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Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. We kick things off with some tag team action!

The Bollywood Boyz vs. Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari

Samir Singh and Ariya Daivari begin with a lockup. Daivari drives Samir towards his corner and lays down a couple of right-hand shots. Daivari makes a tag out to Tony Nese. Nese catches Samir with a crossbody. Nese looks for a powerslam, but Samir reverses it with a crucifix pin. Nese pops free at two. Next, Samir makes a tag out to Sunil Singh. The Bollywood Boyz plant double elbows for a two count! Sunil gets Samir back in. Daivari also makes his way back in.

Daivari stomps away on Samir’s face. Daivari wraps Samir’s arms around the ropes and clobbers away with several shots. Daivari and Nese exchange another tag. Nese wraps himself around Samir with a body scissors. Nese breaks the hold after connecting a heavy right before connecting a low spinning heel kick. Nese heads to his corner and makes a tag to Daivari. Daivari charges over towards The Bollywood Boyz’s corner and knocks Sunil off the apron. Daivari hoists Samir up in the vertical suplex position. Samir turns it around with a beautiful swinging neckbreaker! Samir makes a desperate tag out to Sunil.

Sunil throws Nese down with an inverted atomic drop, followed by a spinning heel kick. Daivari runs in and breaks up what could have been a top rope elbow drop from Samir. Daivari takes to the skies with a Persian Splash on Samir. Daivari covers and Sunil runs in and breaks it up. Samir flies off the middle rope and lands a crossbody on Daivari and Nese on the outside! Sunil leaps off the top with a Bollywood Drop for just a two count – courtesy of Nese running in to break the count! Daivari catches Samir with a devastating chokeslam. Then, he goes for Sunil. Daivari sends Sunil away with his hammerlock lariat for the pinfall victory.

Winners: Ariya Daivari & Tony Nese 

– We look back at Jordan Devlin/Kushida’s match on NXT this week. After Devlin victoriously defeated Kushida, Shawn Michaels made it known that Devlin/Santos Escobar’s Cruiserweight Championship match at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver will now involve ladders!

And now, the main event!

August Grey vs.  Ashante “Thee” Adonis 

Ashante Adonis focuses on August Grey’s arm with a tightly gripped wrist lock just as the match gets underway. Grey turns it around with a rollup at two. Adonis comes back in the lead with a vicious neckbreaker. Cover. Grey kicks out. Adonis sends Grey crashing into the corner with a massive Irish Whip. Adonis catches Grey off the ropes with a powerful spinebuster for another two count! Both men slug it out in the center of the ring. Adonis sends Grey flying to the outside.

Adonis heads over to the apron to catch Grey off guard. Grey shoves Adonis’ arm towards the ring post before landing a twisting crossbody from the top rope. Grey keeps his momentum up with a neckbreaker! Grey hooks the leg. Adonis pops free at two. Adonis flies off the top rope and returns a crossbody of his own on Grey. He looks for a cover but Grey counters with a reverse pin. Adonis kicks out in time at two. Adonis successfully blocks Grey’s So Much Prettier finisher by shoving him off. Grey tweaks his knee in the process. Grey creates some space by sidestepping Adonis before shoving him towards the ring post. Grey then catches Adonis, this time with his So Much Prettier. He hits it and wins the matchup.

Winner: August Grey

Post-Match: August Grey walks up the ramp. Ariya Daivari meets him up there and raises his hand. Confused by what’s going on, Grey drops his arm down and walks away.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!