The children of the British Bulldog are carrying on the Davey Boy Smith name in their own ways. His daughter Georgia Smith has been an integral part of keeping the legacy alive as the CEO of the British Bulldog companies, which includes managing the official website, making personal appearances and vetting possible opportunities. Even though she lost her dad tragically at just 14, these business ventures are ways to remain connected.

That and watching her brother Harry follow in the Bulldog (and Hart family) footsteps as a professional wrestler. When the emerging star took on the name Davey Boy Smith Jr., he knew it was a big responsibility to succeed. Smith was lucky enough to sit under the learning tree of his dad and legendary uncles like Bret Hart during his adolescent years.

After honing his skills he was signed to WWE in 2006 as David Hart Smith, working developmental and then forming the Next Generation Hart Foundation (Hart Dynasty) with Natalya and Tyson Kid. The team went on to win tag gold, but didn’t really have a substantial run with them. Smith’s WWE release in 2011 just fueled the fire as he refocused and further matured in the ring.

Working in Japan, he gained valuable experience and gained a strong reputation there. From there, Smith returned to the United States and Major League Wrestling television. Together with his cousin Teddy Hart and Brian Pillman Jr, they formed this new era Hart Foundation. Last year, Smith made the decision to seek other opportunities in his career. After a decade away, does this mean a second WWE run? Smith’s sister Georgia would love to see it.

“He is a free agent right now,” Smith stated. “I think he is looking at all his options. I’d like to see wherever he goes, if he becomes Harry Smith and runs with it.

“I think he has grown and learned a lot from when he left WWE in 2011. I think he gained more confidence. I think him wrestling with my dad’s name has really given him confidence. It has given me confidence where I’m like, ‘Wow, I can make things happen.’ I think my dad from afar has helped us in some ways, which is really special.”

Sis even has a dream match in mind. One that would surely be a physical encounter.

“I’d love to see Harry face Drew McIntyre,” Smith said. “That would be really good.”

Visit Davey Boy Smith’s official website for everything related to the late British Bulldog. You can find the full audio from Georgia’s interview below: