WWE Hall of Famer Edge is not entirely sure if his “Live Sex Celebration” segment with Lita from 2006 will stay on the WWE Network as Peacock continues to review and remove controversial WWE content from the past.

In a recent chat with Jimmy Traina of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, Edge said he hasn’t put much thought into whether Peacock will edit out his segment with Lita.

“You know, I don’t really think about it! To be honest I think it’s just one of those I just think I kind of erased [from my mind],” admitted Edge [h/t/ SportsKeeda]. “I don’t put a whole lot of thought into it to be honest.”

Edge went onto highlight that sex scenes from other TV shows are rarely censored but wrestling “gets put into a different category” for some odd reason.

“But I guess if you’re looking at it from the terms of, it’s a TV show, right, so you go ‘OK. Well, if you look at a movie, there’s sex scenes.’ I was on Vikings, and Vikings is going to be on Peacock as of today, my character beheaded people and put their heads on spikes. Didn’t really! But I also didn’t really have sex in the wrestling ring.”

“So I think that’s a confusing thing with wrestling. For some reason it gets put into a different category than another production. I’ve never fully grasped that, but I don’t think anybody ever fully grasps where do you put it?”

As noted earlier, the infamous DX parody of The Nation of Domination from 1998 was recently edited out of the WWE Network. WWE and Peacock still expect to have the WWE library available for viewing on-demand in time for SummerSlam in late August.