AEW star Cezar Bononi provided an update on his wife’s Leukemia treatment earlier today.

“Another update! Last couple weeks was a little bit rough because the side effects of the chemo, but Camila is recovering good. Her sister is covid clear, tested negative yesterday and will be here on Monday. Transplant is scheduled for April 10th, so we can celebrate Mother’s Day.”

His sister-in-law is a match donor for his wife, Camila. Bononi had previously looked for help after having issues with getting the bone marrow to the United States from Brazil. Bononi said they had tried to contact the United States Embassy in Brazil, but initially didn’t have any luck.

“I usually don’t do this, but desperate times needs desperate actions,” Bononi wrote last month. “My sister in law is a match donor for my wife’s Leukemia treatment, without a bone marrow transplant there is 80% chance of this disease coming back. Brazil’s health system is overloaded because of covid and they are not able to withdraw her bone marrow and send it here before April 27th. The doctors said that my wife needs a transplant on the 1st of April. We applied for a emergency visa and they did not accepted a request for interview. We tried to call the US Embassy in Brazil but they said that they cannot help. If somebody, somehow can help, my family will truly appreciate it. God bless you all.”