Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* While wearing a suit at home, Matt Jackson closes his laptop and says it was a tough day on the stock market. Matt then thinks about Don Callis saying he wants to see the Young Bucks of NJPW when they destroyed the competition, and how Kenny Omega doesn’t think much of them now. Cut back to Matt saying they are the same guys as before. Matt then talks about dinner with his wife on the phone. He runs down all the expensive stuff they need (steak, lobster, etc). Matt hangs up the phone, and realizes maybe he has changed a bit.

* Dark Order hangout, the group talks about wanting to recruit someone in the stable. Some of the group really want Maki Itoh in the group. John Silver heads over and asks her if she wants to join. She takes their piece of paper asking if she’ll join and then tells them to f*** themselves and she’s going back to Japan.

* Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson talk about losing on Dynamite (Karl blames Doc for the loss). Anderson says Gallows is so tired because he masturbates far too much, and needs to stop for an entire week. If he doesn’t do that, The Good Brothers are breaking up.

* Matt Sydal tells his brother he can’t find his ring jacket, but they are up next for a match. Ryzin then asks them if they lost something of interest, and asks them to visit the church merch. Vickie and Nyla Rosa end up selling his jacket back to him — they want $400. His music is playing so he pays them and takes the jacket. He mistakenly leaves behind his fanny pack and they steal from that.

* Backstage clip of Brandon Cutler getting ready for his entrance.

* Hangman Page shows up and says he heard the good news about John Silver getting a shot at the AEW TNT Championship on Dynamite. They ask Silver what he’s doing to train. We then see a montage of Silver training for his match while the group sings in the background.

* Clip shown of Don Callis running down The Young Bucks on last week’s Dynamite. Matt and Nick walk off, Matt bumps into Matt Hardy. Hardy asks him if he’s okay, and then says Don has really been playing them because they’re so gullible. Hardy then mentions the time when Page sent them a text and Matt thought they were no longer friends. Matt asks how Hardy knew about that. Flashback to Tipsy Page leaving his phone in the parking lot, and Hardy sending the text. Matt said that was when he originally wanted to get Page away from The Elite so he could manipulate him and make some money. Matt walks off as clips are played from previous episodes. We see Page saying he’s the least successful member of The Elite and can’t be in the group anymore, Matt throwing a drink in Page’s face, and Hangman getting kicked out of the group. Matt walks by The Dark Order having fun with Page and watches for a moment. Rather than going in, he closes the door and walks off.