Following his successful National Openweight Title defense last week, Alex Hammerstone has announced a press conference for tonight’s MLW Fusion.

At this time, there is no word on what Hammerstone will address. In his post-match speech last week, Hammerstone mentioned he has some “dynastic” news to share. With rumors circulating that “The Phoenix Powerhouse” is looking to add more gold around his waist, the MLW World Heavyweight Championship, to be exact, could this be the news he wants to share?

Earlier this week, MLW officials announced their new television deal with VICE TV. With this exciting launch approaching, what does the founder and CEO, Court Bauer, have to say about it on tonight’s show?

Also, TJP will face Bu Ku Dao in an “Idol vs. Protege” match.

Two months ago, TJP and Dao found themselves in a physical altercation when they came up short against Los Parks for the MLW World Tag Team Championship. Frustrated by their loss, TJP shoved his former student down on the mat, which created tension between the two allies.

Following their loss, TJP continued to fault Dao for their lack of success. He even went so low as to poke fun at his former trainee. Last month, these two had a match setup, but TJP took it upon himself to brutally attack Dao backstage before their match, causing Dao to suffer various injuries. As of last week, Dao is now medically cleared to compete again. Can Dao capitalize and perhaps win the biggest match of his singles career, or will TJP outsmart his former apprentice?

Below is the updated card for tonight’s show:

* TJP vs. Bu Ku Dao

* Rocky Romero vs. Gino Medina

* King Mo in action

* Alex Hammerstone holds a press conference.

* CEO & Founder of MLW, Court Bauer, returns

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