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– After the intro package we go right away to Eric Cornish as he announces our first match of the night.

The Tate Twins (Brandon Tate & Brent Tate) vs. War Hoss (Crosshairs Kelly & Pat The Bruiser)

The two teams are face to face. War Hoss try to catch The Tate Twins off guard, but The Tate Twins are prepared and send War Hoss to the outside and then his stereo tope suicidas! Bell rings as The Tate Twins have Kelly in their corner. Kelly catches a top-rope DDT. Pat tags in but misses an elbow drop.

Brent tags in, and The Tate Twins work their way into an Irish Whip. Drop toe hold /elbow drop combo, cover, but Kelly breaks up the pin. The Tate Twins send Kelly outside, but Pat comes in beats down The Tate Twins. Brandon fighting off War Hoss and tags in Brent. Brent baits Pat to taking out Kelly. Tate Twins drop Pat to the outside. Tate Twins hit a backbreaker then a Code Breaker for the win.

– L.O.B. leave Al Snow’s office and vow to find Captain Caribbean and unmask him.

– Reverend Ronnie Roberts is in the ring for another edition of “The Good Word”. Rev. Roberts introduces his guest “The Indian Lion” Mahabali Shera. Rev. Roberts praises Shera and asks, “How you got so big and so strong.” Shera says he’s been doing this his whole life and credits the people who’s supported him. Rev. Roberts admits he didn’t understand Shera.

He asks how Shera is still undefeated. Shera says he wants to take OVW to the sky. Rev. Roberts doesn’t understand Shera still. Rev. Roberts asks Shera about Tom Coffey. Rev. Roberts says he needs subtitles. Shera grabs the mic from Rev. Roberts and threatens he will break Rev. Roberts. Coffey runs in and attacks Shera! The two are brawling as a group of referees and talent try to break things up.

– Backstage as L.O.B. are in the hunt for Captain Caribbean. They attack a different person. Josh Ashcraft drops money on the person as he leaves for the next match, and Ca$h Flo looks for Captain Caribbean.

Hy-Zaya (w/Josh Ashcraft) vs. Gustavo

Hy-Zaya and Gustavo go back and forth trading wrist locks and counters. Gustavo with some quick pins, but Hy-Zaya kicks out each time. Gustavo and Hy-Zaya lock up again as Gustavo tries for a springboard arm drag, but Hy-Zaya blocks it. Both maintain wrist control as Hy-Zaya stomps on Gustavo and hits a senton followed up by a dropkick.

Hy-Zaya hits some palm strikes in the corner. He then hits an arm drag into a cover for a two count. Gustavo invites Hy-Zaya to hit him, and he obliges. Gustavo firing in some elbows, but Hy-Zaya slowing him down, but Gustavo responds with a series of lariats. Gustavo with a tijeras then a dropkick sending Hy-Zaya into the corner.

Hy-Zaya counters a Sliced Bread and hits a leg lariat. Hy-Zaya sets up Gustavo in a fireman’s carry. Gustavo escapes but eats a hook kick. Hy-Zaya hits a senton atomico for the win.

Winner: Hy-Zaya

– Backstage with Luscious Lawrence and Haley J. Lawrence calls out his upcoming opponent Jessie Godderz, but Haley J is on the phone saying she’s got a movie audition. She says she’s gonna be a movie star, but the audition is on the same day as the Retribution PPV, but Haley J says she’s going to be a movie star and that Lawrence can handle it on his own.

– Lawrence and Haley J join commentary. OVW National Heavyweight Champion Jessie Godderz is out for his public workout. Godderz’s first competitor is setting up for this amateur wrestling bout. Godderz taking his time as he makes easy work of his first opponent. He brings in his second opponent as Shannon The Dude pats down Godderz.

Second amateur bout starts as Godderz also makes easy work of his next opponent as Lawrence talks trash on commentary. Godderz giving up his back as he shows off his defensive skills. Godderz walking near commentary as Lawrence is invited inside the ring. Lawrence accepts the challenge.

Godderz willing to give up his back to Lawrence. Next amateur bout starts as Godderz makes his way to the ropes. Lawrence grinding. Lawrence now giving up his back. They start up as Lawrence tries to break out of the hold, and he does! Godderz can’t believe it and shows his frustration and shakes Lawrence’s hand. Lawrence going for another round as he twerks.

Godderz taking his time, but he starts kicking Lawrence. He throws out the two other competitors as he starts firing in more strikes at Lawrence. Lawrence ducks a lariat, and he hits him with The Juice, cover, and he gets the three count! Tony Gunn coming in with his tag belt, but Lawrence ducks and escapes. Godderz struggles to take his shirt off as he is frustrated that Lawrence got the best of him.

– Backstage as Flo thinks he found Omar Amir, but Ashcraft tries to tell him that Star Rider in a blue mask. Flo is furious as he tries to find Amir.

– Commentary previews Retribution as Shannon The Dude assures that Godderz will not lose his title to Lawrence.

Arie Alexander vs. Lilith Grimm

Grimm slams Alexander off the lock up and hits a few boots. Alexander running the ropes, but Grimm catches her in a backbreaker. Grimm not stepping on Alexander’s hair forcing a break. Grimm hits another backbreaker and transitions into a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count.

Grimm biels Alexander across the ring. Alexander getting the boot up in the corner. She baits Grimm into the corner and drops her with a tijeras followed up by a lariat. Alexander to the second-rope and hits a diving crossbody for a two count. Grimm trying to apply a chin breaker, but Alexander counters. Alexander hits a facebuster for the win.

Winner: Arie Alexander

– Post-match: Alexander grabs the mic and calls out Shannon The Dude for taking away the focus of her match. He says, “No one cares about women’s wrestling.” Alexander says Shannon won’t disrespect her, and she challenges Shannon to a match this Saturday. Shannon accepts her challenge and says all Alexander needs to bring is “a ham sandwich.”

– L.O.B. break out into the ring as Flo is mad and throws a chair in the ring. Flo grabs a mic and calls for Amir and Captain Caribbean in the ring.

– Back from break and Flo has brought more chairs in the ring as he continues to call for Amir and Caribbean in the ring or he will destroy everything as he already has done. Caribbean pops up in another area and taunts Flo. Amir walks next to Caribbean as Flo is surprised. Amir and Caribbean compliment each other as Flo wants the video to be cut and calls for them to come to the ring.

From behind, it’s Captain Caribbean! He drops Flo with a back bodydrop. He lays in right hands. Ashcraft tries to break it up, but Caribbean holds onto Ashcraft’s collar as Flo attacks Caribbean. Flo tries to take off Caribbean’s mask as Caribbean tries to fight Flo off. The mask is off, and Captain Caribbean turns out to be Amir.

L.O.B. call for Al Snow so that Amir can be stripped of the OVW Title due to breaking his 60-day suspension. Amir fires in strikes at Flo and hits a big belly-to-belly suplex! Amir is ready for to fight more as Flo taunts Amir with the mask as a tease for Retribution as that concludes this week’s episode of OVW!