On the latest episode of Something to Wrestle With: Bruce Prichard, the current Director of both SmackDown and RAW talked about the beginning of the Monday Night Wars between WCW and the WWF. The wrestling war started in 1995 and involved a constant back and forth with WCW and WWF including WWE doing “Billionaire Ted” skits mocking the TNT owner Ted Turner. Prichard talked about the origins of those skits, saying anytime you challenge Vince McMahon he’s going to fight back and that’s what he did with WCW.

“Anytime you challenge Vince, in being the competitor he is and the challenger he is, he’s going to fight you,” Prichard said. “He’s going to do everything he can to survive and this was an example of it. You’re trying to put me out of business, they stated they wanted to put us out of business, let’s go.”

The skits were a direct reaction to WCW constantly calling out WWF, even releasing the results to their pre-taped shows live on Monday Nitro. Prichard said he wishes the company wouldn’t have reacted to anything WCW did because it gave them credibility and caused WWF to focus more on them and less on their own product.

“Hindsight being 20/20, I wished we had completely ignored them,” Prichard said. “We’re doing everything that we found the territory guys did. Everybody was worried about what Vince was doing and tried to battle Vince instead of taking care of your own home.

“You start watching your competitor because the things they were doing were making noise. If we had focused less on that and focused on our own stuff, what I mean by less is ignore it. Completely ignore it. By doing it in a lot of ways, we gave them credibility and directed attention to them.”

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