AEW Dynamite Results: The Pinnacle-Inner Circle Parley, TNT Title

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Hangman Page vs. FTW Champion Brian Cage

Brian Cage and the rest of Team Taz with the gang attack during Page's entrance. Taz is on commentary. Dark Order runs out and clears away Team Taz. Cage with a powerbomb on the ramp. Cage tosses Page into the ring and stomps away at his opponent in the corner. Cage with more big strike, body lock belly-to-belly suplex.

Cage with a big release german suplex, cover, two. The two are out on the floor, Page gets launched into the barricade, then takes a side suplex on the apron. Cage beats Page up some more, tosses him in the ring, pin, two-count. Page on the apron, hits Cage with a boot, but then takes a thrust kick and a deadlift suplex from the second rope, cover, two.

Cage out on the floor, Page tries for a splash, gets caught in midair. Cage looks to jam him in to the ring post, Page slips out and shoves Cage into the ring post. Page with a huge moonsault down on Cage. Back in the ring, Cage with a buckle bomb, and hits drill claw, cover, 1-2-3!

Winner: Brian Cage via Pinfall

- Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Good Brothers, and Don Callis hanging out in a limo. Callis celebrates Omega's big title win. Omega says he's feeling great, but also kind of a pissed off. Omega says he didn't appreciate what Kingston and Moxley did to their private trailer when they drove a truck into it. Omega says they will not be brought down a notch, wherever they go, the gold and money follows. Omega says he's not afraid of what happened last week! A horn suddenly blares and everyone freaks out. MT Nakazawa is sitting in the driver's seat and mistakenly beeped the horn. Omega says they want a fight, they will give him one. Omega continues if Eddie Kingston wants to get to them, he's gotta go through Nakazawa first!

The Young Bucks with Don Callis vs. Matt and Mike Sydal (Title Eliminator Match)

Callis heads over to commentary. Matt. and Mike get things going with Matt J. having a tough time. Both guys tag out and Matt works over Nick. Mike gets tagged in drop toe hold/dropkick combo. Stereo dropkicks by the Sydal brothers. Mike gets sent into the corner, but hits a clothesline on Nick. Matt jumps in with a superkick on Mike and a clothesline on Matt. Matt does some strutting around the ring and hits a low dropkick on Mike.

Mike tries to get to his corner, Matt holds him back though until he gets clocked. Matt gets the tag and lands some big kicks on both Matt and Nick. Matt S. with a brainbuster, cover, two. Matt puts down both opponent, drops down on Matt J. Mike and Matt with stereo meteoras, cover, Nick breaks it up.

Nick with a flurry of kicks, but Matt S. lands a double hurricanrana, cover on Matt J. for two-count. Matt S. with a leaping hurricanrana on Nick, then he goes up to the top for a hurricanrana. Matt J. slips under and Sydal goes down hard. Mike gets the tag, tries for a kick, Nick has the referee distracted. Blaten lowblow by Matt (Johnny Cage style) Double superkicks to Matt off the apron. BTE trigger to Mike for the victory.

Winners: The Young Bucks via Pinfall

- Post-match, Brandon Cutler is in there with cold packs and cold sprays on his guys. SCU walk out to the stage, they have something to say. They noticed the new Young Bucks are here (with their questionable outfits choices), but they wanted to let Matt and Nick know they are the number one contenders and whenever Matt and Nick have the balls to sign the dotted line, they are ready for a match. Daniels says he wanted to face their friends, not whoever they are now, but either way, they are taking the titles and making AEW "better without you ass***** around."

- Jade Cargil says over the past few weeks, every manager wants to sign her, but the problem is they wanted a percentage of her money. It doesn't work that one. She's her own boss and they need to impress her first.

Orange Cassidy with Trent? vs. Penta El Zero Miedo with Alex Abrahantes

Cassidy tries to put his hands in his pockets, Penta doesn't let him and does his signature taunt. Cassidy tries again and the same thing happens. Third time? Nope, glove comes off this time and he does it one more time. Cassidy removes his shades, tosses them to Trent (he drops them). Cassidy finally gets the hands in the pockets, lights kicks, avoids Penta, and lands a few strikes while also avoiding anything Penta threw.

Cassidy looks for beach break early, Penta fights it off and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, instead. Cassidy caught up on Penta's shoulders, but he flips out of it. Cassidy looks for a thumbs up with Penta, but Penta bites his fingers. Cassidy with the pin attempt for two. Penta out on the floor. Cassidy tries for a suicide dive, Penta catches Cassidy over his head! He hold Cassidy up with one arm and dumps him down on the apron.

Penta with a big kick to the face as he continues to dominate the match. Cassidy sent to the corner, he flips over to the apron, sends Penta's face into the turnbuckle, climbs up and hits a diving crossbody on Penta. Swinging DDT attempt, nope, Penta with a brainbuster, cover, two. Penta trying to snap Cassidy's arm, but he's fighting it off and puts his hand in his pocket. Penta lets go and stomps away at his opponent.

Cassidy with a thrust kick, Penta hits a few of his own. Cassidy leaps and eats a big kick to the face, canadian destroyer, tries for package piledriver, but it's reversed into a beach break, cover, Penta able to get his shoulder up though. Penta with a bunch of strikes all over Cassidy, stomps in the corner, huge low kick to Cassidy's head. Penta looks for a finisher, reversed into stundog millionaire. Cassidy hits a diving DDT off the top rope, big swinging DDT, cover. Abrahantes gets on the mic for the distraction, talks more about Trent's mom, Cassidy yanks Abrahantes into the ring. Penta with the shot from behind, package piledriver, nope. Trent hands off a microphone to Penta, orange punch, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Orange Cassidy via Pinfall

- Backstage, Tony Schiavone talks with Britt Baker, who is in a very good mode. Baker says she was going to work her way up the rankings and that's exactly what she did. Baker says now she's at the top of merch sales, demos, and rankings. Baker says when it comes to the current champion, she needs to remind everyone why she's the face of the company.

- Tony Schiavone in the ring hypes next week's Blood and Guts Match and be involved in tonight's parley. The Pinnacle heads out with their own private security (they stay up on the stage) as the group heads into the ring. Inner Circle has their own security, who roll out to the stage on motorcycles. Both groups face-off  with Tony standing between them. Tony runs down the rules and says they will figure out the advantage via a coin toss. Shawn Spears knocks it out of his hand and says that's not going to happen. They were lured into this match and deserve to get the advantage.

Spears wonders when the last time Sammy Guevara even wrestled a match, and he fully plans on putting Guevara down. Guevara takes the mic and says he doesn't believe Spears, he's been a failure in AEW and was one in the place he used to work. Guevara says if they want the advantage they can take it. Cash Wheeler takes the mic and says Jericho shouldn't bring Santana and Ortiz because they are soft, and won't make it out of the match. Harwood takes over, says he's prepared his family for what's to come, and he's not afraid to die. He reminds Santana and Ortiz about their kids, and tells them to hold them close before they leave the night before the match.

Ortiz tells Santana not to give in to what they're doing. Santana says they are going to be locked in a cage soon, and they've been locked up before, has FTR? Santana wants to let his hands do the talking. MJF takes over and wants to keep things cool. MJF tells Chris Jericho "thank you" because without Jericho, there is no AEW. He was the top draw and the bridge for the lapsed fan to come check out AEW. Also, putting together a top stable. MJF continues that Jericho must be stressed out though with all that pressure. MJF plans on taking that heavy crown off Jericho's head and take it from him, "you're spot is mine."

Jericho responds calls MJF a little prick for thinking he can just take a spot, or just absorb a spot. The only way he can do it, he's gotta earn it. Jericho reminds MJF that at 25 he might have been curtain jerking it in WCW, but he was also main eventing shows in Japan and Mexico, which is what put him at the top. Jericho talks about a family, says he's been family with his guys since day one. He says MJF will not get in the middle of Inner Circle, and they won't beat Inner Circle. They are going to have to kill the Inner Circle.

- Sitting in the chair, Nakazawa is in the ring already, Eddie Kingston heads out to the ring for a match. Kingston heads out on a mic and doesn't know what's going on. Kingston says he's not doing this and calls out Kenny Omega. Kenny heads out to the stage and tells Kingston, he doesn't know how this works. They are going to get revenge on him, not the other way around. Kingston ends up trashing Nakazawa in the ring. He grabs a chair and goes to put it around his ankle. Omega watches on. Kingston says to get in the ring or he's breaking Nakazawa's ankle.

Omega tells him to be his guest, Nakazawa knew what he signed up for. Omega calls out Brandon Cutler, who gets thrown out to the stage. Jon Moxley follows and sends Omega into the ring! Moxley chokes out Omega, then they put the chair around Omega's ankle. Kingston wants a tag match against Omega and Callis finally agrees. Moxley says they want a tag match against Omega and Nakazawa. Kingston says, see you next week!

- Backstage, Taz talks about Brian Cage beating Hangman Page, which makes Team Taz number one. Christian Cage shows up. Taz says Christian may have won last week against Hobbs, but he's gonna get another team member. Christian stops Taz and says there was a time when Taz beat up guys and talked trash along the way. Today, he still talks a lot, but can't back up it. So, he's found a bunch of big guys to surround himself with to help feed his ego. Christian says he's everything Taz wishes he is. "You wish you could come back, like me."

Penelope Ford with Kip Sabian vs. Kris Statlander with Orange Cassidy

The two trade shots right off the bat. Spinning powerslam by Statlander. Military press on Ford, and she bails out to the floor. Ford yanks Statlander out to apron, spins her, and throws a shot to the side of her head. Ford tries for a leaping knee drop, nobody home. Statlander feints a suicide dive, climbs out and "boops" Ford on the nose. Sabian with the distraction, Ford hits a big boot to the face. Leaping knee drop hits this time.

Big shots to Ford, huge running knee to the head, modified blue thunder bomb, cover, two. Ford dodges Statlander, release german suplex, sends her into the second turnbuckle, ford with a rough looking blockbuster, cover, two-count. Ford with a handspring back elbow, nobody home. Statlander with a kick to the head, solar eclipse, pin, two-count. Ford with a back kick, cover, two. Ford tries for a handspring, Statlander catches her for the 1-2-3. Sabian tries for another distraction during that, but Cassidy kept him away.

Winner: Kris Statlander via Pinfall

- Dark Order's 10 talks about Brodie Lee, says he give 10 his shot in AEW and he'll never forget that. The TNT title is a representation of Lee and he's the reason 10 is here, so winning the title would mean a lot to him.

The Factory (QT Marshall, Aaron Solow, and Nick Comoroto with Anthony Ogogo) vs. The Nightmare Family (Dustin Rhodes, Lee Johnson, and Billy Gunn)

The Factory shows up outside of Daily's Place in The Nightmare Factory's bus. Billy, Dustin, and Lee immediately attack their opponents as everybody brawls outside of the ring. In the ring, Billy swings away on Solow, but Marshall kicks Gunn right in his injured ribs (from Ogogo's big punch last week). Comoroto tags in and beats up Gunn.

Comoroto with a bear hug, Gunn fights out of it, then dodge a charging Comoroto. Dustin tags in, throws a bunch of punches, uppercut land, but Dustin is dropped with a big shoulder thrust. Dustin able to find his way back to his corner and bring in Johnson. He throws a flurry of shots at the opposing team, hanging neckbreaker on Solow, kip-up, running chop, blue thunder bomb, cover, Comoroto breaks it up.

Comoroto charges, but Johnson goes low and sends him out. Marshall tries to get involved and gets tossed to the floor. Johnson with a corkscrew splash on Comoroto and Marshall. Referee checking on Solow. Ogogo with a cheap shot to Johnson, and another to Gunn, both go down. Marshall tags himself in and gets the pin on Johnson.

Winners: QT Marshall, Aaron Solow, and Nick Comoroto via Pinfall

- Post-match, Comoroto grabs the bull rope and smacks Dustin in the face with it. The Factory celebrate on the stage. Marshall hangs to taunt some more, but Colten and Austin Gunn come out to beat up Marshall. They end up sending him out to the floor and he bails back to the bus. Comoroto and Solow run back to the ring and brawl the the younger Gunns. Marshall goes to open the bus door and Cody Rhodes boots him right in the face and beats him up some more. Marshall climbs up to the top of the bus to try and escape. They battle each other, and Aubrey Edwards goes up to break them up. A bunch of wrestlers gathered below to cheer them on. Rhodes with a figure-four on Marshall, who taps out. Rhodes flex. Next week, Cody Rhodes with Arn Anderson vs. QT Marshall with The Factory.

- Also next week:

* Britt Baker in action

* SCU vs. Jurassic Express vs. Varsity Blonds vs. The Acclaimed (Winners get AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks on May 12)

- Jon Moxley defends his IWGP US Championship vs. Yuji Nagata on Wednesday, May 12 edition of Dynamite!

- Backstage, Kip Sabian finally meets up with Miro (who has been looking for him for the past couple weeks). Sabian goes to talk with him and Miro just launches Sabian into a garage door. Miro beats him and then just chokes him with a chain. Miro says nobody is going to stop him from being champion. He then punches Sabian right in the face. "It's time to pay your dues." Miro slams the door hard on Sabian's arm. He then hugs Sabian and says he forgives him.

Darby Allin (c) with Sting vs. 10 with Dark Order (AEW TNT Championship)

10 and Allin lock up a few times and have clean breaks. Allin gets sent down to the mat, 10 looks for a suplex, but Allin twists his fingers to get out of it.  Allin trying to get started, but having a tough time against the more powerful 10. Military press countered by Allin, cover, two. Allin with big boot to the face, but he runs right into a spinebuster.

10 is fired up now, but Allin hits the over-the-top stunner and goes right into a fujiwara armbar. The two end up out on the floor, 10 able to drive the champ into the barricade and then the edge of the apron. 10 glares at Sting before heading back to the apron. Allin stops him, kicks him in the face, then hits a senton down on 10 and 5.

Ethan Page with the cheap shot, throwing Allin into the ring post while the referee was looking the other way. Back in the ring, wheelbarrow suplex, pin, two-count. 10 looking for the full nelson, Allin with the back elbow. Allin gets out of a bear hug by tearing at 10's mask. Throws a few slaps, springboard coffin drop, caught in midair for the full nelson. Allin struggling, but he kicks off the second turnbuckle backwards into a pin for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Darby Allin via Pinfall

- Post-match, 10 comes into the ring, helps Allin up. Allin takes the "Brodie" wristband off 10 and holds it up. 10 nods and gives a quick hug before exiting. Ethan Page comes back to distract. Scorpio Sky in from behind for the cheap shot. Both Page and Sky beat up Sting and Allin. Sky with a heel hook on Sting as holds back Allin. Lance Archer runs out to help make the save, Page and Sky quickly bolt as the show comes to a close.