AEW Dynamite Results: Trios Match, Mike Tyson Returns, TNT Title

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- Earlier today, the Inner Circle show up to the building in various vehicles as the group looks to speak for the first time since MJF split away.

Hangman Page vs. Max Caster with Anthony Bowens

The number one ranking in AEW is up for grabs in this match. Caster doing his usual rapping as he gets in the ring. Page takes down Bowens and then goes to work on Caster. Page ducks a clothesline, hits a fallaway slam, kip-up, suplex, cover, only a one-count. Page sent to the corner, hits a big boot out of it though.

Running senton, cover, two. Bowens and Page ajw on the outside, but Page gets back in the ring, only for Caster to his a low dropkick on Page. He stomps away. Page returns fire and sends Caster out to the floor, then splashes down on him. Page tries to send Caster into the barricade, but gets whipped into it. He then crotches Caster on the barricade, climbs up and hits a clothesline. Bowens continues to taunt Page, and has the boombox nearby. Bowens with another distraction and Caster yanks Page into the ring post.


Caster gets the ref's attention, Bowens sends Page into the barricade and then the ring. Caster working over Page's banged up shoulder now. Page gets back up and plants Caster down to the mat. Caster in the corner, Page hits a clothesline, exploder suplex, pin, two-count. Both end up on the apron, Page looks for deadeye, no, but he does hit a side suplex on the apron. Page heads to the top, Bowens yet again goes for the distraction. Caster with a rough looking second rope superplex. Not sure how many times Page is gonna get distracted by Bowens in this match.

Caster tries for a springboard move and takes a midair clothesline. Page tries for deadeye, Bowens slides the boombox into the ring. Ref takes it away and barks at Bowens. Bowens is able to slide his chain into the ring, Caster pops Page, pin, two! Caster heads to the top, elbow drop, nobody home. Page to the apron, buckshot lariat, Bowens stops him for a moment, Page kicks him away, moonsault on Bowens. He gets back up, buckshot lariat, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Hangman Page via Pinfall

- Post-match, Page grabs a couple beers and makes his way up through the stands. He tosses a beer to a fan, and then heads out.


- In the ring, Tony Schiavone introduces Death Triangle. Schiavone reminds everyone they have a tag title shot (via winning the Casino Tag Battle Royale) and it will happen next week. Orange Cassidy's music hits. Cassidy, Kris Statlander, and Best Friends head out to the stage. Cassidy says it's nice to see all three of them in the ring again. On the big screen we see all the way back in February and May when Death Triangle attacked the group. Taylor says it's been awhile, but they still remember.

PAC says he gets why they are here and clearly, they see the writing on the wall. PAC says they want a shot at the next AEW Tag Team Champions. He tells them they got a lot of work to do and aren't worthy. Trent on the mic, says he knows they gotta work their way up, he's been out of action, but they have more wins than any tag team in this company. Trent says he just wanted to let them know that the boys are back in town...oh, and they got an alien with them, too.

- Outside Daily's Place, Mike Tyson is shown talking with Jags coach Urban Meyer.


- Inner Circle make their way out the ring. Chris Jericho on the mic says they got a wake up call after getting beat up by The Pinnacle. He apologizes for letting people down. Jericho says he may not be smart at everything, he's smart with pro wrestling. He wanted to bring MJF in to keep him under his thumb. Jericho keeps referring to MJF as "my jerk-off friend." Jericho knew he would turn eventually, but they didn't think he'd be a step ahead of them.

Jericho jokes about giving MJF a swirly last week, and can't wait for the "swirly" chant when he comes out. Jericho talks about MJF wanting everything right now, and doesn't want to wait. Jericho says he can't be the GOAT right off the bat. He's gotta start smaller, be better than Avalon, Nakazawa, or even his scarf. He tells MJF that he's not as good as he thinks he is, and he'd go back to check his phone after every match/promo to see what people thought. Jericho calls him a mark, and says maybe that phrase should be called a "max." He continues that MJF will never be better than him and has surrounded himself with sour men.


He calls Tully a third string Four Horsemen. Says FTR is one of the best, but he can't tell which is which. Jericho says Spears has great upside, but he's never seen it. He's just seen his name show up on his phone when he was fired from the "fed" (WWE) years ago. He says Wardlow has no brains. Jericho knows The Pinnacle is a good group, but if they want blood or violence, then they got it. Jericho says May 5 it will Pinnacle vs. Inner Circle in a Blood and Guts match.

- Backstage, Dasha talks with Christian Cage and his debut match against Frankie Kazarian. Cage said it was the culimantion of taking back what was taken from him seven years ago. Cage says Kazarian is a great wrestler, but he makes his opponent level up. Taz then jumps in to talk with Cage. Taz says seven years is a long time, and he has a bunch of guys who could make him even better. Taz offers Cage to join the group and says they can make each other better. Cage goes to talk, but Taz says to think it over and get back to him.


Jurassic Express vs. Bear Country

Bear Country booted out to the floor, Jungle Boy hits a couple suicide dives, then goes for a splash. He's caught by both opponents. Luchasaurus with a step-up flip down on both guys. Back in the ring, Bear Country finds some momentum as JB gets thrown around the ring. Luchasaurus finally gets tag in and takes down both of his opponents. He looks for a double clothesline, no, but he lands a flurry of kicks on them.

Headbutt on Boulder, Luchasaurus heads to the second rope, Boulderfollows up, and hits a second rope superplex. JB climbs to the top rope, cover, JB splashes down on Boulder. Roundhouse kicks on Bronson, but Boulder kicks Luchasaurus. JB with a clothesline. Luchasaurus sends Boulder out. Luchasaurus with a chokeslam on Boulder, standing moonsault, cover, two.

Winners: Jurassic Express via Pinfall

- At the Nightmare Factory training facility, QT Marshall talks to Cody Rhodes about their friendship, and he's always done the work for Cody. QT is surrounded by Anthony Ogogo, Nick Comoroto, and Aaron Solow. QT talks about Cody not cutting it in WWE and going to the indies where he surrounded himself around "vanilla midgets." Ogogo says he's a mainstream name in the UK, but he's in American and all the silly yanks will learn the hard way. Marshall says this is his Nightmare Factory as Comoroto throws blue paint over "The Nightmare Family" logo on the wall.


- Sting heads out to the stage. Jake Roberts interrupts, Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page are up in the stands looking on. Roberts says every week, Sting comes out, gets interrupted, and doesn't say anything. Jake asks where Darby Allin is at? Lance Archer comes out and grabs the mic. Archer says he's tired of it all, he's not going to get a match, and then just go away. He should be in the main event. This is his time and he should be talking with Schiavone. Sting finally rips the mic away and says he has something to say! Sting says he totally agrees that Archer is a main event guy and shouldn't leave. He thinks Roberts needs to help Archer channel that energy. Sting says he's got it in him, and he just needs to make it happen. Sting walks to the back. Archer and Roberts seem a bit confused by all of this. Sky and Ethan Page look on from the stands and laugh.

- Team Taz hanging out. Taz says they need to get on the same page, and wants Ricky Starks to stop instigating Brian Cage. Taz says they have a chance at Christian Cage and need to be working together. Starks says he absolutely understands.


Darby Allin (c) with Sting vs. JD Drake with Ryan Nemeth and Cezar Bononi (AEW TNT Championship)

Drake getting in some big shots on Allin to start things off as Allin rolls out to the floor for a moment. Allin with a big shot, Nemeth up to the apron for the distraction, Allin leaps and eats a big shot from Drake. Sting walks up behind Nemeth with his bat and Nemeth runs off. Sting chases him all the way out of Daily's place.

Drake continues to beat up the champion, cover, one-count. Drake up to the second rope, but Allin rolls out to the floor. Allin gets sent up to the ropes and eats a big shot from Drake. Drake looks for a cannonball senton into Allin, he moves, and Drake hits the barricade. Allin with a big flip down on Bononi and Drake. Back in the ring, Allin goes up top, gets crotched and put in the tree of woe. Drake throws some shots, cannonball senton, vader bomb, cover, two-count. Drake to the top, moonsault, pool is empty. Allin goes up and still gets stopped. He bites Drake's finger, avalanche code red, coffin drop, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Darby Allin via Pinfall


- Post-match, Allin up to the stage, and he gets run the hell over by The Butcher. The Hardy Family strolls out to beat up Allin, Bunny runs over to commentary and yells at them to move their stuff! Dark Order and Sting run the group off, but Bunny is now cornered by commentary. Tay Conti charges her and lands a bunch of shots before their upcoming match.

- Video package shows the rivalry between Kenny Omega/The Good Brothers and The Young Bucks/Jon Moxley.

- Backstage, Alex Marvez talks with Chris Jericho about Blood and Guts coming up. Jericho ends up getting blindsided by The Pinnacle and bring him out to the ring. They beat up Jericho and MJF chokes him with his scarf. FTR with a spiked piledriver on Jericho. Backstage, Marvez and a cameraman shoves the Inner Circle dressing room was nailed shut. The group was beating down the door as Jericho was about to get powerbomb, out strolls Mike Tyson.


Tyson gets in the ring and throws a flurry of punches on Spears! The Pinnacle yanks Spears out. Inner Circle finally run out as the two sides yell at each other. Tyson is mean mugging and flexing after that attack. Jericho and Tyson come face-to-face (last time they met, they were not on friendly terms). Jericho puts out his hand, Tyson shakes it and they hug. The Pinnacle are throwing stuff all over the place as the two sides continue to yell. Jericho stands with Tyson and point to him as the crowd cheers.

- Backstage, Tony Schiavone talks with Britt Baker. She asks Tony Khan to give the people what they want and give her a title match. Baker is currently 4th, but she is at the top of the food chain in other things like ratings and merch sales. She says the system is broken, but she'll climb up the ladder and prove herself anyways. She will be on Dynamite, Elevation, and Dark to get her wins up.


The Bunny with The Blade and The Butcher  vs. Tay Conti with Dark Order and -1

Bell ring and they immediately start punching each other. The Bunny chokes Conti with her boot. Bunny looks for a knee and gets caught. Conti with a shoulder capture suplex. Conti with a pump kick in the corner, face wash, and Bunny heads to the floor. Conti looks for a penalty kick, nobody, tries again, Bunny catches it and yanks Conti down to the apron.

Bunny with a big running shotgun dropkick, sending Conti into the barricade. Back in the ring, Conti fights back, backbreaker hits. Conti charges hard into the corner with a running knee, Bunny moves, big kick, cover, two. Hikaru Shida is now at ringside to cheer on Conti. Bunny looks for her finisher, Conti fights out of it. Hardy on the apron for the distraction, Conti, moves, catches Bunny with the Tay-KO, cover, two.

Bunny with a cheap shot on Shida, then cracks Conti with the kendo stick. Brawl on the outside distracts the referee. Bunny climbs to the top, Shida takes away the kendo stick. Conti with a second rope superplex. Conti hangs out and hits the DD-Tay for the 1-2-3.


Winner: Tay Conti via Pinfall

- Next week on Dynamite:

* The Young Bucks (c) vs. Rey Fenix and PAC (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

* Darby Allin (c) vs. Matt Hardy (Falls Count Anywhere AEW TNT Championship

* Anthony Ogogo (with QT Marshall) in-ring debut

* Red Velvet vs. Jade Cargill

* Dax Harwood with Cash Wheeler vs. Chris Jericho with Sammy Guevara (Mike Tyson is the Special Ringside Enforcer, all other Inner Circle and Pinnacle members are banned from ringside)

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers vs. Jon Moxley and AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks

Don Callis heads over to commentary. Omega and Matt get things started, lots of shoving, but not much else. Nick tags in and jaws with Omega a bit. Shoulder tackle by Omega and he flexes in front of Nick. Nick dodges his opponent and hits a hurricanrana. Omega out to the floor for a moment. Doc tags in, eats stereo dropkicks and Moxley knocks him out to the floor. Moxley and The Young Bucks with a trio of dives to the outside.


Matt and Karl battle, Matt is able to tag in Moxley. Anderson goes down after a big clothesline. Moxley sent into the corner, Anderson hits a big shot, but Moxley walks right into him and slaps him in the face, german suplex, another on Omega, and a third for Gallows. Moxley tries for a sleeper on Anderson, but he gets away. Gallows with a big boot to Moxley, big body shots in the corner, kick to the head. Moxley with a boot to the midsection, swinging neckbreaker.

Nick tags in, avoids Doc and hits a couple kicks on him. Double stomp to Gallows right into a backstabber on Anderson. Nick with a penalty kick to Doc's face. Nick tries to leap back into the ring and takes a spinebuster from Anderson. Matt and Omega tag in, couple hip tosses on Omega, back body drop, fake a superkick, and hits a big DDT. Omega is stunned, but Matt can't look to hit another superkick on his friend. Omega then slaps him in the face a few times. Matt takes him down and throws punches.

Moxley takes out Doc, both going to the floor. Anderson eats a superkick. Snap dragon suplex on Matt by Omega. He hits a second one on Matt, looks for a v-trigger, but Moxley stops him. Matt hits Omega with a piledriver, two-count. Matt checking on Omega yet again. Nick up to the top rope, more bang for your buck lands, cover, Anderson stops the count.


Nick sends Anderson out to the floor. Nick with the step-up twisting senton. Matt still feeling bad about Omega. Nick telling him to come on! BTE trigger, but Matt can't do it. Moxley jumps in and is like you got him! They go for it again, but Mat still can't do it. Moxley tags himself in, but Matt is like come on, man. Moxley pushes him away, paradigm shift. He gets in Nick's face this time, then hits a second one and applies a rear naked choke.

He goes for a third one. Young Bucks superkick Moxley! They don't seem happy with anything they do right now. Eddie Kingston tries to run out and gets stopped by Anderson and Gallows. They hit magic killer on the ramp. Back in the ring, magic killer on Omega, they drag Omega over to Moxley, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers via Pinfall

- Post-match, The Young Bucks look very conflicted as Don Callis helps Omega up. Good Brothers pick up Moxley and Omega/Calli want The Young Bucks to drop Moxley. They hit stereo superkicks again on Moxley, and then hug it out with Omega, Doc, and Karl to close out the show.