In his rookie year in WWE, Kurt Angle was mixed into a “love triangle” with Stephanie McMahon and her boyfriend at the time, Triple H. During the storyline, Angle kissed Stephanie and teased the idea of her and Angle having a relationship leading into a Triple Threat match at SummerSlam 2000.

Kurt Angle spoke about the storyline on the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Show and described the situation around him kissing Stephanie. Angle said having Vince McMahon direct a scene where he was kissing his daughter who was dating another wrestler was so weird for him.

“This was ridiculously weird,” Angle said. “To come backstage with Stephanie and have to do a pre-tape that was going live so we weren’t going to tape it, it was going to be one take. I think Vince did that on purpose so we only had to kiss once. We got backstage and Vince wants to direct it. I was like holy s--t, Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon’s father is going to direct me kissing her during a pre-tape.

“I was nervous as hell, Vince was four feet way, his eyes were open and I was like ‘This is so weird man. I don’t know how I’m going to do this.’ I went down to kiss her and we caught eyes and then we went to kiss and I stuck my lips out, I didn’t want to go with an open mouth because Vince was there and I didn’t want to disrespect Triple H or Stephanie. After the pre-tape she goes ‘You kiss like a fish.’ I was like ‘What’d you expect Stephanie? Your Dad is here watching, he’s directing and your dating Triple H. What did you want me to do?’

Over the years, there have been many segments involving McMahon family members kissing talent, from Stephanie kissing John Cena, Chris Jericho, Eric Bischoff to even Vince McMahon having a relationship with Trish Stratus. Angle spoke about Vince involving his family members in these situations, saying the WWE Chairman finds this stuff humorous and gets a kick out of it.

“I guess so,” Angle said. “Vince is an odd dude as it is. He’s a good dude but he’s an odd dude. He does some things you don’t expect man, it’s crazy.”

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