Ken Shamrock Takes Credit For Bringing Tap Outs To WWE, Taz Responds

UFC Hall of Famer and Impact Wrestling star Ken Shamrock made a tweet today to take credit for bringing tap out submissions to WWE.

Shamrock claimed that tapping out was not a thing in WWE before he arrived, and that tap out submissions became a big part of the product after he signed.

"Before I entered the WWF, Tapping out was not a thing! After I joined, Tapping out became a big thing! FACT [100 emoji]," he wrote.

ECW Original and current AEW star Taz responded to the tweet and agreed with Shamrock bringing the tap out submissions to WWE, adding that they both brought it to pro wrestling around the same time.

Taz wrote, "Hmmm, regarding WWF, you are correct. Not sure who started doing it in wrestling first you or I, but it was close to the same time I think. Hope you are well man!"

Shamrock responded, "Just speaking on WWF I know you did your thing & I loved it. Stay strong my friend"

Shamrock debuted with WWE in 1997 and was the first legitimate MMA fighter to have a strong run with the company. He debuted as the special referee for the legendary WrestleMania 13 Submission Match between WWE Hall of Famers Steve Austin and Bret Hart.

You can see the tweets from Shamrock and Taz below: