There’s been a lot of speculation on Randy Orton following last week’s RAW loss to Riddle.

It’s been speculated that Orton suffered some sort of right shoulder injury during the match, after hitting a standard powerslam on Riddle. While Corey Graves and the announcer picked up on an apparent injury, and fans on social media, Orton continued to work the match, and did use his right arm, but went with the left arm at times as well.

In an update, Fightful Select reports that Orton suffered a deep bruise around his shoulder area. It was noted that at least initially there did not seem to be any major damage that would have Orton on the shelf for a long period of time.

There’s no word on if that has changed in the last week, but we should know more on tonight’s RAW. WWE has not announced Orton for a match as of this writing, but it’s believed that the feud with Riddle will continue.

Orton has had a history of shoulder problems from when he was younger. He suffered a shoulder injury back in 2002 after making his RAW debut, which put him out of action for several months, and at times he has dealt with other shoulder issues.

Stay tuned for more on Orton’s status.