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– Opening intro package then Tony Schiavone and Paul Wight welcomes us to another episode of AEW Dark: Elevation.

Zack Clayton vs. Preston “10” Vance (w/-1)

Clayton and 10 lock up and exchange holds as neither man able to gain an advantage. 10 calls for a test of strength as Clayton kicks 10 in the gut. 10 sends Clayton into the corner. The ref calls for a break and tries to push 10 back as Clayton hits a cheap shot. 10 on fire as he nails a belly-to-back suplex. Clayton with a counter in the corner and hits a dropkick. Clayton beating down 10 as Clayton rakes 10’s face on the ropes.

The two exchange chops, but Clayton remains in control keeping the pressure on 10. Clayton hangs and drops 10 on the ropes. Clayton sets up 10 on the ropes and sends him up the ropes neck first. Clayton talking to trash to -1 as -1 hits an eye poke! Clayton with some strikes, but 10 fires up and nails a series of lariats then a running pump kick to the corner. 10 whips Clayton on the ropes and nails a spinebuster and high-fives -1.

10 going for the Full Nelson, but Clayton counters and almost sends 10 towards -1. Clayton hits a powerslam. 10 then catches Clayton in the Full Nelson and the ref calls the match.

Winner: Preston “10” Vance

– Schiavone previews our main events coming up. Wight expresses his excitement to see Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss vs. Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky.

Miro vs. Hayden Backlund

Miro staring down Backlund as Miro pressures him in the corner and lays in heavy shots. Short-arm lariat from Miro as he stomps on Backlund. Roundhouse kick from Miro as he throws Backlund outside. Miro goes outside as Backlund pulls Miro’s arm through the corner. Backlund with a flurry of strikes.

Blacklund hits a dropkick, but Miro springboards in and takes Backlund out with a lariat. Miro with a huge slam. Miro calls for the Game Over, and Backlund taps out.

Winner: Miro

Hikaru Shida & Tay Conti (w/-1) vs. Katalina Perez & Lelia Grey

Conti and Perez start things off with a quick back and forth as Conti uses her judo skills to gain control. Shida tags in, but Perez sends Shida to the corner and tags in Grey. Perez and Grey hit a double suplex. Perez with a boot in the corner then a low dropkick. Perez tags in as she goes back and forth with Shida. Perez lands a heavy forearm shot at Perez. Grey and Conti tag in as Conti lays out Perez with clotheslines. Conti with multiple judo throws then a pump kick.

Shida tags in and hits a top rope missile dropkick. Perez runs in and attacks Shida, and Conti responds with a pump kick at Perez. Double Irish Whip and double running knees in the corner. Double triangle sleepers from Shida and Conti. Grey reaches the ropes for a break. Grey countering Shida and as a double underhook. Shida counters and hits the Katana for the win.

Winners: Hikaru Shida & Tay Conti

The Hybrid2 (Angelico & Jack Evans) vs. Carlie Bravo & Dean Alexander

Bravo and Angelico start things off with some trash talking before a collar and elbow tie up. Angelico and Bravo exchange wrist locks as Angelico running the ropes but runs into an arm drag. Bravo goes for another, but Angelico kicks. Angelico talking trash to Alexander as TH2 get extra shots in. Evans enters the matchup and lays the pressure on Bravo with a flying kick then a standing Phoenix Splash. Evans elevates over the top and catches Bravo with a spinning sole kick. Handspring back elbow then a springboard kick as Evans taunts Alexander.

Angelico tags in as TH2 look for a combo move, but Bravo ducks and tags in Alexander, and he comes in with a huge lariats. Alexander looking to finish off the match as Evans interrupts. Evans lays out Bravo with a corkscrew kick as Angelico locks in the Navarro Death Roll for the submission win.

Winners: The Hybrid2 (Angelico & Jack Evans)

– Backstage with Dasha Gonzalez and Thunder Rosa. Thunder Rosa agrees she has a target on her back. “Not only am I the best in AEW. I am the best in the world.” She talks about the hard work she puts in. Thunder Rosa talks trash in Spanish as she says she’s ready whenever Diamante wants.

Orange Cassidy (w/Chuck Taylor, Kris Statlander & Trent) vs. John Skyler

Skyler wants to lock up and invites Orange to attack him. Cassidy takes off the sunglasses and puts on his elbow pad. Cassidy ducks a lock up and tries to put his hands in his pockets, but Skyler intercepts. Cassidy catches Skyler in a backslide pin for a two count. Cassidy with a snapmare as he poses with a thumbs up to the camera. Cassidy trips Skyler and gets his hands in the pockets. Shotgun dropkick sends Skyler to the outside.

Cassidy getting the crowd going as he tries for a tope suicida, but Skyler intercepts with spear! Skyler with a palm strike as he bounces Skyler off the ropes and hits a big bodyslam for a two count. Skyler laying it in on Cassidy. Skyler with a fireman’s carry, but Cassidy wiggles out and criss crosses the ropes and nails the tornado DDT. Cassidy hits Beack Break for the win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

– Best Friends and Statlander hug as we get the Rainmaker zoom out.

– This week’s Rising Star Profile features “The Captain” Shawn Dean. Dean talks about his time in the Navy and the life lessons he learned. He then talks about his football career and notes he started wrestling at around 29 -30. Dean opens up about his family and the lack of finances he was struggling with, but he wanted to make pro wrestling work no matter what. Dean reads Tony Khan’s tweet where Khan announced Dean was signed to AEW. He reveals he got fired in his day job for being at an AEW loop before he was officially signed.

– Excalibur joins commentary.

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Danny Limelight

Limelight and Takeshita exchange holds and counters. Limelight applies the double wristlock, but Takeshita rises up and counters into a headlock. Limelight counters with his own headlock. Takeshita counters, but Limelight catches Takeshita with multiple roll-ups for two counts. Limelight talking trash. Limelight offers a handshake but takes a cheap shot. Takeshita catches Limelight with a leg lariat. Takeshita follows up with a big elbow in the corner then a huge clothesline.

Takeshita going to the second-rope and lands the senton for a two count. Limelight with an eye poke, and then he slams Takeshita’s head on the ground. Springboard double stomp only gives Limelight a two count. Snapmare then an elbow drop. Big kicks but Takeshita isn’t fazed. Limelight with a chop, but Takeshita counters with a chop and a chop of his own. Takeshita lays in another chop, but Limelight counters again with an eye poke.

Limelight doing some dancing and trash talking. Swinging neckbreaker from Limelight followed up by a springboard rolling senton for a two count. Limelight doing more trash talking as Takeshita lays in an elbow. Limelight with kicks to the gut, but Takeshita catches Limelight with a Blue Thunder Bomb! Takeshita rises up first and lands the Yakuza Kick then a brainbuster, 1-2-no! Limelight laying in elbows to escape the waistlock.

Takeshita and Limelight exchanging strikes, but Takeshita with a big boot, but Limelight follows with an elbow. Takeshita catches Limelight with a pop-up powerbomb but only gets a two count! Limelight catches Takeshita with a knee then uses the ropes for a leg scissors choke. Limelight springboards in with a DDT, 1-2-no! Takeshita pushes Limelight off the cazadora and hits an elbow then a discus elbow. Limelight with a Victory Roll pin, but Takeshita counters with a wheel barrel German Suplex for the win.

Winner: Konosuke Takeshita

– Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss are warming up near a stairway. Janela points out the camera as he says two girls want to suck his nipples and wants to show Kiss. Kiss says there’s no time because of their match with Sky and Page. Janela thought they were wrestling two guys from Puerto Rico. Janela says the girls can wait as he ends Page and Sky a warning before leaving off with Kiss.

Jay Lyon & Midas Black vs. FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) (w/Tully Blanchard & Wardlow)

Lyon and Harwood shake hands as Harwood knocks off Lyon’s mane while laying in strikes in the corner. Another lock-up as Harwood and Lyon exchange head locks. Harwood catches Lyon with a back suplex. Harwood lays in a chop as Wheeler tags in and lays out Lyon with a big lariat. FTR keeping Lyon in their corner as they continue the pressure on Lyon.

Dax with a flurry of chops in the corner followed up by a short-arm clothesline. Elbow drops for a two count. Wardlow and Tully take advantage of the distraction and lay in an extra shot on Lyon on the outside. Lyon catches Harwood with a springboard kick. Black tags in and lays in a flurry of strikes on Dax. Dax counters Black with a brainbuster. FTR hit Big Rig for the win.

Winners: FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood)

Death Triangle (PAC & Rey Fenix) vs. Andre Montoya & Vary Morales

Fenix and Montoya start this match off. Fenix offers a handshake, but Fenix instead hits an open-hand chop. Montaya catches Fenix with a tiaris. Fenix ducks a lariat then knocks Montoya down with a punch. Morales blinds tags in as Fenix sends Montoya out. Morales with a springboard tiaris. Morales flips out of a double suplex. Montaya tags in as Death Triangle hit stereo superkicks. Death Triangle do The Young Bucks flex pose as PAC asserts his dominance on Montoya.

Fenix tags in as Death Triangle lay in kicks on Montaya, and they hit double shotgun dropkicks. Fenix drags Montoya to Morales inviting him to tag in. Fenix hits a discus elbow. Fenix runs the ropes and lands a huge Shining Wizard. Fenix lifts up Morales preventing a three count. PAC tags in and hits a boot in the corner as he lays in the boot more on the ropes. PAC hits a snap suplex. Morales ducks out of the corner and tags in Montoya who hits a flurry of elbows on Death Triangle. Springboard back elbow on Death Trianlge.

Morales with a dives onto PAC. PAC though counters Montoya as Death Triangle lay in kicks on Montoya. PAC with a belly-to-back suplex on Morales. Fenix with a double stomp on Montoya then a superkick, then a Blue Thunder Bomb from PAC. Fenix finishes it off with a Frog Splash.

Winners: Death Triangle (PAC & Rey Fenix)

Baron Black vs. Dante Martin

Black and Martin exchanging holds and counters. Martin and Black also share quick pins. Martin wants a handshake, but Black with a quick strike then a chop. Martin springboards out and nails an arm drag. Black catches Martin with a huge belly-to-back suplex. Black applies the abdominal stretch. Martin flips out and floats over for roll-up for a two count.

Black looking for a discus lariat, but Martin gets the boot up and lands a lariat then a dropkick then a tiaris. Martin goes over the top and hits a springboard moonsault for a two count. Martin flips out of two exploder attempts. Black looking to get serious as Martin lands the superkick. Martin goes up top for a 450 Splash and gets the win.

Winner: Dante Martin

– Page and Sky are backstage looking to air some grievances on their opponents. They point out how Kiss and Janela got TNT Title matches despite their lackluster singles records. Page is wondering where his title match is and where Sky’s rematch is. “We are going to take anything and everything we want in AEW.” They plan on winning tonight. Sky says, “Get used to it” and snaps his fingers cutting to black.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD (w/Rebel) vs. Skye Blue

Baker catches Blue in a quick headlock, but Blue counters into a wristlock. Baker with a quick cover counter into her own wristlock, but Blue isn’t backing down. Baker with a big elbow. Blue with a matrix duck on the lariat, but Baker trips her and covers for a two count. Baker with another forearm shot. Baker running the ropes, but Blue with a kick to the knee then a shotgun dropkick for a two count. Baker rolls out of the ring for a break. Blue tries for a diving dropkick.

Baker intercepts and lays out Blue with a swinging neckbreaker. Baker goes into the ring as Rebel lays in some extra shots with the referee’s back turned. Baker taunting Blue as she goes back to the ring. Blue with a big forearm, but Baker lays in a flurry of her own. Baker counters out of the corner, but Blue gets a back elbow off and lays in a spinning heel kick. Handspring elbow, but she goes to the corner one more time as Baker counters sending Blue’s head to the second-turnbuckle. Baker hits a superkick then a belly to back piledriver followed up by a curb stomp for the win.

Winner: Britt Baker

– Tony Schiavone in the ring interviewing Baker. Baker calls out the bulls**t rankings system. She hopes she makes the rankings after her win tonight.

Andrew Palace & Cole Karter vs. Nick Comoroto & QT Marshall (w/Aaron Solow)

Marshall starting off quick with some big dropkicks. He lays in some shots before tagging in Comoroto laying out Palace with a big backbreaker. Comoroto with a strong hammer throw to the corner. Marshall tags in and lands a big body blow, a bodyslam then a flurry of elbows drops. Comoroto tags in and hits a springboard elbow drop while Marshall stomps on Palace.

Place gets the boot up on Comoroto and ducks a splash. Karter tags in and hits a flurry of strikes, but Comoroto is not fazed and picks up Karter for an Ushigoroshi. Comoroto biels Palace back in the ring. Comoroto with a Gorilla Press into a powerslam on Palace. Marshall tags in and hits the Diamond Cutter on Karter for the win.

Winners: Nick Comoroto & QT Marshall (w/Aaron Solow)

Mike Sydal vs. MT Nakazawa

Nakazawa gets a call coming into his headset. Sydal wants Nakazawa to hurry up. Nakazawa gets another call on his headset as Sydal feints a yoga pose with a chop. Nakazawa with a few nipple twisters followed up by a shoulder tackle. Sydal drops Nakazawa with a few arm drag takeovers and a roll-up for a two count. Sydal with a cartwheel counter followed up by a dropkick. Nakazawa baits Sydal into the corner and drops him with a drop toehold. Nakazawa slides under and catches Sydal’s crotch on the corner post and grinds it.

Nakazawa with a big uppercut. He then sets Sydal up with a Hentai Slide then an atomic drop for a two count. Sydal and Nakazawa trading strikes. Nakazawa hanging onto the ropes to prevent an Irsih Whip. Sydal with a back elbow in the corner. Sydal baits Nakazawa in the corner. Matrix duck then a enzuigiri. Sydal flips out of the corner and hits a superkick, trips up Nakazawa then a standing moonsault knee onto Nakazawa’s face for a two count. Nakazawa saying he’s bleeding, but he uses referee Rick Knox as a shield. Macbook shot misses as Sydal rolls up Nakazawa for the win.

Winer: Mike Sydal

– Nakazawa hits the Macbook shot. Sydal runs Nakazawa out of the ring

– Backstage, Fenix is pumped up in Spanish. PAC sends a warning to The Young Bucks.

Leyla Hirsch vs. Shanna

Leyla with a quick double-leg takedown as Shanna reaches the ropes. Shanna applying the waistlock, but Leyla counters into a pin as they exchange pin attempts. Shanna trying to apply the double wristlock as Leyla counters as gets another flash pin. A “Legit” chant breaks out. Leyla and Shanna going back and forth. Leyla with an arm drag takedown as she tries for a triangle. Shanna reaches the ropes and slaps Leyla in the face. Leyla with a takedown and a flurry of strikes sending Shanna outside.

Leyla follows her, but Shanna catches her with a strike. Shanna runs Leyla through the barricade before sending her back. Shanna with a big kick then a pin for a two count. Shanna takes off her shirt and chokes out Leyla with her shirt. Leyla catches Shanna with a cross armbreaker. Shanna counters into a pin then a powerbomb. Shining Wizard from Shanna for a two count. Shanna with an Angels Wings attempt as Leyla counters into a cross armbreaker, and Shanna taps out.

Winner: Leyla Hirsch

– Post-match: Leyla offers a sportsmanship handshake, but Shanna rejects it and walks off the ring not looking happy over the loss.

– Alex Marvez is backstage with Takeshita. He tries to interview Takeshita, but Kenny Omega comes in. MT Nakazawa comes in and translates from Omega. He says he’s recruiting new talent. He notes The Sydal’s have been trouble for him. He asks Takeshita to take on The Sydal’s. Takeshita (in Japanese) agrees to team up with Omega, but Omega swerves him and says he’s teaming up with Nakazwa, and Takeshita is not pleased with the idea, but Omega announces Takeshita & Nakazawa vs. The Sydal’s next week.

Brandon Cutler vs. Penta El Zero M (w/PAC & Rey Fenix)

Penta takes his gloves off and tosses it to Fenix. “Cero Miedo” at Cutler as Penta and Cutler get started going back and forth exchanging holds. Cutler tries for a head scissors takeover, but Penta kicks him in the chest. Cutler with a step-up enzuigiri in the corner, but Penta responds with a thrust kick. Another “Cero Miedo”, but Cutler with a forearm strike. He tries for a tope, but Penta meets him with a kick. Cutler sends Penta to the outside and this time he hits the tope suicida!

Cutler wary of Death Triangle, but Penta catches him with a thrust kick then he bounces off the corner for a rolling senton! Big low kick from Penta. Cutler escapes the package piledriver and hits a springboard elbow followed up by a lariat and a suplex for a two count. Penta with super kick and counters an arm drag into a crucifix pin for a two count. Cutler counters a pumphandle into a DDT for another two count.

Penta trips up Cutler in the corner. Penta hits a pumphandle driver for two. Cutler hits a standing Sliced Bread. Penta then snaps Cutler’s arm and hits Fear Factor for the win.

Winner: Penta El Zero M

– Post-match: Death Triangle celebrate at Cutler’s expense.

Diamante vs. Thunder Rosa

Diamante locks in a side headlock, but Rosa quickly counters into an arm drag takeover. Diamante grabs the hair as they go to the corner. Rosa catches Diamante with a series of arm drags then tries for an armbar, but Diamante goes to the outside. Sliding dropkick through the ropes from Rosa. Rosa then slams Diamante arm on the barricade. She then slams the left arm on the corner post. Rosa and Diamante trade chops as Diamante hits a Sliced Bread on the outside!

Back in the ring as Diamante lays in more shots on Rosa. Diamante tries for a cazadora Stunner, but Rosa counters into a facebuster for a two count. Rosa a kick to the arm then a hammer throw right on the arm in the corner. Diamante baits Rosa in the corner sending her face first, then she hits a corner dropkick, pin but only a two count. Diamante with clubbing blows, pin but another two count. Rosa counters a suplex and hits double knees on the arms. Running lariat in the corner then an elevated double knee strike followed up by a corner dropkick. Rosa hits a butterfly suplex for a two count.

Rosa with some elbow shots then a few shoulder tackles. Diamante powers out of a Fire Thunder Driver, but Rosa catches Diamante in a Rings of Saturn. Diamante reaches the ropes breaking the hold. Rosa using the ropes as leverage to work on the arm. Rosa locks in the double wristlock, but Diamante counters into a cover and hits a lariat. Diamante and Rosa trading strikes. Diamante hits a snap suplex for a two count.

Rosa with a big elbow into a fireman’s carry. Diamante powers out and hits a cazadora Stunner for another two count! Rosa and Diamante slugging back and forth. Diamante going for Code Red, but Rosa counters with a body drop. Rosa hits the Fire Thunder Driver for the win.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky vs. Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss

Janela and Sky start this match off with a strong collar-and-elbow tie up. Janela taunting Sky, and Sky knocks him down and lays in some heavy strikes. Page tags in and continues to lay in big shots on Janela. Janela catches Page with a wristlock, and Kiss tags in and hits an axehandle. Sky tags in and gets caught in a double hip toss and double elbows. Janela tags in, and Kiss and Janela hit an elbow / moonsault combo, cover, but Page breaks it up.

Sky knocks Janela off the top tope. Page tags in and throws Janela onto the barricade. Sky throws Janela on the barricade again before sending him to Page who lays in some strikes. Page and Sky cutting the ring in half as they continue the pressure on Janela. Janela hitting some elbows, but Sky with a knee lift. Janela catches Sky with a Sunset Flip pin. Sky kicks out and prevents Janela from tagging out with a big lariat.

Page tags in and takes out Kiss. Kiss runs as Page applies an eye rake as referee Aubrey Edwards tires to get Kiss back in his corner. Page with a backbreaker as Sky wants in the match. Sky hits his own backbreaker for a two count. Page tags back in and stomp son Janela. Janela fighting back looking to tag out, but Page muscles him back to his corner.

Page argues with the ref allowing Janela to find an opening to tag in Kiss. Kiss on fire with a leg sweep on Page and flurry of strikes on Sky. Page taken out as Kiss hits a Spanish Fly on Sky for a two count. Janela and Kiss tag in, and they hit  double plancha on Page and Sky. Page tagged with a superkick. Janela walks into a DDT, and Sky lays across Janela for a pin allowing Janela to kick out at two.

Page tags in and lays in some punches in the corner. Page with a top rope arm drag. Janela dodges the Ego’s Edge and hits a thrust kick then a moonsault. Kiss tags in and hits the split-legged kick off the reverse DDT from Janela. Tope suicida from Janela as Sky gets an elbow up. Sky ends Kiss down off the top rope. Kiss gets caught with a gamengiri from Sky. Page hits Ego’s Edge for the win.

Winners: Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky

Cezar Bononi & Ryan Nemeth (w/JD Drake) vs. Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent) (w/Kris Statlander & Orange Cassidy)

Nemeth and Taylor start this match off. Nemeth showing up Taylor early on. Taylor gaining control as he tags in Trent. They lock-up going into the corner, and Trent offers a clean break, but Nemeth lays in heavy shots. Trent responds with strikes of his own. Nemeth then runs into a back elbow. Trent hits a northern lights suplex for two as Trent says he’s feeling good. Best Friends with a double back elbow then a double back elbow drop for a two count.

Taylor whips Nemeth into the corner, but Nemeth evades and Bononi tags out Taylor before tagging in. Bononi laying in the pressure on Taylor. Nemeth and Bononi now cutting the ring in half. Bononi hits a back suplex for a two count. Nemeth doing too much trash talking allowing Taylor to tag out. Trent tags out Bononi and drops Nemeth with a few lariats. Running knee in the corner then a lariat again.

Trent drops Nemeth and Bononi and planchas on Bononi! Trent hits the tornado DDT and tags in Taylor. Best Friends combine for Soul Food, cover as Taylor thinks the match is won, but Nemeth kicks out at two! Bononi trips up Trent allowing Nemeth to hit an elevated DDT. Bononi tags in and charges in with a lariat in the corner. Pumphandle Olympic slam only gives Bononi two.

Bononi tries to take out Taylor, but Taylor sends Bononi to the post. Nemeth doing too much showboating allows Trent to hit he back suplex. Best Friends hit Strong Zero for the win.

Winners: Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent)

– Post-match: Everyone is in each corner as they all hug and Rainmaker zoom out as that closes out another episode of Dark: Elevation.