Multi-time WWE Champion and OVW owner Al Snow was on a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily.

The original members of the JOB Squad were Snow, Bob Holly and 2 Cold Scorpio. Later, The Blue Meanie and Mick Foley joined the group, and Snow talked about the effect Foley’s addition to the JOB Squad had.

“If they had taken it like they were starting to take it… that direction where we were a group of rebels fighting against the cause, and Mick was part of it too. It was kind of like the island of misfit toys type of thing,” Snow noted. “I think it would have worked. It would have resonated, but then I think they saw the potential for it because we had that one run-in with Mick in the ring. They shifted the idea over to DX of somebody rebelling against the standard, against the establishment type of thing.”

Hausman asked Snow if he is still close friends with Foley. Snow spoke on the unique bond that pro wrestlers have with one another.

“We’re still friends. I haven’t seen him in a while and haven’t gotten to talk to him because you get so busy going in your separate directions. It’s just what it is,” Snow stated. “One of the few things I’ve learned in life is that one, its relentless and never stops, and two, as a professional wrestler, you’re always looking to the next day. You’re always looking ahead. You’re always looking forward. So sometimes that’s a little hard to keep in touch with and keep connected to people because it’s good when they’re right there with you and in the car besides you, and they’re going to hotels and restaurants with you.

“You make a bond, and the camaraderie. The great thing is, for all of us within the wrestling business, we may not see each other for six months, a year [or] two years, the minute we see each other back in a convention or something, it’s like a family reunion. None of that time has passed. It was irrelevant, and we reconnect. I don’t even think that it’s a reconnection. I don’t think that the connection’s ever gone. We just pick right back up.

“Literally, I’ve walked up to people that we had a conversation the last time we were in a car, walked up. ‘Hey!’ Hugged and that conversation picked right back up that we had in the car six or seven years ago without missing a beat. It wasn’t ‘hey, what have you been doing?’ Just ‘hey, remember you said such and such in car,’ and ‘yea, you didn’t agree’ and go right back at it again.”

Foley has written in his book before that Snow once held in a fart for hours in a car ride as to not offend Foley’s wife. Hausman asked if this was true, and Snow revealed an interesting description of The Blue Meanie’s farts.

“That was painful,” Snow admitted. “One of the guys that could never hold in a fart would be Blue Meanie, and let me tell you something, oh my god. He and a referee in England, a good friend of mine, Steve Lynskey, when they do it, it’s like they’ve emptied a colonoscopy bag. There’s no other way to describe it.”

You can follow Al on Twitter @TheRealAlSnow. You can find the full audio and video from Al’s interview via the embedded The Wrestling Inc. Daily audio player below: