On May 1, Texas will be holding a special election to fill their 6th congressional district. The special election is called for due to Congressman Ron Wright’s passing due to COVID-19.

Over 23 candidates will be up on the ballot including former WWE developmental wrestler Dan Rodimer. Rodimer has been making the news due to his campaign video in which Rodimer, born in New Jersey, portrays himself as a Texan.

Rodimer was a contestant on the 2004 Tough Enough competition and signed a developmental deal with WWE in 2006. Rodimer sepnt time in various developmental territories, Deep South, OVW and FCW before being released in 2007.

Rodimer enrolled in and graduated at Ave Maria Law School in Naples, Florida in 2013 and soon entered politics. He ran for a state Senate in 2018 but lost despite putting up $150,000 of his own money.

Rodimer ran for a swing congressional seat in Nevada in 2020 but lost again. During his Nevada campaign, Rodimer portrayed himself as a suburban father of six children. Rodimer’s history of assault and his wife’s history of calling 911 on him for alleged battery were brought up by his opposing candidate, and Rodimer said in his ad, “I have no convictions.”

This time, Rodimer or “Big Dan” attempts a Texas / Southerner accent throughout his new campaign video as he is more straight-forward with his Republican policies. He targets Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her “socialist platform.”

The video has gone viral where many people have made fun of the ad. In an interview with CNN, Rodimer claimed his voice was fried when he was asked if he was doing a fake accent.

Susan Wright, the widow of Ron Wright, is seen as the favorite in the 23-candidate field that will most likely go to a runoff. One of the campaigns did in poll on March 18 that did not include Rodimer showing how much of a long-shot candidate Rodimer is.

You can view Rodimer’s ad below: