WWE Superstar Murphy has named AEW World Champion Kenny Omega as his non-WWE dream opponent.

Murphy took fan questions on Instagram Stories today and was asked about his dream match outside of WWE.

“Kenny Omega,” he responded.

Omega responded to a fan screenshot of the answer and said Murphy is the type of athlete he’s enjoys watching. The AEW Executive Vice President also said it would be cool to mix it up with Murphy.

“Murphy is the type of athlete I enjoy watching. Be cool to mix it up with him. Little known fact is that I almost played COD with him. I think Danny Limelight stole his spot. (Not surprising knowing what I know now about him),” Omega said.

Murphy also took a question on what it was like working with Seth Rollins.

“Amazing! Taught me so much! Picking his brain was a honor! I would always suggest ideas to him to see what his thoughts were and how he processed it into story telling. I felt like I took a lot from him that I can now implement into my craft,” Murphy responded.

Murphy was also asked about his favorite match. He named his SmackDown match against WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns from August 13, 2019 as his breakout moment, but also named Rollins, Mustafa Ali, Aleister Black, Andrade, Kalisto, Cedric Alexander, Humberto Carrillo, Tony Nese and Daniel Bryan as his all-time favorite opponents.

“So hard! Murphy vs. Roman was my ‘Break Out’ moment. But I have so many favorite people to work with! My all time favorites to work with are: Ali – Black – Andrade – Seth – Kalisto – Cedric – Humberto – Bryan – Nese,” he wrote.

You can see Omega’s full tweet below: