Two years ago, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor crossed the line and opportunity for his friend at the time, Ross Von Erich, from reaching his potential at becoming the next MLW World Heavyweight Champion. Now, tensions have intensified, but this time, it’s toward Ross’ brother, Marshall Von Erich. Tonight, on MLW Fusion, Lawlor will square off for the first time against Marshall in singles action.

After being sidelined with a knee injury for the last month, Marshall is ready to sink his teeth into this battle with Lawlor. Lawlor, the new and inaugural New Japan Strong Openweight Champion, is geared toward producing another notable victory. Can “Filthy” Tom prevail over his former friend, or will Marshall send Lawlor down and out with the Iron Claw?

Speaking of Ross Von Erich, he too will be in action against one-third of Tom Lawlor’s “Filthy” squad, Dominic Garrini. With the help of his father, Kevin Von Erich, Ross is returning to MLW with a more cutting edge approach, thanks to his recent training sessions with the GHC Heavyweight Champion, Keiji Mutoh (The Great Muta). Can Ross apply Mutoh’s teachings and capitalize with a win over “The Bone Collector?”

In addition to that hot brawl, Hijo de LA Park will find himself in action against Bu Ku Dao. Despite rebelling against El Jefe’s demands two weeks ago during the Alex Hammerstone-Mil Muertes main event matchup, the inexplicable Azteca Underground proprietor is giving Salina de la Renta one more chance to redeem herself by letting her showcase one half of the World Tag Team Champions, Hijo de LA Park.

But his challenger, Dao, is coming off a significant win against his former mentor, TJP, from last week’s main event. Can Dao continue forth on his victory lap, or will Hijo de LA Park predominant and help Salina get back in El Jefe’s good graces again?

Before they collide next week in the main event, the World Middleweight Champion Lio Rush and his opponent/former champion Myron Reed will participate in a press conference. What do the champion and challenger have to say before they square off in their highly anticipated rematch?

Below is the updated card for tonight’s show:

* Tom Lawlor vs. Marshall Von Erich

* Dominic Garrini vs. Ross Von Erich

* Hijo de LA Park (w/Salina de la Renta) vs. Bu Ku Dao

* Lio Rush-Myron Reed’s press conference

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