Comcast is crediting WWE and The Office with a boost in sign-ups to their Peacock streaming platform.

Comcast noted in their Q1 2021 earnings report that Peacock added 9 million sign-ups during the first three months of 2021. The service now has 42 million members total in the United States. Comcast does not include a breakdown of how many sign-ups are for the free tier vs. the paid tier.

The WWE Network launched on Peacock on March 18, while The Office became a Peacock exclusive on January 1.

The only mention of WWE in the Comcast earnings report was in the Q1 highlights: “Peacock Has 42 Million Sign-Ups to Date Across the U.S., Benefiting from the Recent Addition of Exclusive Domestic Streaming Rights to WWE Network and The Office”

It was noted by The Verge that the 9 million sign-ups looks a bit concerning as it came during a quarter where they added two huge names, WWE and The Office. Peacock added 11 million sign-ups last quarter, and 10 million sign-ups before the service even fully launched.

Peacock expects to have the entire WWE library available for viewing in time for the SummerSlam pay-per-view in August.

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