, looks for the stretch muffler again, but the champ fights it off. Gresham kicks away Draper, and chops him down before taking a forearm to the face. Draper is feeling the effects of all those leg attacks though, drops down, forearm to the face, cover, rope break from Draper. Gresham with a low drop kick, another pin, another rope break (that’s two quick ones). Gresham with another kick to the knee and works the ankle/knee again and Draper gets to the rope. That’s three! Both wrestlers can be pinned or submitted on, under, or in the ropes.

Draper with a closed-fist punch, which gives him a warning from the referee. Gresham is down as the referee starts his ten-count. Gresham is able to roll outside the ropes to break the count at nine. Referee restarts his count, Draper drags Gresham to the middle of the ring, cover, two-count. Gresham on the apron, Draper up to the second rope and hits a deadlift suplex, doctor bomb for a two-count. Draper looks for his finisher, Gresham counters and hype-extends Drapers knee backwards. Draper kicks Gresham in the face, looks for his finisher again, Gresham rolls out, runs into a big boot though. Gresham is thrown into the corner and bounces all over the place a la Shawn Michaels.

Draper up on the second rope, and hits a big powerbomb, cover, two!  Gresham just getting stomped on now, stretch muffler again, but the knee buckles for Draper. Gresham with a springboard moonsault. Draper to the outside, Gresham with a suicide dive into a sleeper. Referee starting his ten-count. Gresham still has it locked in at eight. The count is until 20 in these matches. Draper falls down, but gets back up. They finally get back in the ring at 17. Gresham still on his back. Draper looking for a rope break, but there’s no break! Draper goes night night and that will do it!

Winner: Jonathan Gresham via Referee Stoppage (submission)

– Cut to commentary, Delirious shows up and says something to Rocky Romero. Commentary didn’t quite understand him, but think that was some kind of challenge.

Kenny King and La Bestia del Ring with Amy Rose (c) vs. Tracy Williams and Rhett Titus (ROH World Tag Team Championship)

Things quickly spill out to the floor as both teams pair off and brawl. Back in the ring, Bestia with a senton on Titus. He then sends Titus to the outside and for whatever reason just lets Williams the chance to tag in. Both wrestlers trade chops. Bestia looks for a running senton, but nobody home. Williams with more forearms, goes to the ropes and King kicks him in the back.

Back and forth action leads to a double clothesline between Bestia and Williams. Both guys tag out, big kick to the head of Titus, but he launches King with a release suplex. Bestia runs into the match, takes a monkey flip across the ring. Titus with a sting splash on King, then double team moves lead to a texas cloverleaf on King.

Bestia tries to kick Williams out of the move, but he won’t let go. Titus with a drop toe hold on Bestia. King finally gets to the ropes though for the break. King goes to work on Williams locks in a bow and arrow, but Titus leaps off the top rope and drops a knee on King’s face. Titus brings Williams over and tags in. He then boots Bestia to the floor. Williams with a piledriver on King, Titus with the full nelson on King. Bestia runs in and breaks that up. Bestia with a modified piledriver on Williams. Bestia continues to work over Titus. He looks for the pin, but gets up and asks for the chair from Amy Rose. Referee takes the chair away, that was weird. Titus kicks away at Bestia and looks for the full nelson on Bestia. He finally gives up and we have new champions.

Winners: Tracy Williams and Rhett Titus via submission to win the ROH World Tag Team Championship

– Post-match, Bestia is so mad at what happened. King is yelling at Amy Rose and wondering why she’s even here if they lose to Titus. She flips him the middle finger. King then tells her to wait and apologizes. He then shakes hands with her and tells Bestia to get her! He hits a big spear on her. King yells at her that she’s done.

Rush (c) vs. Jay Lethal (ROH World Championship)

Rush shakes Lethal hand before the match, commentary noting this is the first time Rush has done before a match. Back and forth chain wrestling as the match gets going. Rush gives up his back and the two scramble. Lethal offers up his back, Rush spits at him and laughs. Pace of the match picks up with back and forth chops to the chest.

The champion sent to the floor, selling his knee hurting after going down. Lethal hits him with a suicide dive, and continues to beat up the champ. They get back in the ring and Rush hits a big rising knee strike to Lethal’s face. Out to the floor, Rush sends Lethal into the barricade, opens the barricade door and slams it into Lethal’s face. He does it again! Rush grabs some camera cords and looks to choke him with it.

Rush says he’s going to be the longest reigning ROH World Champion in history. In the ring, Rush laughs as he stomps away at Lethal’s head. Lethal combination puts the champ down for a moment. Back and forth chops in the middle of the ring. Lethal up to the top rope, Rush follows and the two trade big shots. Rush finally gets knocked down to the mat and Lethal looks for an elbow drop, cover, two.

Figure-four is applied to Rush, but he’s able to get out of it. Rush springboards double stomps down on Lethal. Rush rolls up Lethal into a calf killer. Rush off the top rope, nobody home, and Lethal lock in the figure-four. Bestia and King both run out to the ring, Lethal keeps them at the floor. Lethal with a kick to Rush’s face, he goes for lethal injection and Bestia cracks him with a chair. Todd Sinclair looks to call the match, but doesn’t do it. Foundation run out and they all brawl out on the floor. Rush looks for bull’s horns and Lethal hits him with a spinebuster counter. Lethal injection, no, but he hits a cutter. He goes for lethal injection, and hits it this time, cover, 1-2-no!

Rush is back up and hits a superman forearm. Rush looks for bull’s horns and he cracks Lethal with his finisher. Rush doesn’t pull him into the middle of the ring and Lethal just rolls out to the floor. Rush looking to the referee for a moment and then throws Lethal back in the ring. He looks for another bull’s horns and nails Lethal, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Rush via Pinfall

– Post-match, Bestia and King comes out to the ring again. They bring in a chair and swing away on Lethal. The Foundation runs out and try to make the save, but get put down with the help of the title and the chair. From the back comes Brody King to talk trash to Rush. He said the numbers have always been against him, but now he has numbers of his own, Tony Deppen comes out. Homicide and Chris Dickinson are up on the apron and attack LFI. Chris hits a brainbuster on King and the new stable stands tall. King then turns Lethal inside out. Homicide with cop killer on Lethal. Clearly the new group isn’t friends with anyone here.