Impact Rebellion Results: Kenny Omega Vs. Rich Swann

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Rosemary and Havok defeated Kimber Lee and Susan (Pre-Show)

Ace Austin (c) with Madman Fulton vs. TJP vs. Josh Alexander (Impact X Division Championship)

Everyone gets in shots on each other right after the bell rings. Austin faces off with Alexander first, before getting him out of the ring. TJP takes advantage of the champion, but both TJP and Alexander end up on the floor. Austin with a fosbury flop on both opponents. Back in the ring, Austin works over TJP's wrist. He pulls out a card, looking to give TJP a paper cut, but the referee takes it away.


TJP gets sent out to the floor, Alexander with multiple german suplexes. Last one with the bridge for a two-count. TJP and Austin up on the second rope. Alexander gets involved and ends up pulling off a russian leg sweep on one guy, and a superplex on the other. Austin knocked out to the floor, Fulton gets him back in though as Alexander gets sent out to the floor. Austin drops TJP, leaps to the top, but TJP crotches him and then hits a dropping elbow on him.

TJP heads to the top, mamba splash, but Alexander yanks him off with the ankle lock for a moment. TJP tries for a knees to the face, countered back into the ankle lock. TJP with a kneebar reversal, then Alexander with an ankle lock on Austin! TJP finally gets kicked away, but the champ is still in trouble. TJP back in the ring and locks in the octopus stretch on Alexander as Austin finally gets away.

Austin with a big flipping blockbuster on both wrestlers, cover, TJP breaks it up. TJP gets both opponents in the corner, TJP with double face washes. He looks for another, but Fulton trips up TJP as the referee looks away. Austin stuns TJP, but Alexander catches him and drives Austin into TJP. Alexander drives TJP into the mat, cover, Austin breaks it up. Austin and Alexander up on the turnbuckles. Austin looks for a move, but Alexander counters with an ankle lock. TJP mamba splash on Alexander, cover, Fulton pulls TJP out of the ring. Alexander with another ankle lock, but gets sent into TJP, knocking him off the apron. Divine intervention hits on Austin, cover, 1-2-3.


Winner: Josh Alexander via pinfall to win the Impact X Division Championship

Chris Sabin, Eddie Edwards, James Storm, and Willie Mack vs. W. Morrissey, Deaner, Joe Doering, and Rhino (with Eric Young)

Eric Young is out of the match due to sustaining a torn ACL and is replaced by W. Morrissey (aka CazXL/Big Cass)! Couple quick tags early on as both teams look to find some momentum. Storm gets in there against Deaner and swings away. Morrissey tags in and steps up to Storm. He takes a few punches and it doesn't look to do much.

Morrissey ends up kicking Storm out to the floor, then shoves almost the whole team off the corner apron. Storm gets back in the ring and just eats more big strikes until Deaner tags back in, and he stomps away on him in the corner. Doering tags in, diving crossbody on Storm, cover, two-count. Rhino heads in and works over Storm with a neck crank.

Deaner beating up both Mack and Sabin now. He looks for a superplex, but gets shoved down. Sabin looks for a big splash and is caught by Doering and Morrissey. Edwards with a suicide dive to shove them back to the barricade. Deaner and Rhino getting beat up in the ring by the entire other team. Edwards drives Deaner, Elbow drop by Storm, cover, Morrissey breaks it up. He then throws big shots at every wrestler in the ring. He tags himself in, charges, and ends up on the floor. Sabin gets sent down to the apron when he looks to attack Morrissey.


Mack looks to fly, but Morrissey cracks him in the face. Superplex to the floor by Sabin and Deaner on everyone else in the match. Back in the ring, Morrissey faces off with Mack. Mack looks for the stunner, no, takes a big boot to the face. Morrissey picks Mack up and hits the east river crossing, cover, and that will do it.

Winners: W. Morrissey, Deaner, Joe Doering, and Rhino via Pinfall

- Post-match, Morrissey continues swinging away on Mack until the referee convinces him to stop.

Matt Cardona vs. Brian Myers

Myers getting the best of Cardona as the match gets started. The two end up out on the floor. Cardona reverses a suplex into a neckbreaker. Myers sent over the barricade, but he then yanks Cardona back-first over that same barricade. They get back into the ring and Myers swing away. Cardona put up on the second rope, but he goes for Myers' eye to get him to back up. Cardona lands a missile dropkick on his opponent.

Myers out to the floor, but he eats another boot to the face that sends him out to the ramp. Cardona nails radio silence on Myers on the ramp! Both guys are down on the ramp as the referee checks on them. Myers nails a spear on Cardona out on the floor. Back in the ring, Myers heads to the top rope, elbow drop, cover, two.


Hot mess (unprettier) lands on Myers, cover, two-count. Myers with a boot to the head, charges in, and takes double knees to the face. Radio silence up and over, but Cardona's knee buckles. He's holding his knee as other referees come out. Myers helps him up and then lands a big lariat. Rude! Myers hits a hard running forearm and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Brian Myers via Pinfall

- AEW President Tony Khan, Tony Schiavone, Jerry Flynn, and Aubrey Edwards show up backstage. Khan says Edwards will be the referee for tonight's main event. He hypes AEW up a bunch. Scott D'Amore shows up and says he has the referee deal under control. Brian Hebner is behind D'Amore, Khan says oh, Brian...he wouldn't screw anyone, what's his last name? D'Amore ultimately says they will have two referees for tonight's match and Khan seems to be a bit annoyed, but goes with it.

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz (c) with Jazz vs. Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering (Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship)


Even though she recently retired from in-ring competition, Jazz apparently got a manager license to be in the challengers' corner. Steelz and Ellering get things started. Ellering works over Steelz, Hogan tags in and initially doesn't have much luck as Ellering overpowers her. Hogan looks for a side headlock and just gets picked up with ease. Grace gets in the ring and just tosses Hogan like she was nothing, then whips her into the corner.

Grace gets double teamed though to slow her down, double superkick, double suplex, cover, two-count. Steelz with a running uppercut in the corner, Graces drops down. Hogan with a sliding kick to the face, cover, two-count. Grace in the wrong side of town as she is kept down on the mat. Misstep by the champs, Grace plants Hogan down to the mat. Grace slowly makes it over to her corner, Ellering tags in, jumping elbow, jumping forearm in the corner on Hogan. She knocks Steelz to the floor. Back to Hogan, STO, and then a second rope spinning leg drop.


Ellering asks Grace if she's good to get back in the match, Grace tags in and hits a big splash. She then hits a senton down on Hogan as she was draped over Ellering's knees. Champs are thrown into the corner, but end up on the apron, kicks to the head, and both with hit dropkicks, cover, two. Double suplex on Grace? Nope. She suplexes both Steelz and Hogan. Grace lifts Steelz up and over the apron, it looks like she wanted to hit a cutter on Ellering while going down, but barely got her. Grace wit ha big suicide dive to the outside. Hogan then splashes down on both Grace and Ellering. Rough looking spots, but everybody seems to be okay. Ellering tags in, Steelz pulls Grace out to the floor. Hogan with a thrust kick. Ellering lifts and drives Hogan to the mat for the win!

Winners: Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering via pinfall to win the Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship

Sami Callihan vs. Trey Miguel (Last Man Standing Match)

Match gets going and Callihan just throws Miguel from the ring out to the floor. Miguel fights back and he hits a slice bread number two on the floor. Miguel looks for a kick from the ring, Sami ducks it, Miguel then hits a hurricanrana, sending Sami into the floor. Miguel goes for a huge suicide dive and ends up going straight into the barricade!


Sami then throws his opponent over the barricade and heads to the back for something. He pulls out a production box and rolls it right at Miguel, but he moves out of the way. He leaps at Sami and ends up getting powerbombed down on that same box. Referee starts up his ten-count. Sami grabs a wrench and jams it into the side of Miguel's mouth! Referee starts up his ten-count and it takes Miguel to the count of eight to get to his feet. Sami really has all the momentum at the moment.

Sami tosses some chairs in the ring, along with a table. Sami gets the wrench and looks to smack Miguel in the head with it, but he moves out of the way and sends Sami hard into the pile of chairs. The table was upside down, but the stands were sticking up. Sami ended up bodyslamming Miguel over one of the stands. He then just chucks a chair at Miguel.


Miguel put up on the top turnbuckle, Sami throws another chair at him and then sets the table up near the corner. Callihan heads up and leaps back for a piledriver through the table. Referee gets to nine, and Miguel is basically on his feet because he rolled out to the floor and was able to stand for a moment. Sami grabs the steel steps and put them on their side out on the floor, then sets up another table.

Sami goes on the steps with Miguel and looks for a powerbomb through the table. Miguel with a thumb to the eye to fight off Sami. He tries for a suplex, but Sami grabs Miguel down low. Sami then hits a piledriver on the edge of the steps and puts Miguel under the steps and stands on it while the referee counts to ten. Miguel is able to sneak out the back end of the stairs and come out from under the ring. Miguel runs the apron and hits a cutter through the table! Referee makes his count and gets to ten before Sami Callihan gets to his feet. Miguel is the last man standing!

Winner: Trey Miguel

- Backstage, Rich Swann is asked about his thought process before tonight's huge match. Swann says it's rare to see this happen and we have two guys who want to prove they are the best. Swann says he admits that Don Callis got into his head with his mind games, but there won't be one mind game that will stop him from proving he's the best. Swann says it is the biggest match of his career, but it's also the biggest of Kenny Omega, too. Both have won World Championships, but the difference tonight is once the bell rings, one person is going to take home all of the gold. Swann reminds Omega they aren't in an AEW ring, they are in Swann's house. "If you think you're going to come into my house, and take away my prize and my pride, you got another thing coming." Swann continues that he's going to bring the fight to Kenny all night long.


FinJuice (David Finlay and Juice Robinson) (c) vs. The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) (Impact World Tag Team Championship)

Anderson and Finlay lock up to get things started. Back and forth action with The Good Brothers using their power advantage to keep down the champs. Gallows with a big boot on the outside as he continues to work over Finlay. Gallows with some big hammer elbows and follows it up with a chinlock. Gallows charges in, eats a double boot. Finlay with a leap off the second rope and hits an uppercut on Gallows.

Anderson tags int to stop Finlay from tagging in, but he's able to get around Anderson to bring in his partner. Juice with a jumping senton on Anderson. He knocks Doc down to the floor, then splashes down on him. Juice gives D'lo Brown a high five at commentary. Juice with some punches, inverted atomic drop, kick to the face of Anderson. Robinson with a clothesline in the corner and then hits a cannonball senton, cover, two-count.


Dropkick/side russian leg sweep combo on Anderson, pin, two-count. Backbreaker, elbow drop off the second rope combo, pin, Gallows breaks that one up. Double clothesline sends Gallows hard to the floor. Robinson lifts up Anderson, Gallows shoves Finlay down to the floor. Anderson with a cutter on Robinson. Gallows with a splash in the corner, suplex/neckbreaker combo, cover, two. Good Brothers look for Magic Killer, Finlay shoves Anderson out of the ring. Juice with the inside cradle for the pinfall victory.

Winners: FinJuice via Pinfall

- Backstage, Gia tries to get comments from Kenny Omega and knocks on his locker room door. Don Callis comes out and says Omega is busy preparing. He says he's the one who has pulled the strings in multiple promotions, and we're going to see something tonight that the industry typically doesn't see. "We are living history, right now! I can taste it." Callis says he's written it, so he knows how it going to play out. Callis says he and Omega are closer than blood. He continues that Swann's family are the other wrestlers, but they won't be out there to help him. Omega is leaving with all the gold tonight and everybody will be a part of history.

Deonna Purrazzo (c) with Kimber Lee and Susan vs. Tennile Dashwood with Kaleb with a K (Impact Knockouts Championship)


Tenille with a neckbreaker on the ropes, rolls up the champ for two, jackknife pin for two. Purrazzo lifts Dashwood up on her shoulders and yanks back on her arms. Dashwood put into another submission, flips Purrazzo out of it and throws a few shots. Deonna fires back, and kicks Dashwood in the stomach, high knee to the face. Dashwood with a lariat and both women are down.

Dashwood sent into the corner, but Deonna is counter and put into a tarantula submission. Dashwood heads to the top rope for the crossbody, cover, two. Deonna with a big german suplex, and another one. Dashwood with a bunch of elbows, double underhook suplex into the corner, running crossbody into the corner. She looks for another one and hits it, cover, two. Dashwood with the muta lock, but Kimber Lee and Susan both get up on the apron. Kaleb yanks Lee off the apron, Dashwood punches Susan. Lee shoves Kaleb into the ring post. Deonna with a pump kick to put down Dashwood.

Dashwood hits the spotlight kick, cover, Lee yanks her out of the pin attempt. Referee clearly saw it and doesn't boot anyone. Deonna with a DDT on Dashwood. Looks for queen's gambit, no, Dashwood tries for a move, nope. Fujiwara armbar locked in on Dashwood, but she rolls out of it. Back and forth shots in the middle of the ring. Deonna with a boot to the face, looks for queen's gambit, hits it, 1-2-3.


Winner: Deonna Purrazzo via Pinfall

- Post-match, Susan, Deonna, and Lee beat up Dashwood. Taylor Wilde comes out from the back to make her return to Impact Wrestling. She clears out the ring and yells at Deonna. Deonna gets up on the apron and holds up the title, but Deonna bails as Wilde charges her and heads to the back.

- Upcoming PPVs announced: First up, Under Siege takes place on Saturday, May 15, exclusively on Impact Plus. Next, Against All Odds will return to PPV on Saturday, June 12. Finally, Slammiversary returns in July. An exact date wasn't given for that show.

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega with Don Callis and The Good Brothers vs. Impact World Champion Rich Swann with Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack (Title vs. Title Match)

Mauro Ranallo is on commentary for the main event. Brian Hebner and Aubrey Edwards will both be the referees for the match. Callis takes the microphone to hype tonight's match and introduce his man, Kenny Omega. Match gets rolling, Omega acting very arrogant, stepping on Swann when he dropped down to avoid Omega. Omega with a shot to the face and quickly finds the ropes to keep Swann back. Multiple counters, Swann with a feint and a dropkick that sends Omega out to the floor. Swan with a phoenix splash to the floor, taking down Omega. Big chop to Omega's chest.


Swann and Omega back in the ring, Swann looks to drop down on his opponent, but nobody home. Omega moves over to the apron and hits a back suplex on the apron. Backstage shot of Scott D'Amore looking on. Swann and Omega battle out near the ramp. Omega with a back body drop that spikes Swann head-first on the apron. In the ring, Omega with a buckle bomb, neckbreaker, cover, two-count. Omega tries a few more times without any luck.

Omega with a backbreaker and keeps it locked in over his knee. We see Tony Schiavone, Jerry Lynn and Tony Khan watching at ringside. Big knees to Swann's side, followed by a shot to the back. Swann trying to fight back, big counter to the kutaro crusher, running frog splash, cover, two. Omega with more shots to the back, but Swann is getting fired up. He slaps Omega a bunch of times, but eats a flurry of forearms. Swann with a leaping clothesline, hurricanrana, Omega to the second rope, kick to the head, standing frankensteiner, cover, only one.


Both end up on the top turnbuckle, Omega looks for a powerbomb, nope, Swann drops down and it was supposed to be a back body drop, but Omega with a tough fall. Swann with a frog splash off the top, two-count. More shots of Team AEW and Scott D'Amore. Omega with a v-trigger, looks for one winged angel, but Swann slips out the back. Omega with a huge spinning heel kick to the back of Swann's head.

V-trigger crushes Swann in the corner. Swann is put up on the top turnbuckle. Omega follows for the electric chair position. Swann drops down for a roll-up, two-count. These moves off the top rope have not looked great. Each wrestler throwing bombs at each other. V-trigger to Swann, snap dragon suplex hits, and another one. Swann gets up and hits a cutter. He looks for a handspring cutter and Omega pulls the referee in front of him to take the cutter! Aubrey Edwards has to take over now. Omega with a lariat on Swann.

Omega gets a chair, Edwards takes it away from him as he raises it up. Callis is up on the apron. Swann with a handspring cutter, he rolls up Omega, but Omega counters for a close three count. Omega fires up in the corner, v-trigger misses, Swann with multiple kicks. Spinning michinoku driver, cover, two. Swann boots Omega in the face, then heads to the second rope, phoenix splash, lands on his feet. Omega with a v-trigger, one winged angel, but he ends up going into a german suplex for a two-count. Omega with a jay driller, cover, two! Omega with a straight knee to Swann's face, and another one.


He goes for a third, Swann drops down and Omega laughs a bit. Omega brings Swann over to his guys and they cheer him on and Omega taunts him. Omega for a v-trigger and Swann looks out. Omega lifts him up, Swann with some slaps to the head and body. Swann with a suplex, goes to the second rope for a phoenix splash, nobody home. Omega with yet another v-trigger to the face. One winged angel hits, cover, 1-2-3!

Winner: Kenny Omega via pinfall to win the Impact World Championship

- Post-match, Callis celebrates. Both sides check on their respective wrestlers. Scott D'Amore looks very sad. Omega gathers all of his titles and holds them up in celebration as the show comes to a close.