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Before the show begins, several female Superstars from the main roster and NXT weigh in on their pick ahead of the highly-anticipated matchup between Kay Lee Ray and Meiko Satomura!


Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWEΒ NXT UK! We kick things off with renewed feud between Dragunov and Gradwell.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Sam Gradwell

Sam Gradwell dances around the ring and taunts The Mad Russian before landing a heavy slap. Dragunov slams Gradwell onto the mat and applies a head clutch. Gradwell breaks free with another slap and then a series of stomps. Dragunov turns it around with a wrist lock then a massive chop. Dragunov comes off the ropes with a knee to the face of Gradwell. Dragunov heads to the top again. Gradwell breaks Dragunov’s positioning and throws him off the top with a big slap to the ear.

Dragunov comes back into the ring. Gradwell drives him down and looks for a cover. Dragunov kicks out at two. Gradwell rocks Dragunov with a huge forearm on the ropes. He hooks the leg for another kick out from Dragunov. Gradwell tightly locks Dragunov up with a standing armbar. Dragunov breaks free with a lethal headbutt and then a clothesline. Dragunov plants several vicious knife edge chops on Gradwell’s back. Dragunov cuts off Gradwell’s momentum with two heavy German Suplexes.


Dragunov clocks Gradwell before heading to the top. He takes to the skies with a textbook senton. Gradwell keeps himself alive with a heavy chop to Dragunov’s back. Dragunov breaks free from Gradwell’s attack by laying a series of elbows on the side of the jaw. The referee calls for a match stoppage. Dragunov’s eyes turn red in rage. He corners a referee. Another referee on the outside tries to talk him down.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

Post-Match: Sam Gradwell, who hasn’t moved an inch since getting clocked by Dragunov’s insane elbow strikes, tells him he did a great job, while Dragunov makes his way to the back crying out in frustration.

– We see Kay Lee Ray getting ready for her big title defense!

– We see a continuation piece from Lucky Kid. He is ready to conquer NXT UK next week!

Backstage:Β Xia Brookside is still enjoying Nina Samuels’ assistance this week. She asks her to make some tea for her and her friend.

Up next, Noam Dar gets everyone fired up for the latest edition of “Supernova Sessions.” His guest this week is Tyler Bate. After Bate sits down, Dar wants to know what exactly is Bate’s new agenda, or zen. Bate says he wants to have a deeper understanding of himself and the world around him. So now, he wants his work to reflect that. Next, they talk about Bate’s diet. He informs Dar that he is vegan. Dar gives him some broccoli and lettuce as a treat. Dar throws some insults towards Bate by making fun of his shortcomings against A-Kid during the Heritage Cup Tournament. Dar is excited to watch Bate lose to Dave Mastiff next week. Bate walks over and throws lettuce at Dar before ending the interview.

– At the Performance Center, Ben Carter is training hard to keep his undefeated streak going.

– Next, we take a look at NXT UK’s newest signee Aleah James, and what she plans to bring to the table.

– Isla Dawn is using her clairvoyant skills to determine what’s next for her.

After, we seeΒ  Meiko Satomura getting her final stretches in before her main event match!

Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan vs. Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter

Oliver Carter and Kenny Williams kick things off. Both men quicken the pace with some beautiful aerial work. Williams picks Carter’s ankle. Carter escapes and tags in Ashton Smith. Smith plants Williams with a Judo arm toss. Williams runs over to his corner and tags in Amir Jordan. Jordan looks right away for a lateral press pin. Smith kicks out at two. Smith lands a heavy knee right into the midsection of Jordan before making a tag to Carter.

Carter rolls Jordan through with a sunset flip after a quick tag to Smith. Smith picks it up from there with another near-fall. Smith hits Jordan with a big knife edge chop before making another tag out to Carter. Carter connects a knee drop to the side of Jordan’s face for another near-fall. Carter is on chop patrol before bringing Smith back in. Smith comes in and clocks Jordan with a big uppercut. Jordan picks up some offense to get the tag out to Kenny Williams.

Williams is on fire the moment he runs into the ring. He throws Carter off the apron with a powerful missile dropkick. Next, he focuses his attention on both Smith and Carter with stereo dives with Jordan’s help. In the ring, Jordan and Carter become the legal men. Williams takes care of Smith on the outside with a missile dropkick/slingshot combination. Williams grabs Carter’s legs during the rollup, which helps Jordan hook the leg on Carter to pick up the win.


Winners: Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams

Next week, NXT UK will have its first-ever mixed-tag team match with Piper Niven and Jack Starz versus Jinny and Joseph Connors. We look back on how this feud transpired.

Backstage: Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams are stoked about their big win. They feel like they are getting closer to a shot at the NXT UK Tag Team Championship. But first, they have to go through the former champions, Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster.

Also set for next week, Tyler Bate will face Dave Mastiff.

The stage is set and the main event is underway!

NXT UK Women’s Championship: Kay Lee Ray (c) vs. Meiko Satomura

Both women square off with a collar and elbow tie-up. They reset. Meiko Satomura tests her strength with Kay Lee Ray with a Greco-Roman lockup. Satomura drives her down with an armlock. Satomura maintains wrist control and lands a solid kick on KLR’s chest. KLR fires back with a heavy knife edge chop. She looks for a cover. Meiko kicks out at one! KLR rolls Meiko through with a clover and gets another near-fall count. Satomura connects one of her two kicks and then locks the Women’s Champion up with an STF! Ray slowly makes her way over to grab onto the bottom rope.

Meiko keeps her strong style on point with several shoot kicks. KLR tricks her in with her Complete Shot into a Koji Clutch. Satomura’s shoulder touches the mat. The referee begins the count. Meiko kicks out at two. KLR lands two stiff kicks on the throat and chest of “The Final Boss.” Satomura turns it around with a series of knee strikes in the corner. KLR dodges the final kick and escapes out of the corner. KLR drives Satomura face-first onto the padded mat on the outside. Satomura returns the favor by driving KLR spine-first with her Death Valley Bomb on the apron!


Ray makes her way back into the ring by the 9th count. Satomura doesn’t let KLR catch her breath the moment she comes back into the ring with another basement kick. KLR turns it around with a tornado DDT off the ropes. KLR rolls Satomura through with the Koji Clutch again. Satomura puts her foot on the bottom rope to break the hold! Satomura lands a bicycle kick on KLR as she heads to the top. Satomura sends the Women’s Champion down with another Death Valley Bomb. Satomura goes straight for a pin. KLR keeps herself alive by kicking out at 2.9!


Satomura and KLR battle it out on the top rope. “The Final Boss” knocks KLR off. KLR is laying in the center of the ring. Satomura flies off the top with a frog splash but is met with Ray’s knees blocking the hit. Ray turns it around with the Gory Bomb. She thinks she has it in the bag, but Satomura stays alive by kicking out at 2.9, too! Ray heads to the top and misses a Swanton Bomb. KLR blocks Satomura’s Scorpio Rising! This still doesn’t keep the champion down as she kicks out at two. Ray looks for a second Gory Bomb. Satomura counters with a sunset flip! Satomura rolls KLR up, and it’s another near-fall! “The Scary Queen of Scots” gets the final say in the match with one more Gory Bomb. KLR will live to fight another day as she retains her NXT UK Women’s Championship!


Winner & Still Champion: Kay Lee Ray

Post-Match: Both women show their respect by bowing to each other.


That concludes this week’s explosive episode. Thanks for watching!