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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with “Supernova Sessions” with Noam Dar. His guest this week is Trent Seven!

Dar revisits Seven’s match with Jordan Devlin last week, where he unsuccessfully challenged for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. Seven admits that it’s been hard to put in all this work just to lose another title opportunity. Dar interjects by saying if anyone deserves a Cruiserweight Title shot, it should have been him before Seven. Seven corrects Dar by saying that he is one of the founding fathers of NXT UK. He tells him he better watch his step since Dar will be facing his Mustache Mountain partner, Tyler Bate, in two weeks. Things start to heat up. Dar brings out Sha Samuels. Seven continues to run his off towards Dar before he’s kicked off “Supernova Sessions.”

– Sid Scala informs Jinny that she and Piper Niven will be banned from ringside during Jack Starz and Joseph Conners’ match today.

– Before their colossal matchup at NXT UK: Prelude, we look at WALTER’s vigorous reign. Last week, Rampage Brown came out and issued a challenge for a shot at the NXT UK Championship. Wrestling legends like Robbie Brookside, Fit Finlay, Dave Taylor and William Regal weigh in on who they think will win the match.

Jack Starz vs.  Joseph Conners

Joseph Conners traps Jack Starz’s arm right after the bell rings. Starz twists out of the lockup. They restart. This time, Conners goes for a waistlock and turns it into an arm lock takedown. Starz reverses out with a slid pin. Conners kicks out. Starz clocks Conners with several big uppercuts before going up and over towards the outside!

Back in the ring, Starz lands a high crossbody off the top for just a two count. Conners briefly creates some separation with a devastating double stomp in the corner. Conners switches the momentum with a nice backbreaker. Conners with the cover. Starz pops free at two. Conners continues with the onslaught with a heavy clothesline for another two count. Conners stalls just a split second, allowing Starz to connect a suplex.

Starz drops Conners with an explosive slam for another near fall count! Conners turns it around with a textbook DDT. Conners warns Starz that his 15 minutes of fame are up after he plants a hangman’s neckbreak. Conners looks for the cover. 1-2-3. Conners picks up the singles win.

Winner: Joseph Conners

– Pretty Deadly is ready to defend their NXT UK Tag Team Championship. They’ll start their open challenge next week!

Backstage: Jack Starz apologizes to Piper Niven for losing his match. She tells him that it’s ok. She says they’ll get back in the ring and train some more this week.

Josh Morrell & Danny Jones vs. Primate &  T-Bone (w/Eddie Dennis)

T-Bone manhandles Josh Morrell by throwing him across the ring. T-Bone tags in Primate. Primate also tosses Morrell around before making another quick tag out to T-Bone. Morrell gets thrown over towards Danny Jones, who makes a tag in. Primate comes in for T-Bone. Primate plants a huge backdrop for just a two count. T-Bone is back in. T-Bone comes in and rains down blows. Is this enough to keep Jones down? No! Jones stays alive with a two count.

T-Bone and Primate join forces with a dangerous slam before Primate officially becomes the legal man. Jones blocks a shot from Primate and makes a tag to Morrell. Morrell catches the wild man with a standing moonsault for two. Primate almost takes Morrell’s head off with a lariat! Cover. Morrell kicks out. T-Bone makes his way back in and drops Morrell on his knee with a solid backbreaker. T-Bone throws Morrell out of the ring. Primate gets his hands on the fallen Morrell.

Back in the ring, Morrell escapes and makes a tag on Jones. Jones lands a step-up enziguri. T-Bone decks him then drives him into the canvas. Primate is back in. He comes crashing in with a massive splash from off the top! Primate crashes on top of Jones and picks up the pinfall victory.

Winners: Primate &  T-Bone

At The UK Performance Center: Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams are preparing for their match against Pretty Deadly next week.

Aleah James vs. Isla Dawn

Isla Dawn focuses on Aleah James’ arm at the beginning of the match. James takes down “The White Witch” with a nice armbar. Back on their feet, James lands a dropkick on the ribs of Dawn. Dawn turns it around by planting a knee to the midsection. Dawn with a cover. James kicks out. Dawn rains down a flurry of forearms before connecting another knee strike for a two count near fall.

Dawn stretches James out. James wiggles out and plants another dropkick off the ropes. Will that be enough to keep Dawn down? No! Dawn kicks out again. James heads to the top rope and drops down with a big crossbody. Another cover, another two count. Dawn charges towards James with two suplexes, followed by a bridged pin. James does not get her shoulders up in time. Dawn successfully wins this match.

Winner: Isla Dawn

– Just before her contract is up, Xia Brookside makes Nina Samuels clean up the NXT UK Performance Center restroom.

During The Break: We see Isla Dawn in a processed state. The NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray runs into her. Ray says something to Dawn that doesn’t sit well with her. Dawn turns around and stares her down. Ray leaves immediately.

Next week, Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams will be the first team to challenge Pretty Deadly for their NXT UK Tag Team Championship!

And now, the main event!

No Disqualification Match: Ilja Dragunov vs. Sam Gradwell

Sam Gradwell blindly ambushes Ilja Dragunov as he makes his way into the ring. Dragunov fights back with a jumping knee, followed by a solid German Suplex. “The Mad Russian” sends Gradwell out of the ring with another big knee strike. On the outside, Gradwell brings out a chair. Dragunov blocks his chances of using it.

Back in the ring, Dragunov flies from coast to coast! Gradwell stops Dragunov in his tracks by hitting him with the ring bell before choking him with some cable cords from underneath the ring. Gradwell drops Dragunov causing a whiplash effect. In the ring, Gradwell shoves a steel chair towards the ribs of Dragunov. Cover. Ilja kicks out at two! Gradwell unties the middle and top turnbuckle protectors. Dragunov blocks an attempt of heading towards the exposed turnbuckles by driving his elbows towards the side of Gradwell’s cheek.

On the ropes, Dragunov drops Gradwell face-first into the canvas. He continues the onslaught by decking him repeatedly. Dragunov hoists a pair of steel stairs and is about to throw it on top of Gradwell. Gradwell pleads with his life. Dragunov throws the stairs down. Gradwell fakes him out and tries to hit Dragunov with a steel chair. Dragunov does a matrix bend back and dodges the shot.

Gradwell begs Dragunov again to stop what he’s doing. Dragunov falls for it again! Gradwell surprises him with a low blow before throwing him on top of the steel stairs! Dragunov screams out in agony. Gradwell rolls Dragunov back into the ring for a pin. Dragunov pops free at 2.5! Gradwell brings in a pile of chairs and sets them up. Dragunov blocks Gradwell from hoisting him up and tossing him onto the pile chairs. Dragunov then sends Gradwell towards the exposed turnbuckle! Dragunov finally throws Gradwell on top of a pile of chairs. He quickly heads to the top but misses a splash attempt causing him to land right on top of the piled chairs. Gradwell looks for another cover. “The Mad Russian” stays alive again with a two count!

Dragunov starts to snap after Gradwell lands a heavy chop on his back. Dragunov is red hot with rage. He lands chair shot after chair shot to the back of Gradwell! Dragunov plants Gradwell spine first onto the pile of chairs again before knocking Gradwell out with a series of heavy forearm strikes. The referee calls for this match to end. Dragunov picks up the win via knockout.


Winner: Ilja Dragunov

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!