WWE Reportedly Not Planning To Tour Soon

WWE reportedly has no plans to resume touring any time soon.

While many venues are re-opening across the country and various sports leagues are bringing back fans amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Sports Illustrated reports that WWE does not have plans to tour throughout the first half of 2021.

There is no word yet on if WWE is looking to resume touring during the second half of this year.

WWE officially announced earlier this week that the next ThunderDome residency will begin next month at the Yuengling Center in Tampa. SI reports that the current plan is for WWE to remain at the Yuengling Center while gauging whether it is prudent to return to a weekly live event model or not.

WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon noted this past February during the 2020 Q4 earnings call that the company expected a gradual return to ticketed audiences, but that it was too early to say exactly when that would happen. Vince also noted that they are ready to resume touring when they are able to, adding that they could turn around a live event in just 6 weeks when able to.

"We are ready," McMahon said. "We are the most flexible, adaptable media company in the world. We can turn something around in terms of live events in six weeks. It just speaks to our ability to innovate as a media company and continue in this current environment to create long term value."

Stay tuned for updates.