On tomorrow’s episode of Monday Night RAW, Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre will be teaming up to go against T-BAR and MACE.

Both McIntyre and T-BAR took to Twitter to comment about their upcoming match.

T-BAR called his opponents, “Thomas the Tank Engine” and “3MB.”

He tweeted “Here’s a hard dose of reality. I’m 6’8 280 and so is he. We are world class athletes. We have been a TEAM and BROTHERS for years. You two goofs met last week during the commercial break. This Monday we take out Thomas the Tank Engine and 3MB for good. #WWERaw” 

Drew McIntyre responded how T-BAR has proved nothing in his wrestling career.

He replied, “You’ve had more name changes than titles. You were just another guy on the indies when I was the guy. You won nothing in NXT and I was the Champ, and you’ve proved nothing since. Your mate’s highest accolade is commentating on my matches. Prove yourself in-ring. Not on Twitter.”