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Tonight’s episode will be the go-home show before Hardcore Justice, which airs this Saturday at 3 PM ET!

** Before tonight’s show, Jazz (w/Jordynne Grace) defeated Susan (w/the Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo) on Before The Impact! **

D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! We see Don Callis, The Good Brothers, and the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega have arrived on set. Omega and The Good Brothers will take center stage later on in the main event! But first, we kick things off with a six-Knockout tag team match!

 Jordynne Grace, Havok & Rosemary (w/Decay) vs. Tenille Dashwood (w/Kaleb), Nevaeh & Alisha

Jordynne Grace and Alisha kick things off. Both women lock up. Jordynne pushes Alisha towards the corner. Escaping the corner, Alisha wraps herself around Jordynne and rolls her up for the first pin in the match. Cover. Jordynne kicks out at two. Jordynne puts a halt to Alisha’s plans with a beautiful jackhammer at two. Jordynne makes a tag out to Rosemary. Rosemary lands face-first into the mat with a toehold. Rosemary gets just a few shots in before Alisha tags in Tenille Dashwood.

Tenille rolls out of the ring. She accidentally runs towards her opponent’s corner and finds herself standing in front of Decay. Havok smashes Tenille’s face into the steel steps. Tenille gets dragged on top of a set-up table on the outside. Jordynne Grace decides to take it upon herself and dive through the ropes, crashing into Kaleb. Back in the ring, Tenille drops Jordynne with an impressive swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Tenille makes a tag out to Nevaeh. Nevaeh strikes Jordynne and turns around, and glares at Havok, who’s standing across on the other side.


Jordynne finds a way to escape the corner and makes a tag on Rosemary. Nevaeh tags out Alisha. Rosemary storms in with a massive spear! Next, the Demon Assisan locks in her Upside Down. Alisha fights back with some heavy forearm strikes, followed by a slam. Rosemary catches Alisha with her As Above, So Below finisher. Rosemary hooks the leg. 1-2, Nevaeh breaks it up. Nevaeh charges towards the other side and trades shots with Havok. Both Havok and Nevaeh crash through the table with a Russian leg sweep! In the ring, Rosemary hits Red Wedding on Alisha and picks up the pinfall victory!


Winners: Rosemary,  Jordynne Grace & Havok

– D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker run through the matches that are still to come tonight and at Hardcore Justice this Saturday. So far, a Knockouts Scramble to determine a No. 1 Contender for the Knockouts Championship at Rebellion and a Title versus Career matchup are the only ones scheduled. Stay tuned for more match announcements tonight!

Backstage: Gia Miller gets a quick word from Matt Cardona, who just found out Brian Myers rejected his match proposal last week. Cardona says he’s ok with it. Cardona didn’t come to Impact just to fight Myers. In fact, he announces he has a match with Jake Something tonight.

–  This week we see another Knockouts teaser that reads, “Let’s Get Wilde.” It looks like former Knockouts and inaugural Knockouts Tag Team Champion Taylor Wilde will return to Impact soon!

Backstage: After taking a nasty hit from Jazz on Before The Impact, the doctor is ready to see Susan and help her with her injuries. When he says he’ll see her now, several flashing colors appear. Could this be hinting towards the return of The Undead Bride, Su Yung?

Jake Something vs. Matt Cardona

Matt Cardona dominates Jake Something in the beginning of the match. Their brawl then spills towards the outside. Something clocks Cardona with a heavy clothesline. Both men return to the ring, where Jake Something clubs Cardona with several big forearms. Something looks for a brainbuster. Cardona, creatively, turns it into a neckbreaker! Cardona slams Something’s face towards the mat. Jake turns it around by throwing Cardona into the corner. Cardona escapes and strikes back with a running boot. Will this be enough to end his match with Jake Something? No! Jake kicks out at two! Cardona sends Something out of the ring with a big hurricanrana! Brian Myers runs out and plants a vicious DDT on Cardona and then throws Something towards the stairs.

Winner: No Contest

Post-Match: Brian Myers says he had some time to think, and he changed his mind. He accepts Cardona’s challenge at Rebellion.

Backstage: XXXL finds Trey Miguel and teases him before their tag team match against Sami Callihan – assuming Miguel comes out and joins Callihan’s team tonight.

– Violent By Design promises to carry forward after Eric Young lost to James Storm last week. Young says that tonight, Deaner will not fail in his match against Chris Sabin. If Deaner fails, Young reminds him there will be consequences.

XXXL vs. Sami Callihan & Trey Miguel

Trey Miguel’s music teases for a few minutes. Then, the Fresh Prince of Mid-Air comes out! The bell rings, and Trey takes Acey Romero off his feet with a beautiful missile dropkick. Larry D and Trey then become the legal men. Larry D backs up towards his corner and makes a tag on Romero. With XXXL on the outside, Trey is about to fly to the outside, but Sami Callihan tags himself in. Callihan connects a bicycle kick just before the commercial break.

During the break, Callihan almost takes Larry D’s head off with a forceful clothesline. Now, Romero and Trey are the two squaring off. Romero keeps the high flyer down as he makes a tag to Larry D. XXXL tries to snap Trey in two. Trey fights back with another dropkick before Callihan tags himself again. Trey and Callihan start to bicker amongst themselves. Callihan picks Trey up and throws him towards Larry D. Trey then positions himself to throw Larry D over with a hurricanrana! Next, Callihan and Trey fly out of the ring on opposite sides with stereo dives. Trey locks Larry D up with his hourglass submission. Seconds later, Larry D taps out. Trey gains the victory!

Winner: Trey Miguel & Sami Callihan

At Swinger’s Palace: James Storm, Chris Sabin and Chris Harris test their betting luck before Sabin’s match tonight.

Chris Sabin (w/James Storm) vs. Deaner

Both men begin with a lockup. Chris Sabin turns it into a tight side headlock. Sabin keeps it going with a sliding pin. Deaner pops free at two. Sabin traps Deaner again with another trap pin – same results. Deaner throws Sabin in the corner and lays down a flurry of shots. Sabin lands face-first into the top turnbuckle after Deaner quickly side steps. Deaner then slides over and jams Sabin’s neck into the turnbuckle! Deaner focuses on Sabin’s injured neck by bending his head with a tight grip. Sabin turns it around with an inverted atomic drop, followed by a suplex. Sabin connects a fisherman’s driver for just a two count!

Sabin climbs to the top and flies off with a crossbody. He goes for another pin, and Deaner kicks out. Deaner hangs Sabin up on the top rope and lands a big crossbody before dropping him into the mat. Cover. Sabin kicks out. Deaner pokes Sabin’s eyes and rolls him up with his feet on the ropes. The referee catches it and rejects the count. Sabin hits Cradle Shock. 1-2-3, Sabin takes home the win!

Winner: Chris Sabin

Post-Match: Eric Young and Joe Doering ambush Chris Harris at Swinger’s Palace. Young says this is all James Storm’s fault.

Backstage: Ace Austin and Madman Fulton get into a verbal argument with their opponents from last week, TJP and Josh Alexander. Just before Austin has to defend his X-Division Championship against Alexander and TJP at RebellionHardcore Justice booker Tommy Dreamer thinks it would be a great idea to have all three men pick their own partners for a three-way tag match this Saturday so they can blow off some steam before their big title fight in two weeks.

Backstage: Dreamer sees Eric Young walking by after brutally attacking Chris Harris. Dreamer says he’s going to get some guys together to take down Violent By Design. Young is looking forward to this hardcore challenge.

Before her big matchup this Saturday, Jazz takes a look back on her career. The veteran will be putting her career on the line for a shot at Deonna Purrazzo’s Knockouts Championship.

Backstage: Gia Miller wants to know what Deonna Purrazzo’s thoughts are after seeing Jazz’s video package. Purrazzo is honored to face Jazz this Saturday; however, she believes she’s the woman to put an end to Jazz’s legendary career.

Backstage: Tommy Dreamer waits for Brian Myers to make his way to the back. When he does, Dreamer informs Myers he’ll be in a Hardcore Blindfold match against Jake Something this Saturday!

And now, the main event!

Impact World Champion Rich Swann, Willie Mack & Eddie Edwards vs. AEW World Champion Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers (w/Don Callis)

Kenny Omega goes gunning for Rich Swann right after the bell rings. The rest of the guys make their way towards the outside. Swann lands one shot on Omega before The Good Brothers drag Swann out of the ring and hold him down. Omega flies out of the ring and on top of Swann. Next, Eddie Edwards crashes through the ropes with a dive. And Willie Mack takes out Doc Gallows. Swann concludes the out-of-the-ring stunts with a great splash!

Back from the break, Doc Gallows cuts the ring off from Eddie Edwards. Gallows lays down a series of shots before tagging the AEW World Champion in. Omega jumps in with a springboard double axe handle on Edwards. Omega then drives Edwards’ face into the mat and then tosses him towards his corner where Karl Anderson has his boot up, waiting for Edwards to smash right into it. Next, Gallows makes his return in the ring. Edwards starts to fight free with a beautiful dropkick on Gallows. Edwards tags in Willie Mack. Gallows tags in Karl Anderson. Mack charges in with a big powerslam on Anderson. Omega runs in and gets caught with a Samoan Drop from Mack. Mack stacks them up for a double-standing moonsault! Anderson makes a desperate tag to Gallows. Gallows decks Mack in the face with a big forearm just before the break. Gallows sneaks in a cover, and Mack kicks out.


Back from the final commercial, Kenny Omega has Willie Mack worn down in the center of the ring. Karl Anderson comes in briefly to keep Mack off his game before bringing Gallows in. Gallows cuts off the ring for Mack, who desperately needs to make a tag. Both Gallows and Mack exchange heavy hands. Gallows makes a tag to Omega, who comes in and stomps away on Mack. Omega tries to carve Mack’s chest with a powerful knife-edged chop. Mack doesn’t seem phased. Omega applies a tightly gripped side headlock. Mack breaks free by hitting several elbow shots. Omega accidentally drops Mack on top of him. Mack looks for a pin on the AEW Champion. Omega gets out.

Mack makes a tag to Swann. Swann runs in and plants hurricanrana on the other champion. Swann lands a few more offensive moves before tagging in Eddie Edwards. Edwards comes soaring in with a hurricanrana of his own. The Good Brothers send Mack and Swann out of the ring. Shades of the old Bullet Club reemerge as Omega and The Good Brothers plant Edwards in the center. Cover on Mack. Mack kicks out! Omega drives Edwards with what he calls a Blue Impact. Swann and Mack come in to break up the count on Edwards! Swann jumps off the top after The Good Brothers and Omega try to smother Edwards again. Now, the two champions collide again! Omega hoists Swann up for the One-Winged Angel. Swann slips out from the back and towards the top rope. Swann flips his way down with his Phoenix Splash! Swann hooks the leg on Omega. 1-2, Don Callis pulls Swann out of the ring!

Swann springs forth with a lethal injection on Anderson. Eddie Edwards smashes Anderson with a Boston Knee Party. Swann concludes the match with a Phoenix Splash. Cover. 1-2-3. That will do it! Swann’s team is victorious over Omega and The Good Brothers!

Winners: Rich Swann, Eddie Edwards & Willie Mack

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching. We hope you enjoy Hardcore Justice this Saturday!