AEW star Lance Archer took to social media to share an incident that he’s calling a real life “troll moment.”

According to him, some kid saw that he was wearing an AEW mask and started to diss the company. Archer also didn’t think that the kid recognized him.

He tweeted, “Real life TROLL moment yesterday at store. (Don’t think kid realized who I was w hat & mask on) Wearing AEW mask. Kid proceeded to talk trash bout AEW in a way I’ve only seen online. A. No discipline at home obviously. B. No fear of consequences in 2021! I LAUGHED LOUDLY! 😂”

Later Archer tweeted that he is okay with people’s different opinions, but the kid was rude and disrespectful and all Archer was doing was minding his own business.

He wrote, “S0! Imagine that. Ppl couldn’t understand what I was trying to say here. It’s NOT that the kid had a different opinion. Or likes something else. He absolutely can & I’m ok with difference of opinion. It was his Unsolicited, RUDE & Disrespectful approach. I was minding my own biz!