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– OVW #1133 starts off with a recap of Retribution.

– Al Snow is in the middle of the stage putting over the fans in Louisville, KY. Snow has the OVW Title in hand. He explains the controversy around the referees in the title match at Retribution where the original ref and the back-up ref each counted the other man’s shoulders thus an original decision was not decided. Snow announces that Ca$h Flo and Omar Amir will have a rematch next week. “Let’s get to the action tonight!”

AJ Daniels & Tony Evans vs. The Tate Twins (Brandon Tate & Brent Tate)

Brandon and Evans start things off as Brandon escapes a wrist lock and hits a few lariats, but Evans stops Brandon in his tracks. Daniels tags in. Brandon flips out of a suplex. The Tate Twins trade wrist locks as they tag back and forth. Brent hits a stomp right on Daniels’ arm. Drop toehold / elbow drop combo from The Tate Twins. They follow up with a double arm drag and stereo elbow drops, cover, Daniels kicks out quickly.

Brent hits a big dropkick. Evans blind tags in and takes out Brandon with a German Suplex as he tries to springboard. Daniels hits a diving lariat. Evans tags back in and hits some clubbing blows. Brandon takes out Daniels, but Evans drops him with an enzuigiri. Daniels hits some big shots on Brandon. Brandon counters a powerbomb with a facebuster! Evans tags in before Brandon can tag in, but Brandon hits an enzuigiri and tags in Brent. Brent with a casadora facebuster. Daniels is sent outside. Tate Twins hit a backbreaker / Code Breaker combo for the win.

Winners: The Tate Twins (Brandon Tate & Brent Tate)

Jake Omen vs. Tony Gunn

Gunn gets a quick hammerlock applied but pushes Omen away and invites Omen for a challenge. Gunn and Omen trade wristlocks. Omen fires in a chop stunning Gunn. Lariat in the corner then a backbreaker from Omen sends Gunn outside. Gunn on the side apron hits some heavy knees after Omen misses a strike. Gunn firing in more clubbing blows.

Huge chop in the corner from Gunn. Gunn calls for one more. He goes for a chop, but he stops and pokes Omen in the eye. Omen can’t see and is swinging wildly. Omen now landing some shots as he rams Gunn in the corner. Gunn dodges Omen in the corner. He goes up top and hits a flying knee strike and gestures to the crowd.

Gunn looking at the crowd as he hits a suplex. Kal Herro is in the crowd! Gunn can’t take his eyes off Herro. Omen takes advantage and rolls up Gunn and gets the upset win!

Winner: Tony Gunn

– Backstage, Haley J is attending to Luscious Lawrence as National Heavyweight Champion Jessie Godderz mocks him. AJZ confronts Godderz and says he hasn’t beaten him yet. Godderz notes it’s because he’s never seen him before. AJZ calls his shot and says he’s going to beat Godderz and become the next National Heavyweight Champion.

– Another edition of “The Good Word” with Reverend Ronnie Roberts. Rev. Roberts invites Godderz to “The Good Word”. Godderz takes out a wad of cash and is counting it as Rev. Roberts lists off his accomplishments and asks what he hasn’t done. “I have more wrestling championships than anyone in the back.” Rev. Roberts notes that Godderz has taken down every young challenger. Godderz is dropping money as he notes no one has paid their dues and don’t know what it’s like to be on top.

Rev. Roberts interrupts and points out that there is a younger talent in AJZ. Godderz admits he thought AJZ was a catering guy or a good-will guy. Godderz notes he’s up high and AJZ has only wrestled eight matches and no one wants to see that match. Rev. Roberts says he heard that the champ is scared. Godderz asserts that he’s not scared. “I’ll make you an example AJZ.” May 6 is the date for AJZ vs. Jessie Godderz for the National Heavyweight Championship.

Hy-Zaya & JC Addams (w/Josh Ashcraft) vs. Espiritu & Star Rider

Addams and Rider start this Rush division tag match off as Addams hits a shoulder block but eats a dropkick. Rider tags in. Hy-Zaya blind tags in and clubs Espiritu. Hy-Zaya grabbing onto the mask as he fires in body shots in the corner. Addams tags himself in. Side headlock takeover from Addams. Espiritu rises up and knocks Addams down with an enzuigiri.

Hy-Zaya dropped outside. Espiritu dives onto Hy-Zaya as Rider tags in. Addams hits Espiritu with a tope suicida! Rider tries to dive in, but Hy-Zaya cuts him off with a leg lariat! Hy-Zaya now going for Rider’s mask. Addams pushes him off. Hy-Zaya not happy as he stands face to face with Adams. Stereo top-rope dropkicks from Espiritu and Rider. Double knees to the face and a curb stomp give Espiritu and Rider the win.

Winners: Espiritu & Star Rider

– Post-match: Hy-Zaya comes in and attacks Addams.

Haley J (w/Luscious Lawrence) vs. Charlie Kruel

Haley J coming in hot as she takes a chair and gives it to Lawrence. Haley J continuing to express her frustration before the bell rings. Bell rings and Haley J blindsides Kruel as she tried to lay her Pop Tart in the corner. Haley J lays in more clubbing blows forcing a break. Double knees on Kruel while she’s hanging on the ropes. Haley J stretching out Kruel’s jaw while on the ropes forces another break.

Haley J lays in a hard blow on Kruel’s neck. The crowd chanting for Charlie as Charlie stuffs the pastry in Haley J.s mouth. Haley J counters Kruel with a takedown into a triangle choke. Kruel passes out.

Winner: Haley J

Post-match: Haley J sending a message to the women’s division as she keeps the hold locked in and grabs her belt and yells to the crowd that they don’t deserve her.

The Legacy Of Brutality (Cash Flo & Steve Michaels) (w/Josh Ashcraft) vs. Gustavo & Omar Amir

LOB blindside Gustavo. Flo hits a huge chop. LOB keeping the pressure on Gustavo as he tries to tag in Amir. Flo taunting a tag. Flo hits an Atomic Drop, but a hammer throw helps Gustavo hit a back elbow. Flo tries to prevent a tag, but Gustavo hits a Gamengiri Kick. Gustavo tags in Amir and Michaels tags in. Amir takes out Flo with a knee strike.

Amir throwing strikes on Michaels. Flo comes in, but Amir fights him off. Corner splashes on LOB. Flo gets a boot up. LOB try to sandwich Amir but run into each other. Top rope dropkick from Gustavo takes out Flo! Gustavo hits a crossbody on Flo and Ashcraft! Amir and Michaels going at it. Amir hits Island Time on Michaels for the win.

Winners: Gustavo & Omar Amir

– Post-match: Flo attacks Amir from behind. Amir fights him off and sends him outside. Amir continuing to hit punches on Flo as a group of refs try to break up the fight as these two will officially go at it for the OVW Title on May 6.