In the below WWE 24 extra video it was explained how and why WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E decided to start throwing his jacket at WWE SmackDown Announcer Corey Graves during his entrances.

From Graves’ perspective, he thought it was just a way to get back at him for the negative things he says about the group during the show.

“I honestly don’t know what the genesis of the coat throwing was much beyond the fact that I said disparaging things about The New Day,” Graves said. “Big E and the guys decided to take it upon themselves to get a little bit of vengeance in their own sort of way. They just made sure it happened on national television.”

Xavier Woods noted it actually started with throwing pancakes at Graves and just progressed to the jacket.

“Big E threw his jacket at Corey Graves when we do our entrances, because it was funny to him,” Xavier Woods recalled. “We were hitting him with pancakes before. And he wanted to up the ante. So, the logical progression would be, ‘Let me throw this bulky, heavy-ass jacket.'”

Big E said he just tried it one show and didn’t get yelled at. Since nobody said anything backstage and it made him laugh, he just kept doing it.

“I think I threw my jacket at him and no one really said anything,” Big E said. “It was like, ‘This makes me laugh, I’m gonna keep doing it.’ … There’s not much rhyme or reason, except it was funny to me. Then I just kept doing it.”

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