Former WWE on-air talent Charly Caruso (Charly Arnolt) recently spoke with Dana Bebow of The Indianapolis Star about her time with WWE and her future with ESPN.

Caruso announced in late March that she was leaving WWE to take a full-time position with ESPN. She had been working part-time with the sports network since 2018, but recently inked a multi-year contract extension. It was noted that Caruso’s “First Take, Her Take” podcast will continue, but she will also continue to be immersed in ESPN’s other shows, which we’re already seeing. First Take, SportsCenter, SportsNation and other ESPN digital shows are now a part of Charly’s job, and she hopes there will be more.

Caruso said she looks forward to growing with ESPN.

“There are so many opportunities,” Caruso said. “And the big thing I told myself for these next few years, when they come to me asking to try something, my answer is ‘Yes, I’ll do it. Yes, I’ll try it.’

“I am so truly happy to be full time there. I know I’m going to grow so much as a broadcaster.”

Caruso started with WWE back in August 2016. It was noted that some days she would stand in disbelief as the WWE spectacle played out around her, and how her feisty personality and sports acumen fit perfectly into the WWE world. Caruso said the spectacle was insane.

“The spectacle that you witness watching WWE as a fan is what it’s like when you work there,” Caruso said. “It’s insane. There were many times I would be at work and go, ‘Wait, is this really my job? This is crazy.’ It really is just as wild working there as you would expect it to be as a fan.”