Below are highlights from Being the Elite:

* Clip shown of Young Bucks turning on Jon Moxley during last week’s Dynamite.

* Matt Jackson skateboarding with Brandon Cutler around Daily’s Place.

* Matt Hardy says over the last year Darby Allin is someone everybody talks about. He says Allin is always risking his body in the ring, and that’s something he’s done before, and has done it longer. Hardy says Allin is correct when he said Matt’s body is breaking down, but if the broken down veteran beats Allin in his prime, what does that say about him? The two meet in a Falls Count Anywhere Match for the title, and Allin is in the fight of his life. “I am going to beat you Darby, people are going to be mad, but I don’t give a s*** what the modern wrestling fan thinks.”

* Dark Order hangout, The group says this past week’s show went much better. They gave props to Page picking up the win. The group rips on each other a bit. Grayson finally realizes that Kris Statlander is sitting up on the couch where Anna usually sits. He asks what’s up with this? The group says she’s always there! Grayson says someone else had sat there before. As they bicker, Five shows up and apparently upgraded his twig and berries. The group takes a selfie with it.

* Cutler shows AEW doing test shots for the Inner Circle entering the parking lot for Dynamite.

* Vickie Guerrero, Nyla Rose, and Ryzin continue to sell church merch (or the wrestler’s ring gear and weapons back to them). Ryzin talks about stealing some stuff from The Good Brothers, Blew Chew, but Ryzin thinks they are candy. Time passes by, Ryzin goes to get him and apparently can do it quite yet due to the pills. He tells them he’ll meet up with them later.

* Grayson and Uno continue to bicker about there being a different woman in their hangout. Alex Abrahantes ends up being the middle man to help bring the partners back together. They pass mean messages back and forth through Abrahantes, and seemingly work things out.

* Clips shown of Young Bucks not being able to take out Omega during last week’s show. Clips of old BTE shows are spliced in. Young Bucks end up turning on Moxley and giving him a double superkick during the match and afterwards.

* Backstage, Omega sits with Matt and Nick. Omega talks about how things have changed over the years, but as long as they stuck together they’d be okay. Omega says the people who once flocked to them, now have turned on them, “you’re washed up, you’re overrated.” Omega says they have had to prove those doubters over and over again. The moment they don’t have an amazing match, they are washed up. Kenny says he could break his neck and people would be happy. Omega feels like they have go away heat, and some wouldn’t mind seeing the promotion go away. Omega says he always wanted to change the world, but he had to change himself to do that. As long as Matt and Nick are around him, then he’s good. Omega says the problem with the Young Bucks now are that they are a reminder of a wrestling style that he doesn’t like, they pander to fans, etc. He says he doesn’t like what he does, he just feels like it’s his responsibility to be the best and embarrass others who think they are the best. Omega shows them their frilly wrestling gear and says that’s not them anymore. They can be themselves going forward. There’s gotta be a change. Matt and Nick nod to him.