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– We get a recap of last week’s episode where Jessie Godderz & Tony Gunn won the Tag Team Titles and Luscious Lawrence become the number one contender for the OVW National Heavyweight Title.

– Commentary previews tonight’s card. Shannon The Dude is on commentary and questions why his client and double champion Jessie Godderz is not on the card tonight. We get a promo package of why William Lutz and D’Mone Solavino are fighting in a Pillar to Post match.

– Reverend Ronnie Roberts is in the ring bringing in “The Good Word”. Rev. Roberts calls in his guest Captain Caribbean. Rev. Roberts notes Captain Caribbean looks familiar, but Caribbean says he “swam over here.” Caribbean reminds Rev. Roberts about his elimination in the Rumble by Omar Amir. Rev. Roberts calls out Caribbean for being Omar Amir, but Caribbean denies it.

Interruption by the L.O.B. as they have Rev. Roberts leave and address Caribbean. L.O.B. call Omar Amir a “second-rate chump” and vow to take the OVW Heavyweight Championship on April 24. L.O.B. attack and try to take off Caribbean’s mask, but Caribbean fights them off.

– Back from break and Tom Coffey is in the parking lot and attacks Mahabali Shera! Shera recovers from Coffey has run off.

The Tate Twins (Brandon Tate & Brent Tate) vs. Jared Kripke & JC Addams

Tate Twins are starting off hot and showing more intensity after losing their tag team titles. Adam with an assisted splash to tag in Kripke. Area code shot from Kripke but he eats a backstabber then a Code Breaker, cover, but Adams breaks up the pin. Tate Twins drop Adams with a drop toehold / elbow drop combo. Tate Twins win with a double facebuster.

Winners: The Tate Twins (Brandon Tate & Brent Tate)

– Back from break as commentary sends their regards to Kal Herro who has put nearly everything on the line against Tony Gunn. We see a video package recapping Herro’s battles against Gunn.

Mahabali Shera vs. Blake Wright

Shera starts off strong with a big lariat then a big boot. He defeats Blake with a huge sit-out powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Mahabali Shera

– Post-match: Coffey comes out and sends a warning to Shera. “I’m coming after you, and you won’t see it coming.”

– OVW CEO Al Snow comes out to the ring. Snow says he has a big announcement for OVW. “We just keep getting bigger and bigger.” Snow thanks the fans for their support. Snow says OVW has signed a new TV deal that will make them the biggest promotion in the region. OVW will be moving to Thursdays instead of Tuesdays. “The best fans in professional wrestling are here in Louisville, KY.

Luscious Lawrence and Haley J come in and interrupts Snow. “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most luscious of them all?” Lawrence says he’s come to celebrate with Snow showing off his modified briefcase. Jessie Godderz & Tony Gunn comes in and interrupts. Godderz and Lawrence trade insults. Lawrence says he can take on Godderz right now.

A “let them fight” chant breaks out as Lawrence wants to cash-in his contract right now. Godderz volunteers Gunn as Gunn is a tag team champion. Gunn notes Godderz can’t make matches, and he’s wearing “these loser boots.” Snow points out he can make matches, and he makes Gunn vs. Lawrence official.

Tony Gunn (w/Jessie Godderz & Shannon The Dude) vs. Luscious Lawrence (w/Haley J)

Gunn and Lawrence have been going at it during the break, and Gunn drops Lawrence with a neckbreaker for a two count. Gunn with some right hands in the corner then a snapmare as he tucks in Lawrence’s arms behind him and hits some heavy shots. Lawrence with some body shots, but Gunn brushes him aside.

Lawrence with some right hands, but Gunn hits a back elbow dropping Lawrence. Big chops in the corner from Gunn but Lawrence is absorbing them as he twists Gunn’s nipples and fires in his own chops. Gunn evades Lawrence in the corner and hits some knee strikes while on the outside. Gunn going up top, but Haley J provides a distraction.

Gunn misses the powerslam, and Lawrence hits the Big Juicy Powerslam. Lawrence blocking strikes and hitting some of his own. Atomic Drops then a hip attack from Lawrence. Godderz provides a distraction, but Lawrence isn’t fazed and hits the One Night Stand. Godderz comes in causing a DQ finish.

Winner via DQ: Luscious Lawrence

– Haley J comes in and attacks Godderz. Gunn throws off Haley J forcing Lawrence in to a blind rage taking out Gun. Lawrence takes out Godderz with the One Night Stand. Lawrence has Godderz in a Gorilla Press and throws him at Gunn. Then a hip attack on Gunn right on Godderz.

– Tom Coffey vs. Mahabali Shera and Ca$h Flo vs. Omar Amir for the OVW Heavyweight Championship have been signed for April 24. Shannon The Dude argues over the events of the post-match brawl.

Pillar To Post Match: William Lutz vs. D’Mone Solavino

No DQ as the only way to win this match to force a submission for 10 seconds while wrapping your opponent around a ring post. Lutz comes in and immediately attacks Solavino. Lutz not able to get the win as the fighting goes to in the ring. Lutz with a big shoulder tackle then he slams Solavino on his face after he tried to get the boots up in the corner. Lutz now applying the ankle lock. Solavino escapes by throwing Lutz on the barricade.

Back in the ring as Solavino drops Lutz with a lariat. Solavino trying to set Lutz up into a submission, but Lutz kicks off. On the ropes now as Solavino gets a thumb on Lutz’s eye. Solavino trying to suplex Lutz off, but Lutz fights out of it and slams Solavino’s face on the ropes. Solavino avoids the piledriver on the side apron. Lutz dodges a spear as he sets up a Camel Clutch on the corner post. Solavino with a low blow to avoid the loss.

Solavino brings out a chair. Lutz with a few body shots forcing Solavino to drop the chair. Solavino hangs Lutz’s leg on the ropes and kicks it as he starts targeting Lutz’s left knee. Solavino now looking to the a corner post and tries to wrap Lutz’s legs on the post, but Lutz pulls his leg sending Solavino face first on the post. Solavino recovers first and hits a chop block on the left knee. Solavino applying more pressure as Lutz hangs on the middle rope.

Solavino locks in a crossface on the post, but Lutz now biting Solavino to break the hold! Solavino grabs the chair. Lutz ducks the chair shot forcing Solavino to hit himself with the chair as the chair bounces off the ropes. Lutz grabs the chair and hits Solavino right on the back. Lutz with another chair shot sending Solavino to the outside. Lutz setting up Solavino in a Bow and Arrow, and he locks it in! Solavino not able to break the 10-count giving Lutz the win.

Winner: William Lutz

This concludes this week’s episode of OVW. Thanks for watching!