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Ricky Starks with Hook vs. Hangman Page

Page is currently ranked number one in the AEW rankings. Taz joins commentary for the match. Page works over Starks arm, sends him to the apron, hits a springboard clotheslines and then a splash down on Starks. Back in the ring, Page with a fallaway slam with a bridge, Starks smacks his way out of it. Starks able to build some momentum, throws Page into the corner, forearm to the spine, Page goes for a release german suplex and Starks lands on his feet. He ended up landing on his neck, but look to avoid injury. Starks flips out of a move, lands awkwardly though. Page continues to beat down his opponent, brainbuster, cover, two.

Starks goes up to the second rope, but Page pulls him off. Starks is able to reverse into a liger bomb for a two count. Starks heads up to the top rope, Page catches him with a shot to the face, Page with a super fallaway slam, lariat, cover, two. Starks is able to land a spear, cover, two. Couple counters, Page tries for dead eye, no, but Page is able to flip Starks into a submission — choking Starks and picking his bad ankle at the same time for the tap out.

Winner: Hangman Page via Submission

– Post-match Taz on the mic, he tells Page that he just got lucky and neesds to watch his back. Hook with a chop block and a bunch of kicks. Starks tries to help, Page boots Hook away. Brian Cage heads into the ring and goes to hit a move, but Dark Order chases the group out of the ring.

– The Elite shows up in their own private trailer. We see Brandon Cutler filming them as they go in.

– Backstage, Penta sends a message to Best Friends. Alex Abrahantes translates and says Best Friends should have never restarted their issues with Death Triangle.

Penta El Zero Miedo with Alex Abrahantes vs. Trent with Orange Cassidy

Penta with some taunting early on, but Trent throws some chops in response. Penta out to the floor, Trent looked to fly, but gets his foot picked, pulled out to the floor and sent into the barricade. Penta tries for a big move, but Trent runs in and drops him. Penta back out on the floor, Trent is finally able to his big flip down to the floor.

Back in the ring, Trent tries for a tornado DDT, no, Penta with a springboard crossbody and then a slingblade, cover, two.  Back and forth shots in the middle of the ring. Trent is able to hit a swinging DDT, Penta fires back with a canadian destroyer, and both guys are down as we go to break. Trent with a running knee strike, pin, two. Penta hits a backstabber, weak pin, two-count. Pent sends Trent into the corner and then drives Trent down on the mat, cover, two.

Both on the apron, Penta tries for the package piledriver, no, back and forth shots. Trent hits a piledriver on Penta, spear hits, and Alex gets on the mic. “Penta says, you suck, you’re friends suck, and you know who sucks the mosts? Your momma!” Alex runs off as Trent gets a chair. Cassidy hops in the ring, but eats a superkick by Penta. Referee checking on Cassidy. Alex hits Trent with the mic, package piledreiver by Penta, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Penta El Zero Miedo via Pinfall

–  Jim Ross talks with The Pinnacle about the upcoming Blood and Guts match against Inner Circle. He brings up Chris Jericho passionate promo where he talked about the group, especially MJF. MJF says he’s been wearing the scarf since he was a kid on the Rosie O’Donnell Show, he didn’t steal it from Jericho. MJF then says that reminds him, it’s springtime, so that means it’s silk season, and switches up his scarves. Wardlow says Jericho stumbled a bit when he brought up Wardlow, because the moment he said the name, Jericho knew he messed up.

MJF says Jericho gets an “F” about elevating other wrestlers. He says Jericho wrestles people the fans already see, and then say he’s the reason why their now popular. MJF mentions Omega, Moxley, and others. MJF says when Jericho was 25, he wasn’t doing anything compared to him. “You were curtain jerking on WCW Wordwide.” MJF says to leave that “stooge” Mike Tyson home and let’s have the two sides fight each other. MJF continues that Jericho was right that MJF is a mark, but he’s a mark for Jericho’s spot, and he will take that on May 5, “because when you’re in The Pinnacle, you’re always on top.”

– Video package hypes Hikaru Shida and Tay Conti. Tay says she’s nervous, but prepared for the opportunity. Shida says Conti may be champion one day, but not tonight.

Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Tay Conti (AEW Women’s World Championship)

Dark Order heads out with Conti to the stage for support. The two bow as they get started. Shida with a boot to the midsection, Conti with a forearm to the face. Both throw shots at each other. Both looking for a trip, no luck at first, but Conti finally gets a judo throw. She throws a big knee to the jaw, and a second one, cover, two.

Conti looking to work the arm and shoulder with the leg waistlock, but Shida gets a foot to the rope for the break. The champ moves out to the floor, Conti follows, and tries for a penalty kick from the apron, gets block and goes down face-first. Shida with a running knee to the face. Shida jams Conti into the barricade, enziguri, brainbuster on the floor. Back in the ring, Shida with stomps to the back. Shida with the bow and arrow submission, and transitions into yanking back on both of Conti’s arms.

Back and forth action with Shida throwing a knee to the back of Conti’s head. Shida brings Conti up to the second rope and hits a deadlift suplex, but Conti is right back up for a pump kick. Both women crumble to the mat. Conti with a clothesline, followed by a couple judo throws, release german suplex, pump kick in the corner, face wash in the corner. Shida able to avoid another kick, charges in, and ends up eating a knee to the midsection and she lays across the top turnbuckle. Conti with a senton across the champion’s back, cover, two.

Conti runs into a jumping knee strike, Shida hits the falcon arrow, cover, two-count. Conti put up on the top turnbuckle, Shida heads up, and takes a few shots. Shida with a headbutt and then just throws Conti down back-first on the top turnbuckle! She crashes to the floor, Shida gathers her back in the ring, throws a kick, misses. Conti with a pump kick, Tay-KO hits, cover, 1-2-no! DD-Tay, Shida blocks it and plants Conti down to the mat, pin attempt, two-count. Big shots from both wrestlers. Shida with a backbreaker, twisting kick to the face (the katana), cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Hikaru Shida via Pinfall

– Post-match, Britt Baker heads out to the stage. She looks up at the rankings and she moves from the second spot to the first spot. Shida throws her kendo stick at Baker. Baker moves and waves to Shida, heading to the back.

– Miro says it’s been another week and he hasn’t seen Kip. Miro says he wants some vindication, and anyone who has a championship, he’s coming for them. It doesn’t matter if AEW puts him through a bunch of hoops, it’s his destiny to become champion.

– The Inner Circle heads to the ring to speak with Tony Schiavone. Jericho says there’s a lot of energy tonight because of the upcoming Blood and Guts Match on May 5. He continues that it will be one of the most brutal matches ever seen on TNT. He talks about Mike Tyson knocking out Cash Wheeler. Jake Hager says Pinnacle will be sucking out a straw (as he throws some straws) after they get done with him. Santana gets on the mic and says Pinnacle wants to wrestle the best, but they wait until there’s a crew behind them before they actually fight. “Where we come from, we call those b**** moves.”

Jericho says MJF talks a lot, but never feels any convictions in the words he says. He brings up singing show tunes, and says he wrote one for MJF. Jericho rattles off a few lines about giving MJF a swirlie and how he’s a “dips***.” Jericho says it’s fun to make jokes, but May 5 will be a lesson in violence. Jericho says next week he wants a parlay between Inner Circle and Pinnacle. Jericho then says he will beat the living hell out of MJF on May 5 and Inner Circle will destroy the other group. The group then gives the camera the middle finger together.

– Anthony Ogogo says he’s only here in this dump (America) to make that big money. QT Marshall says he’s going to show Billy Gunn how much it’s worth being loyal to Cody Rhodes.

Billy Gunn vs. QT Marshall (with Nick Comoroto)

Marshall makes it to the stage and Gunn immediately attacks both guys. In the ring, Gunn beats the heck out of Marshall, whipping him into the corner, and knocks him to the floor. Gunn throws him into the barricade and the apron. Gunn with a big powerslam on the former Nightmare Family member. Aaron Solow makes his way out to cheer on Marshall.

Gunn gets attacked from behind, but Austin and Colten jump Comoroto and Solow to stop that. The four guys fight out of Daily’s Place. Marshall in the ring as Gunn rolls back into the ring (after being thrown into the ring post by Comoroto). Marshall throws some shots, but Gunn looks to be just getting more annoyed. Marshall hits a piledriver, cover, two. Both counter each other’s finishers. Marshall out to the stage, Gunn follows him. Gunn tosses Marshall back in the ring, referee checks on him. Anthony Ogogo runs out and smashes Gunn in the midsection. Marshall gets over to Gunn, diamond cutter hits, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: QT Marshall via Pinfall

– Post-match, Ogogo gives Marshall a wooden chair. He goes to hit Gunn, but Dustin Rhodes runs out and smacks Marshall with a bull rope. Rhodes throwing a bunch of shots in the corner on Marshall, spinning powerslam hits. Ogogo just standing at ringside, not helping his guy out. Rhodes gets the chair, Ogogo climbs up to the apron, Comoroto tries to attack Rhodes from behind. Rhodes swings the chair over Comoroto’s head and it does nothing to him. QT’s group makes their way to the back.

– The Elite hanging out in their private trailer with Brandon Cutler filming. Callis says there’s never been such a talented group together, putting over everyone in the group. Callis mentions Omega will soon be the Impact World Championship. Matt says they are the reason business went up in Japan, and the formation of All Elite Wrestling. They laugh about Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston, saying they heard they were back tonight. The group say the two should know where they are, and come get them! Omega tries to get serious for a moment, but someone is honking a horn a bunch outside. Omega is getting annoyed and tells the guys to figure it out. Moxley and Kingston are in a truck and they just drive straight into the trailer! Moxley brings a pipe with him and smashes the trailer. Kingston yells “you think this is a game?!” Moxley and Kingston call for them, but nobody is in the trailer now. Kingston wondering where The Young Bucks’ sneakers are at?! Kingston calls them a bunch of cowards. Moxley says “B**** AF.” They walk back to their truck.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Christian Cage

Taz back at commentary for this match. Taz says Team Taz is banned from ringside for this match because of what happened earlier tonight. Christian is immediately thrown out to the ramp. Christian gets in some shots, sends Hobbs out to the floor, diving dropkick hits. Christian goes out and eats a big punch by Hobbs. Christian sent over the barricade, he pulls the AEW banner off the barricade and then grinds Christian’s face into the barricade.

Christian having a tough time with Hobbs as he launches Christian across the ring. Hobbs steps on Christian’s midsection, goes for a vader bomb and Christian gets his feet up. He throws some big shots at the big man, kick to the face, diving uppercut off the second rope, cover, two. Christian with another big punch, but runs into a spinebuster, cover, two.

Christian able to slip under Hobbs in the corner and get a powerbomb on Hobbs. He goes back to the top, frog splash, cover, two. Christian charges in and Hobbs runs over his opponent, he then hits a hip attack in the corner, pin, two. Christian looks for a sleeper hold, but Hobbs jams him into the corner and puts him on his shoulder. Christian is able to get off Hobbs’ shoulders, kill switch hits, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Christian via Pinfall

– Jade Cargill says every manager is looking to sign with Cargill. Hardy says he’d like to sign on, for a small fee. Vickie Guerrero also makes her pitch to Cargill. Jade says she doesn’t need a manager though, she’s her own boss. If anybody wants to sign her, they better make a hell of a deal!

– Next week’s show:

* The Pinnacle and Inner Circle parlay

* Hangman Page vs. FTW Champion Brian Cage with Taz and Ricky Starks

* Penta El Zero Miedo with Alex Abrahantes vs. Orange Cassidy with Trent

* Kris Statlander with Orange Cassidy vs. Penelope Ford with Kip Sabian

* AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks vs. Matt and Mike Sydal (Title Eliminator Match)

* The Nightmare Family (Billy Gunn, Dustin Rhodes, and Lee Johnson) vs. The Factory (QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto, and Aaron Solow with Anthony Ogogo)

Darby Allin (c) with Sting vs. Jungle Boy with Luchasaurus (AEW TNT Championship)

The two lock up as the bell rings. The go into the corner, clean break by both wrestlers. Allin with a leg sweep, cover, two, crucifix pin, two. Allin with a side headlock to the mat. Jungle Boy with a couple tricky pins for two. JB with a wristlock that the champion can’t get away from. JB tries for the snare trap, but Allin quickly gets to the ropes. Allin takes down JB and throws a bunch of punches.

The two go out to the floor, JB with some chops, but gets shoved into the ring post. JB shoves Allin and both end up going over the railing to the floor. Belly-to-belly suplex into the corner, another big suplex with the bridge, cover, two. Allin with an over-the-top stunner, cover, two-count. Coffin splashes on JB, but JB brings his knees up on the third one. Allin gets tossed out to the floor, JB with two suicide dives and then a big flip to the floor on the champ.

Allin up on the apron, JB in the ring. Allin drops JB on the apron, Allin then hits a coffin drop on the apron! Both wrestlers fall down to the floor. Allin gets in the ring, Luchasaurus helps JB in the ring. Sting walks over to Luchasaurus to see what was up with that. The two wrestlers start fighting on the stage and make their way to the back. Back in the ring, the two wrestlers swing away. JB with a big lariat, brainbuster, elbow strike to the back of the head, cover, two-count. JB locks in the snare trap, Allin almost fades, but he gets the bottom rope. JB pulls him to the middle of the ring and locks in the surfboard. He puts in another snare trap on Allin, who ends up gouging JB’s eyes to get out of it. JB with some big slaps to the head. JB looks for a sunset flip, but Allin counters with the last supper pin for the win.

Winner: Darby Allin via Pinfall

– Post-match, Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky attack Allin. Page with a release powerbomb  on the champion. Lance Archer runs out to the ring for a double chokeslam, but takes a double lowblow kick as the team beats up on Archer. Sting makes his way out to chase off Page and Sky, pointing his bat at them as the show closes.