AEW Dynamite is scheduled to be preempted in May and June due to the NBA Playoffs airing on TNT.

The normally scheduled Wednesday, May 26 Dynamite show is being moved to Friday, May 28 at 10pm. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the current plan is to run the tapings from 8pm until midnight at Daily’s Place with two hours of Dark being taped before Dynamite, with a live crowd, followed by two hours of Dynamite going live.

The May 28 show will be the go-home show for the 2021 Double Or Nothing pay-per-view, which is scheduled for Sunday, May 30.

AEW Dynamite will also be preempted on Wednesday, June 6, and will go live on either Friday, June 4, or Saturday, June 5. The Friday show is more likely but it depends on the NBA playoff game that TNT gets.

This change is why Brian Cage and Brian Pillman Jr. had to pull out of an upcoming Warrior Wrestling show on June 5 in Chicago. AEW would be taping on June 5 if they go live on June 4, so they can tape the Wednesday, June 9 Dynamite show, and the Dark and Elevation shows that would air the following week on Monday, June 14 and Tuesday, June 15.

While Dynamite will be airing on Friday night due to the NBA Playoffs, it will not go head-to-head with WWE SmackDown on FOX due to the late 10pm start time.

AEW was also preempted by the NBA Playoffs on TNT last year, which saw Dynamite air on a Saturday night.

Stay tuned for updates.