WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair appeared on this week’s WWE Talking Smack. During her interview, Belair spoke about beating Banks at WrestleMania 37, and wanting to defeat all of the Four Horsewomen (Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Bayley, and Sasha Banks).

“I will always have respect for Sasha Banks, everything she’s done inside and outside of the ring,” Belair began. “We made history together. That was the one person I wanted to prove that I was the best again. Now that I’m the SmackDown Women’s Champion, I want to be a fighting champion. I’ve said this before that I want to prove over and over again that I am the ‘EST of WWE.'”

Belair continued that she would like to take on Banks in a rematch to prove her win wasn’t a fluke.

“I want Sasha Banks to get a rematch, right away, to solidify the fact that I am the ‘EST of WWE.’ That this was not a fluke,” Belair stated. “This was not luck. This was supposed to happen at WrestleMania.”

When asked who else she’d like to defend her title against, Belair noted she’s already pinned two of the Four Horsewomen, and she wouldn’t mind taking on Becky Lynch and Charlotte next.

“I heard Bayley talking tonight, she always has something to say, so we can go back around to that,” Belair responded. “I will also say this — I have pinned Bayley. I have pinned Sasha Banks. And I would love to be the new era of women’s wrestling that comes in and go for the other two [Four] Horsewomen, eventually. I would love to eventually pin all four Horsewomen and be at the forefront of the new generation of women’s wrestling. That sounds pretty tempting to me.”

You can check out Belair’s full comments in the video below.

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