Beth Phoenix Reveals The Origin Of “Glamazon”

The second WWE Icons was about Beth Phoenix. During her episode, Phoenix revealed how she came up with the Glamazon moniker.

The WWE Hall of Famer revealed she got it from watching the HBO show, "Sex and the City." (H/T to WrestleZone).

"I had to start over," admitted Beth. "I was looking for a way to repackage myself and catch everyone's attention again like I had the first time. They knew I could wrestle, I needed something more. I was watching Sex and the City and I heard the term 'Glamazon' used and was like, 'That would make a fabulous moniker.'

I got a phone call that said, 'You're going back on the road,' and it never stopped. I started creating the tiara look to stand out, to have one item that would brand me amongst the women. It was my Bret Hart sunglasses."

WWE Icons premiered on January 31, 2021, with an episode about WWE Hall of Famer Yokozuna.

Below is the first look at Beth Phoenix's episode. The episode is available to watch on Peacock and WWE Network: