Penelope Ford Suffers From Rare Allergic Reaction To Eyelash Extensions

AEW star Penelope Ford revealed on social media that she had a rare allergic reaction to eyelash extensions.

Ford shared a photo of herself with the caption, "I got new makeup in the mail but had an allergic reaction on my eye lids so I can't play with any of it yet! Hoppy mf'in Easter y'all."

She later explained more in another tweet.

Ford thought that she was just dealing with seasonal allergies, but after she got eyelash extensions refilled again, the itching and burning got worse.

Her full tweet was the following, "If you're curious, it's a "rare" allergic reaction to eyelash extensions. I've had them for a few months, refills every 2 weeks ,& 4 weeks ago they down played it as seasonal allergies so I had them refilled again & the burning & itching got 110x worse. Now I have no lashes"

Below you can see the photo that she posted: