Quinn McKay checks in backstage after the usual ROH signature video package. McKay pugs tonights Number 1 Contenders Match between Jay Briscoe, Jay Lethal, Matt Taven and EC3.

A video package is shown on Josh Woods and Dalton Castle.

Josh Woods and Dalton Castle make their entrances.

Pure Rules Match:

Josh Woods vs. Dalton Castle

Castle backs Woods to the ropes. Woods backs Castle to the corner. Woods eventually gets Castle up into a Fireman’s Carry position. Castle gets out of it. Castle goes for his Bang-A-Rang finisher on Woods, Woods tries to turn it into pin attempt. Castle turns it into a pin attempt of his own for a two count. Castle ducks a clothesline attempt by Woods. Castle grabs at his back, feigning an injury. Castle rolls Woods up for three count.

Winner: Dalton Castle

Silas Young comes to the ring after the match with a microphone in hand. Woods questions where Young has Benn. Young tells Woods that he still has a lot to learn about pro-wrestling. Young talks about knowing only one way to teach Woods, teaming and kicking ass.

EC3, Jay Lethal, Matt Taven and Jay Briscoe make their entrances. Maria Ka

Number 1 Contenders Match:

Jay Briscoe vs. Jay Lethal vs. Matt Taven vs. EC3

All men shake hands with the exception of EC3 and Briscoe. Briscoe refuses to shake the hand of EC3. Briscoe strikes EC3 several times in the corner. Their fight spills to the outside. Briscoe sends Ec3 into the ringside barrier. Taven and Lethal exchange strikes in the ring. Lethal hits an arm-drag on Taven. Taven eventually hits a DDT on Lethal. Taven ascends the turnbuckles. Lethal gets up and runs towards Taven in the corner, Taven jumps over Lethal and rolls through on the mat.  Lethal runs towards Taven in the opposite corner. Taven gets his boot up and connects with Lethal. Taven kicks Lethal in the face with a springboard from the second rope. Taven connects with a knee strike to the face of Lethal. Taven pins Lethal for a two count. Vita Von Starr distracts Taven on the apron. Lethal hits a Cutter on Taven. Lethal hits his Lethal Injection finisher on Taven. Lethal pins Taven for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Lethal celebrates his win in the ring as the show comes to a close.