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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with Nathan Frazier (fka Ben Carter) in action!

Nathan Frazier vs. Ashton Smith

Both men lock up with a brief collar and elbow tie-up. Ashton Smith ducks under and applies a side headlock. They reset and reapply what they started with. Nathan flips Ashton over. Ashton looks for a German Suplex. Nathan lands on his feet with a double stomp at two. Nathan connects a beautiful hurricanrana that sends Ashton over to the ropes. Ashton turns it around with a brutal arm hold. Nathan escapes but meets a huge clothesline for another two count.

Ashton has Nathan in a body scissors. Nathan leans back, pinning Ashton’s shoulders. Ashton pops free at two. Ashton drives Nathan into the canvas with a brainbuster for another two count. Nathan gets thrown to the other side of the ring. He’s able to floor Smith with a basement dropkick, followed by a coast-to-coast! Nathan hooks the leg. Smith keeps himself alive at two! Nathan misses a senton from off the top. Smith catches Nathan with a swinging DDT for another two count! Nathan plants a moonsault then a frog splash from up top. Nathan goes for the final pin and picks up the victory!


Winner: Nathan Frazier

– Ilja Dragunov wants to apologize for losing his temper a few weeks back. Sam Gradwell interrupts his interview and says he needs to put his rage in a rematch with him. Dragunov agrees.

– Isla Dawn is summoning several dark entities to help her succeed.

– NXT UK announces their biggest event since coming back from their break: NXT UK: Prelude! This event will air on Thursday, April 8! Speaking of matches, Johnny Saint says Noam Dar will face Tyler Bate in a Heritage Cup Contenders Match. The winner will receive a shot to challenge A-Kid for his Heritage Cup Championship.

– Next, we take a look at how Jordan Devlin/Trent Seven’s main event matchup for today came to be.

Up next, “The Final Boss” Meiko Satomura will be in action!

Meiko Satomura vs. Dani Luna

Meiko Satomura starts the match with a stiff kick on Dani Luna. Dani tries to keep Meiko down with a front facelock. Meiko counters with a side headlock. Dani’s shoulders are planted on the mat. She pops free at two. Dani shoves Meiko into the corner. Meiko breaks free. Both women go for a test of strength with a knuckle lockup. Satomura plants Dani with a Judo takedown! Meiko continues the onslaught with two more stiff kicks. She looks for a cover. Dani kicks out at two.

Luna escapes with a nicely done suplex on Meiko. Satomura returns the favor with a big spinning kick. Dani scouts Meiko on the ropes and sends her down with a massive superplex! Meiko decks Dani in the face. Dani was on the cusp of winning with a clothesline from off the ropes. Meiko sets Dani up with the Scorpio Rising and hits it perfectly! Meiko Satomura picks up the pinfall victory!

Winner: Meiko Satomura

Still, to come, the NXT UK Champion, WALTER, will make his big announcement.

– Jinny and Joseph Conners want to seek vengeance on Piper Niven and Jack Starz.

– We look back on when Jordan Devlin first won the NXT Cruiserweight Championship at last year’s Worlds Collide.

During the break: Dani Luna is disappointed in her loss against Meiko Satomura. Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster go over and comfort her.

The NXT UK Champion, WALTER, has arrived! He is looking for a new challenger. Since he’s beaten the majority of the men in the NXT UK locker room, he wants Johnny Saint to find him someone else. There’s one guy he’s forgotten: Rampage Brown. Brown comes out and says whenever WALTER wants to throw down, he’s ready. He then pushes WALTER down on the mat.

– Earlier this week, Nina Samuels followed Xia Brookside to the gym and helped her during her workout.

Up next, the NXT Cruiserweight Title will be on the line. Can “The Don” prevail over the “Irish Ace?”

-Before their main event match, Kenny Williams apologizes for his cheating antics to Amir Jordan. Williams informs Jordan he got them a Tag Team Title match.

– Next week, NXT UK will air again at 4 PM EST. It’s also announced that Sam Gradwell will face Ilja Dragunov in a No Disqualification Match next Thursday. Also, at NXT UK: Prelude, it’s official: WALTER will defend his NXT UK Championship against Rampage Brown!

And now, the main event:

NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Jordan Devlin (c) vs. Trent Seven

After the bell rings, Trent Seven misses a splash in the corner. Both men exchange stiff chops. Trent’s chops briefly pause Devlin’s strategy. On the apron, Devlin clocks Seven with a hard back elbow. On the outside, Seven sends Devlin crashing with a quick dragon suplex. In the ring, Seven looks for the first cover in the match. The champion kicks out. Seven shoves Devlin in the corner and lands repeated chops. These take Devlin off of his feet. Devlin gets caught with a hip toss off the ropes. Seven lands a leg drop for another two count.

Seven fakes Devlin out with a DDT. Devlin turns it around with a nasty kick to the spine. Devlin taunts his challenger with a single stomp in the corner. On the outside, Devlin wraps Seven around the ring post and stretches him out. Devlin then drops Seven on top of the apron. In the ring, Devlin continues to work Seven’s lower back by driving his knee into Seven’s spine while locking him up with a front facelock. Devlin looks for his first cover in the match. Seven fights out at two. Devlin returns some chops from earlier. Seven counters with more stiff chops.

Devlin throws Seven on the mat with a vertical suplex, followed by a low basement kick off the ropes. Cover. Seven kicks out again. Devlin looks for the Four Leaf Clover. Seven blocks the lockup with a devastating DDT! Seven rocks the champion with an emerald flowsion from off the top rope! Seven with a cover. Devlin kicks out! Seven flies through the ropes with a suicide dive. He rolls the champion back in the ring for another near fall count. Seven misses a chance from off the top. Devlin catches Seven with the Four Leaf Clover. Seven is trying to get to the ropes. He gets it! Devlin yanks him away. Seven catches him in a small package. Devlin pops free at two!

Seven positions Devlin in the Seven Stars Lariat. Devlin counters with a nasty headbutt. Seven holds on to the rope to escape out of the Devlin Side driver. Devlin delivers a series of vicious kicks. Seven finally gets his Seven Stars Lariat in! Is it enough for him to win? Not yet! Devlin lands on his feet with the airplane spin.  Devlin turns it around with Ireland’s Call! Seven capitalizes on Devlin’s lack of climbing up on the rope. Seven rocks Devlin with a dragon suplex from off the top! He plants the airplane spin turned into a Burning Hammer. Seven with a cover. Devlin gets his foot on the bottom rope!

Seven latches on to Devlin. The referee tries to break it up. Devlin drives his thumb into Seven’s eye. Devlin takes advantage of this distraction with his Devlin Side finisher. Cover. Seven is still in this! Devlin wastes no time. He heads to the top and lands a beautifully articulated 450 splash. Devlin goes for the final cover. Devlin retains his NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

Winner & Still NXT Cruiserweight Champion: Jordan Devlin

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!







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