As the daughter of one of the Fabulous Freebirds, Miranda Gordy has been around professional wrestling for just about her entire life. Her father, the late Terry Gordy, enjoyed a storied career across numerous promotions, racking up championships in companies like NWA, WCW, and AJPW.

Miranda’s father’s career was posthumously honored when the Freebirds were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016. Speaking with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman on the Wrestling Inc. Daily, Miranda mentioned that she was in attendance for the ceremony, and appreciated how the weekend served as a “family reunion” of sorts.

“I did, yes. I was living in the Dallas area at the time,” Miranda said. “My brother flew out, and my sister, and my mom were there. Buddy Jr. and his mom were there, and of course Michael (Hayes) and Jimmy Jam. It was like a nice big family meeting. We cried, we laughed, we drank maybe a little bit, but we had a really good time. We were like, ‘Finally! It’s been years. This needed to happen.’ Obviously, the Freebirds deserved the Hall of Fame, so we were glad that it finally happened, and in Dallas of all places.”

With friends and family in the business, Miranda has had the chance to mingle with big names in the industry. Miranda was so close to backstage personnel, namely Michael “P.S” Hayes, that she was able to get exclusive interviews with big WWE names for a high school paper.

“I got to do a homework assignment, and Vince was involved,” Miranda said. “When I was in high school, I did a report on the WWE and I got to interview Vince, and Triple H and Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Ric Flair. My brother was wrestling at the time, so I interviewed him too. All those people helped me with my homework, right? (laughs).

“It was just a senior project. We could write about anything. One person wrote about skydiving and they went skydiving. I was like, ‘I’m going to do the WWE because I can meet all these people.’ Uncle Michael set it up. I was just in like, a little cafeteria and he’d bring in random people. I think Ric Flair was the first. John Cena came in, which I used as an opportunity to ask him to prom. I was a senior, he went with it. He was real nice about it. I think they were in Europe or something so he couldn’t go. I ended it with Triple H and Shawn Michaels. It was like the coolest thing.”

According to Miranda, Vince was all for the assignment.

“I think he liked it!” Miranda said. “I think he enjoyed it. He was going with it. Like, I’m this senior in high school and acting like this reporter and he was like, real into it for me. And I’m just like, ‘I’m talking to Vince McMahon right now!’

“I think I asked him about whatever the current angle was, and maybe like, what got him into the business, and just generic questions like that. I wish I could find that tape because he was super into it. At the time I didn’t even think about how freakin’ awesome it was. Now looking back, I’m like, man. A lot of people wish they could do this!”

Recently, Miranda has begun to pursue a career inside the squared circle. While most aspiring wrestlers have gold on their minds, Miranda says she’s on this journey to chase the positive feeling the business affords her.

“Really I just want to enjoy the ride,” Miranda said. “I didn’t get in this for a competition. I didn’t really get into it to be signed anywhere, but if I can further myself and make a career out of it I will. I’m just here to heal obviously, and it’s done that, and enjoy myself. Enjoy life. Wrestling has afforded me a lot of travel, and a lot of great stories about my dad. I’ve met lifelong friends. I’ve done a lot of things most people don’t get to do, and I just hope to keep doing that. Working out, I’m like, in the best health of my life. I just want to keep doing stuff like that, because I’ve never been happier.”

You can follow Miranda on Twitter @MirandaGordy. The full audio and video from Miranda’s interview can be found below.