The Miz Still Wants To Take The WWE Title To WrestleMania 37, Has Words For Bad Bunny

The Miz recently spoke with Liz Lora of The Rush for Yahoo Sports and said he feels like he should get a rematch from WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, who captured the title from The Miz in the main event of last week's RAW. Miz was asked what is next for him.


"I mean, obviously, I think I should get a rematch for my WWE Championship against Bobby Lashley," Miz said. "Obviously, I want to go to 'Mania with the WWE Championship in the main event. So that's the main goal, as always.

"If WrestleMania does have fans this year, it'll be absolutely incredible, and it'll be nice to have them and feel their energy."

Miz also had some strong words for WWE 24/7 Champion Bad Bunny. It's been rumored that Bad Bunny and Damian Priest will face The Miz and John Morrison at WrestleMania 37, and we may see that feud progress now that Miz is no longer WWE Champion. Miz made the comments on the rapper when asked which pro athlete he'd like to see get in the ring.

"Bad Bunny has been visiting Monday Night Raw quite a bit, to be honest, and he's a 24/7 Champion," Miz said. "I mean, he is the biggest recording artist in the world right now. My best advice to him is stick with what you're good at because if you step in the ring, and you get on my nerves, I'm gonna punch you in your jaw, and it's gonna break, and guess who's not gonna be able to do his recording anymore? It's gonna be Bad Bunny.


"A lot of people are gonna be upset with The Miz, but the fact is, everyone's always upset with The Miz."

Miz was also asked about WWE fans vs. reality TV fans due to his past appearances with MTV and his current show "Miz & Mrs." on the USA Network. The A-Lister said there's nothing quite like the WWE Universe.

"When I was on 'The Real World,' it was insane. But WWE's fans, there's nothing quite like it. They are so loyal, and whether they love you or they hate you, they will let you know," Miz said.