Quinn McKay checks in backstage after the usual ROH signature video package. McKay talks about tonight’s card.

Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman and Will Ferrera check in on commentary as Dak Draper makes his entrance. Fred Yehi makes his entrance. This will be a Pure Rules Match.

Pure Rules Match:

Fred Yehi vs. Dak Draper

After a back and forth, Yehi and Draper exchange several waist-locks. Yehi takes Draper to the mat with a headlock takeover. Yehi pins Draper for a two count. Draper eventually runs towards Yehi, Yehi connects with an elbow to Draper. Yehi locks in a waist-lock on Draper. Draper hits a modified arm-drag on Yehi. Yehi briefly locks in a head-scissors submission on Draper on the mat. Draper gets out of it. Draper goes for a boot to the face, Yehi catches his foot and then stomps on it. Yehi drops an elbow on Draper. Yehi chops Draper. Draper punches Yehi. Draper is warned that he will be disqualified if he does that again by the referee. Draper connects with big boot to Yehi. Draper hits a back elbow on Yehi. Draper clotheslines Yehi. Draper hits his Magnum KO finisher on Yehi. Draper pins Yehi for the three count.

Winner: Dak Draper

After the match, Draper offers a handshake with a participation ribbon in his hand while Yehi is still on the mat. Yehi declines the handshake as Draper drops the ribbon on Yehi.

Kenny King makes his entrance (accompanied by Amy Rose, Dragon Lee & La Bestia del Ring). Tony Deppen makes his entrance as Caprice Coleman and Ian Riccaboni check back in on commentary.

Kenny King vs. Tony Deppen

As Deppen and King shake hanks, King strikes Deppen. King stomps on Deppen several times. King eventually hits a Tiger Driver on Deppen. King pins Deppen for a two count, before pulling Deppen’s own shoulder up. King goes for his Royal Flush finisher, Deppen reverses it into roll-up for the win.

Winner: Tony Deppen

La Bestia del Ring stomps on Deppen several times after the match. La Be Bestia del Ring sends Deppen towards Kenny King. Kenny King hits his Royal Flush finisher on Deppen. Lee hits a running knee strike on Deppen. La Bestia del Ring plants Deppen with a pile-driver. Brody King comes into the ring and attacks everyone. Rush comes to the ring and exchanges strikes with Brody King. Brody King hits a Sidewalk Slam on Rush. Kenny King, La Bestia del Ring and Dragon Lee all attack Brody King. A table is setup in the ring. Brody King is setup on the table. La Bestia del Ring sends Brody King through the table with a Back Senton from off the top turnbuckle.

Flip Gordon and make Flamita their entrances.

Flip Gordon vs. Flamita

They lock up. Gordon backs Flamita to the corner. They exchange chops to the chest. Gordon kicks Flamita in the midsection. Flamita ducks a clothing attempt by Gordon. Flamita hits a hurricanruna on Gordon. Gordon eventually has Flamita up in a Fireman’s Carry position. Flamita spins out of it. Flamita rolls Gordon backward. Flamita goes for a 619-type of move, Gordon catches his legs. Gordon gets Flamita back up into a FIreman’s Carry position. A chair is slid into the ring by Mark Briscoe. Flamita gets out of the Fireman’s Carry position again. Flamita ducks a clothesline attempt by Gordon. Gordon is hit in the back by another chair as he hits the rope by Mark Briscoe as the referee is getting rid of the other chair. Flamita pins Gordon for the win.

Winner: Flamita

Gordon attacks Flamita and rips his mask off after the match. Bandido & Rey Horus get in the ring and attack Gordon as the show comes to a close.